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A nice cup of tea

A nice cup of tea






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  • Fuentes bibliográficas: http :// englishsocietyandculture.wikispac.com . Consultado el 17/09/2011

A nice cup of tea A nice cup of tea Presentation Transcript

  • A nice cup of tea
    • A- This national obsession is also reflected in a few texts by many famous authors. I have chosen two ironic approaches. Firstly, there is a little article by George Mikes, a Romanian who moved to Britain and was surprised by the importance of tea drinking. You can view the text by following this link:
    • http://f2.org/humour/howalien.html#Tea
    • B- The British aren’t normally very particular about flavour or type of tea (black tea normally does the trick), but they always have it with milk. The only controversial point is “with or without sugar” (a useful sentence you should know before getting there is “yes, please. Milk, no sugar”, or maybe “yes, please. Milk, two sugars”. “No, thank you” should not be an option when it comes to having tea).
    • C- Tea is so important that “a nice cup of tea” (note that “nice” is always used together with “cup of tea”, in the same sense as “decent” is used with a “pint of beer”) has been included as one of Britain’s icons. You can follow this link and read all about it:
    • http://www.icons.org.uk/theicons/collection/cupoftea
    • D- I am sure that after reading all these articles about tea you are on your way to the kitchen, about to turn your kettle on and make yourself a “nice cup of tea”. Enjoy!!!
    • E- When you go to Britain for the first time one of the most surprising things is the amount of tea that the English drink. Not only do they drink it and offer it to you several times a day, but there is a whole ceremony to making and drinking it.
    • F- Brits drink it when they wake up and before going to bed, when they get home, before leaving for work, as soon as they get to the office... Even football teams have their own “tea ladies”, women who are in charge of making tea that players drink at half time and at the end of the game (who would want to have a cold drink?)
    • G- Lastly, I have chosen a text by George Orwell, the author of 1984 , who wrote this satirical piece on the British obsession with tea and how hard it is to achieve the perfect “nice cup of tea”:
    • http://www.netcharles.com/orwell/essays/nicecupoftea.htm