HNTR Launch 2012


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HNTR Launch 2012

  1. 1. Welcome to the HNTR Launch! Friday, 17th August 2012
  2. 2. Ever thought about undertaking research in History or History Education? There are many options at the University of Newcastle: • Honours (Embedded) • Honours (End-On) • Master of Philosophy • Doctor of Philosophy Take the opportunity to speak with a staff member today to discuss your options!
  3. 3. Honours in History education? Make your decision by 2nd semester 3rd Year!
  4. 4. Ever thought about undertaking professional renewal or additional accreditation in History education?There are two main options at the University of Newcastle:• Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (History Education)• Master of Educational Studies (History Education)
  5. 5. Visit Us >
  6. 6. Dr Robert J. ParkesSenior LecturerSchool of EducationThe University of Newcastle, AustraliaE: http://robertjohnparkes.comInterests:• History Curriculum, Narrative Diversity, & National Identity• Historical Consciousness, Historiography, Hermeneutics, & Historical Literacy• Postmodernism, Postcolonialism, & History Education
  7. 7. Dr Heather SharpLecturerSchool of EducationThe University of Newcastle, AustraliaE:• History curriculum• Critical pedagogy• Textbook representations of Indigenous Australians, British heritages; and the Gallipoli campaign from both Australian and Turkish perspectives
  8. 8. Ms Debra DonnellyLecturerSchool of EducationThe University of Newcastle, AustraliaE:• History Education• Historical understanding and historical consciousness• Visual literacy, media and historical imagination• Global education
  9. 9. Dr Josephine MaySenior LecturerSchool of Humanities and Social SciencesThe University of Newcastle, AustraliaE:• Australian History• Film and History• History of Australian Education• Childhood and Youth Histories
  10. 10. Professor Keith CrawfordSchool of Education (Ourimbah)The University of Newcastle, AustraliaE:• Historical and sociological studies of curriculum construction• History education and citizenship education within an international and comparative context• International school textbook analysis, from ideological and pedagogical perspectives
  11. 11. Dr Ruth ReynoldsSenior LecturerSchool of EducationThe University of Newcastle, AustraliaE:• Curriculum studies in area of Primary social science including history education, geography education, values education, and the related pedagogy• Historically focused curriculum studies• Curriculum for reducing problematic stereotyping and prejudicial behaviours in children• Global and Peace Education.
  12. 12. Dr Nicole MocklerSenior LecturerSchool of EducationThe University of Newcastle, AustraliaE:• Education policy and politics• Professional learning• Curriculum and pedagogy (particularly in History and the Humanities) for the 21st Century.
  13. 13. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER@hermeshistory
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