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Adv 420 nmdl project

  1. 1. Coca-Cola Peter Hernandez ADV 420 Fall 2011 NMDL Final Project
  2. 2. Business Soft drinks sold in more then 200 countries world wide. Coca-Cola and its products are aimed mainly toward teens, both men and women. Promoted and advertised mostly on the television. Coca-Cola products are sold all around the world. Products are set at a reasonable price so teens and young adults can afford them. Numerous marketing promotions and strategies. The company’s beverages are for all consumers considering they have diet soft drinks, energy drinks, juice drinks and sports waters.
  3. 3. Challenges & Goals Targeting the right specific market and promoting it the best way possible. Meet everyones beverage needs daily. Keep and build upon the idea of sustainability and the seven core values. Coca-Cola offers safe and good quality beverages while providing information that consumers trust. Market beverages responsibly to all targets using a wide variety of advertising media; Television, radio, print ads, data, Internet and mobile phones.
  4. 4. Integrated Marketing Strategy To increase sales of Coca-Cola products by 3 percent this year. Make Coca-Cola highly popular among today’s youth and young adults. Find new ways to create high visibility among Coca- Cola using social media sites. Successful merchandising advertising and brand promotions “Paint the town red with Coke”
  5. 5. Key Components of Proposal Plan to use all aspects of social media to provide update information, news, and sales opportunities to communicate to consumers. Coke’s website is already social media friendly having links to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and blogs. (visit for information) These components and techniques will raise online visibility and increase brandy loyalty and most importantly increase sales. To attract new consumers to our group we will provide new fresh content every week adding photos, videos and posts. We plan to post questions to our audience in order to gain feedback and communicate on a more personal level. We want to build a community of people interacting with one another to promote Coca-Cola products and get people to start talking and conversing.
  6. 6. Key Proposal Cont. Facebook advertising is critical to our plan in hopes to gain awareness. Using pennies per click through we will be able to pin point precisely the target market we prefer. Plan to create conversations around Coca-Cola products no matter what type of product. Also, personalizing messages in order to approve and “pump up” our products. Contests and sweepstakes using social media is the fastest way to gain awareness for prizes, trips, great deals.
  7. 7. Metrics & Planning of Success Look back at marketing campaign, make sure it is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and a required time table. (Have a working plan) Need more customers and boost sales. Increase business for 6 months to a year by 3 %. Work around and involve other factors such as social and financial factors. Benchmark results periodically.
  8. 8. Metrics & Planning Cont. Provide opportunities for employees and customers to provide feedback and bring about new ideas. May need to change plan or campaign if production numbers are not meeting there specific mark. Calculate the time consumers use the Coke website along with our social media sites. Always provide new and exciting features about our products especially merchandising and advertising.
  9. 9. Propose Budget & Timeline Google Adwords is a great way to construct the budgeting process and SEM campaign. 30 day billing period. Each month the company would pay $300. Adjust click through rate if needed. Providing keywords such as; Coke, Soft Drinks, Coke Zero, Coke Rewards, Soda Monitor campaign for 3 to 6 months.
  10. 10. Budget & Timeline Cont. Find the best value for our money and what we are willing to spend. Maximize the ROI by looking at pay per click information, organic searches, shopping comparisons, and online display advertising. Inform consumers of ways to learn about the Coca- Cola brand through website usability and media research.