Plaza Mexico Venue Branding Advertising Opportunities


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About the Plaza
Located in the emergent city of Lynwood, California, and only 14 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, Plaza Mexico encompasses the quadrant bounded by Imperial Highway, Long Beach Boulevard, State Street and the 105 freeway. It is a unique 650,000 square feet of retail, food, dining, and office space blended together to create a cultural wonderland of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The exterior spaces offer outdoor diversion, sitting areas, fountains, and kiosks. Plaza Mexico is a highly successful resulting shopping and multi-purpose artistic center.

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Plaza Mexico Venue Branding Advertising Opportunities

  1. 1. Advertising & Assets Package 2013
  2. 2. Table of Contents About Plaza Mexico Opportunities at Plaza Mexico Tenant Information Advertising & Sponsorship Elements  Monument Tower/Traffic Data  Social Media
  3. 3.  Visually stunning and culturally relevant shopping center Integral part of development and advancement of stakeholders in community for +20 years Center for numerous events and promotional activities Excellent location for direct interaction with influential market segment
  4. 4. Advertising Elements Activation areas website) Promotional booths  Led / marquis / digital display board Table tents  Table tops @ food court Flyers  Stickers and doors Street team access to flyer/promote  Brochure/Catalog mentions at events  E-blasts to subscribers Cross promotional opportunities  Posters around Plaza (key/ideal Floor decals / graphics and locations) wallscapes  Filming location Elevator branding  Concerts On-site DJ mentions  Autograph signings/press Escalator banners conferences Mall kiosks  Walk of fame Flag pole banners  Text campaigns Social media (fb, twitter & pm
  5. 5. Plaza Mexico Monument Tower
  6. 6. Banner Ads
  7. 7. Directory Advertising
  8. 8. Palm Tree Advertising
  9. 9. Banner Ad Package Twenty (20) Parking Flag Pole Banners (5’H x 2.5’W) Two (2) Elevator Door Clings (7’H x 3.5’W) Ten (10) Entrance Pole Banners (5’H x 2.5’W) Two (2) Banners (4’H x 10’W) (2) Signs
  10. 10. Table Top Branding• Tables inside Food Court: • 11 squared tables 2’ x 2’ • 26 round tables 2’ x 42” with a 43” diameter• Tables outside the Food Court: • 39 squared tables 3’ x 3’
  11. 11. Advertising Information Benefits include, but are not limited to:  Direct 2 Consumer experience (5-10k attendance)  Banner Advertising  Directory Advertising  Table Top Branding  LED Tower Advertising  Booth/activation area  Social media/online promotion  On-site promotion  Stage presence  Press releases  Print advertisements  Media exposure This is an opportunity for Mobile-Mex Media Group to become an integral part of Plaza Mexico, the Hispanic community, and the Plaza Mexico network. It is an opportunity for Mobile-Mex Media Group to gain brand awareness, cliental, and customer loyalty. Plaza Mexico is a key access point to the Hispanic market and it offers direct business to consumer marketing.
  12. 12. For Additional Information Please Contact: Jesse Hernandez Angelica MendezMarketing Department (310) 341-6731