Top 5 EpicFails of Social Media


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Top 5 EpicFails of Social Media

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Top 5 EpicFails of Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media: The Top 5 Epic Fails of all time!
  2. 2. Habitat (Furniture Store) The aim was to market the brand on Twitter The furniture chain aimed to gain as much ‘Twitter love’ as possible by using hashtags to boost the awareness of their brand on twitter
  3. 3. Where it went wrong… - They are no longer using #hashtags to Iran to spread the word of their £1000 gift cards! Habitat were advertising their ‘£1000 gift card’, with hashtag links to likes of #MOUSAVI and #True Blood An unlikely place to find adverts for a high street furniture company!
  4. 4. Honda  Honda updated FB with pictures of a brand new car…  Unfortunately some of the fans didn’t like the new designs, both positive and negative feedback was being given  One chap decided to post some really positive feedback…
  5. 5. Come on Eddie- Be Honest! His identity was uncovered within minutes as the Manager of Product Design - Honda
  6. 6.  A couple of years ago, Dell were managing to turn a blind eye on ‘Social Media presence’. So much so it was virtually non existent.  One fine day Dell has its first ever social media entry….
  7. 7.  One unhappy Dell customer decided to write a blog post criticizing the company  Before too long the ‘Dell Hell’ page appeared as the top hit when searching for ‘Dell’ in Google due its overnight popularity Welcome to -Dell are now in control of their Social Media Presence- offering some of the best representation around! (Surprising!!)
  8. 8. Skittles and their colourful ideas  Skittles were Testing the Rainbow by transforming ‘’ into a Social Media Hub- launching straight into a Skittles Twitter stream  A really funky concept of pulling in all tweets which feature the word “Skittles”
  9. 9. You could find the following message offensive, you may wish to look away now! Possibly a bad idea to include a live Twitter stream directly onto, with no intention of engaging in conversation on the Twitter page anyway.
  10. 10. Shall we fling over to Denmark?  Denmark’s official tourism agency filmed a typical scene to attract people to Denmark  The following video is a “good and sweet story about a mature, responsible woman who lives in a free society and shoulders responsibility of her actions”
  11. 11. Some may say the video portrays the image: “If you come to Denmark, you can sleep with attractive locals” - Link: