Atos Origin Switzerland Perspectives 2010


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Atos Origin Switzerland Perspectives 2010

  1. 1. HORIZON / OUR CLIENTS, OUR PROJECTS P.02 ® ABOUT US / mLOGISTICS P.10 GRAND ANGLE / HOW TO HARNESS THE POWER OF SOA? P.12 Perspectives NUMBER 2 JANUARY 2010 DELIVERING Excellence At each Olympic Games, Atos Origin delivers flawless IT on a massive and complex scale.
  2. 2. Time is passing quickly. After the first decade in the new century has already passed, it seems to be a good moment to analyze and review what happened during this decade and how we should prepare ourselves for the future. I recently read an article which summarized the key events influencing the economy during this period. This covered events like the Internet Bubble including the Enron scandal, 9/11 with the impact on the global economy, the Real Estate crisis in the US and the Finance Crisis, etc. Many difficult to predict events happened with a major influence on the economy and last but not least also on our companies’ result. It seems that the time with more or less stable economic cycles is over. I’m probably the wrong person to give an outlook on what will happen during the next decade, but I’m sure that we must be prepared not only to cope with such difficult-to-predict events but also to utilize them to improve our own market position. In the past, many companies’ reaction in such uncertain situations was to put all pending investments and projects on hold and to wait till the crisis is over. Therefore many important initiatives to improve the innovation potential and the cost structure of the company got delayed. On top of this, re-launching such initiatives led to additional ramp-up cost. The challenge will be to achieve a higher degree of scalability which allows a company to be profitable within a higher bandwidth of its production or service capacity. This means achieving healthy profit while reducing capacity and cost during a down turn without limiting innovation potential and to increase the capacity fast when the market picks up again in order to benefit from the higher demand and to protect the market share. When it comes to IT, this has to be done by changing fixed to variable cost. Therefore, new commercial models for IT services in the outsourcing or application management domain should be defined. Even commercial models which share the business risk like “Pay-As-You-Grow” or “Pay-As-You-Earn” can be introduced. Atos Origin with its long track record in Managed Services, Systems Integrations and Consulting is the right partner to define and implement such a new commercial model. Every second year we prove at the Olympic Games that we can design, build and operate an IT infrastructure including many innovations. What should stop us doing the same for you? Most sincerely, Herbert Ender CEO Atos Origin in Switzerland ATOS ORIGIN’S RANGE OF ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS IS SECOND TO NONE. Perspectives January 2010 1
  3. 3. horizon... horizon... horizon... ATOS ORIGIN WINS SUSTAINABILITY (European Financial Management & carbon emissions in industrialised and Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for will guarantee metering equipment Atos Origin agreement with the Olympic STAR FOR CARBON REDUCTION Marketing Association), reveals that the developing nations. Through affecting a its European SIPS secure payment interoperability and serve as the sole Games is the largest sports related AT THE VANCOUVER 2010 OLYMPIC Customer Relationship Management behavioural change in both people and platform. Based on version 1.2 of the certification authority for devices from information technology contract ever WINTER GAMES rules applied by banks “before the organisations, Atos Origin believes that standard, the renewed certification has all equipment manufactures. awarded covering the Olympic Games Atos Origin, the Worldwide Information financial crisis” are no longer valid and the IT industry can enable substantial confirmed Atos Worldline's ability to in Salt Lake City in 2002, Athens in 2004, Technology (IT) Partner for the Olympic that the “post-financial crisis” global energy savings across all sectors. guarantee the highest level of security ATOS ORIGIN CONFIRMED AS ONE OF Torino in 2006, Beijing in 2008, Games and the holder of the largest CRM approach is still rarely explored. during the online shopping process, and RENAULT’S PREFERRED IT PARTNERS Vancouver in 2010, London in 2012, According to GeSI, the Global Automobile manufacturer Renault has sports-related IT contract in the world, The research based on a survey of 75 showcases the company’s commitment Sochi in 2014 and Rio in 2016. e-Sustainability Initiative, by working awarded a three-year IT services has been recognized for its Games- European financial institutions including to continuous improvement in its together, the Information Communication contract to Atos Origin covering Atos Origin integrates, manages and related sustainability technology retail banks, and insurance companies, services. Technology sector could deliver carbon applications related to vehicle design, secures the vast IT system that relays innovations and commitment to creating will help them refocus their CRM savings five times larger than the total The main purpose of the PCI DSS manufacturing, sales and corporate competition results and information greener Games. The Vancouver strategy in order to reassure customers emissions from the entire ICT sector program set up by Visa and MasterCard functions. This new agreement follows about athletes in less than 0.3 seconds Organizing Committee for the 2010 and bring back profit in these uncertain in 2020. is to enhance the security of payment on a contract signed in 2005 for which to spectators and media around the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games times. account data transmitted by cardholders atos origin achieved all of its service world. This project is one of the most (VANOC) awarded Atos Origin a ATOS ORIGIN DEMONSTRATES The report, which has been distributed while making purchases via the Internet, quality, process standardization and mission critical IT projects in terms of “Sustainability Star” for helping it achieve INNOVATIVE FORCE AS EARLY today, places CRM strategy at the top interactive voice response (IVR) servers cost reduction targets. with this new data security, fixed budgets and an its sustainability goals. ADOPTER OF WINDOWS 7 of the agenda and looks at the different or cell phones by strictly controlling the contract, renault has extended atos unmovable deadline. approaches to CRM, the implementation Cost reduction and increased storage of card numbers. Atos Origin developed technology origin's mission to include owner- productivity are key advantages As part of its mission for the Olympic solutions and undertook specific issues and the technology requirements. operator support services. atos origin Atos Origin demonstrates its innovative MAJOR INNOVATION IN Games, Atos Origin is committed to measures that helped VANOC reduce Financial institutions can use this will cover 75% of the scope of force by being an early adopter of THE ENERGY INDUSTRY delivering excellence and will continue the 2010 Winter Games’ carbon footprint information to benchmark, develop and applications. Windows 7. Atos Origin’s Adaptive Atos Origin has designed and deployed to further improve services from one in terms of energy savings, CO2 refine their strategies. Workplace offering, is now available with a power line communications protocol The first stage of transformation carried Olympiad to the next. Thanks to the emissions reduction and enhanced IT INDUSTRY HOLDS THE KEY TO support for Windows 7. Initial pilot and certification laboratory for ERDF's out with Atos Origin over the past five experience that the Atos Origin team access of information via online portals. MEETING THE 2020 U.N. CLIMATE deployments indicate that Atos Origin's Linky smart meter project in partnership years allowed Renault to achieve its has acquired, together with high levels Atos Origin also won praise for its remote CHANGE CHALLENGE, SAYS clients can realize up to a 40 percent with Trialog. targets for productivity gains, quality of professionalism and expertise, it is Commentator Information System that ATOS ORIGIN cost reduction in workplace improvement and excellence, in line with ideally placed to deal with the complexity gives media direct access to ERDF, the European Union’s largest The IT industry could reduce 98% of management while increasing business milestones. Renault’s and Atos of such a large-scale project. Following instantaneous competition results and electricity distribution network operator, carbon emissions in industrialised and productivity and security compared Origin’s teams saw their work to each Game, Atos Origin ensures that its remote INFO System that allows has published on its website the developing nations. with a traditional managed workplace industrialize and improve IT development expertise, processes, technologies and media to access the Olympic Family specifications of the power line infrastructure. recognized with CMMI 3 certification in people are transferred from one intranet, including event information, At the United Nations Climate Change communications (PLC) protocol for 2008. Olympiad to the next. All of this schedules, athlete biographies, results Conference in Copenhagen (7th ATOS ORIGIN’S SECURE PAYMENT meter/concentrator communication experience is then shared with Atos and weather forecasts. December), the pressure on companies PLATFORM EARNS RENEWED LEVEL developed and deployed by Atos Origin, ANNOUNCEMENT OF 2016 OLYMPIC Origin’s other clients across all to reduce carbon emissions will 1 PCI DSS CERTIFICATION FROM a leading international IT services GAMES IN RIO business sectors. FROM CONVENIENCE TO NECESSITY undoubtedly increase. VISA AND MASTERCARD provider and a world leader in smart Atos Origin, Worldwide Information - THE EVOLUTION OF CRM IN RETAIL For the fourth consecutive year, Atos To learn more, please visit the meter management, and Trialog, a technology (IT) Partner and Top Partner FINANCIAL SERVICES Studies show that IT accounts for about Worldline, which brings together Atos Newsroom section of consulting and expertise company of the Olympic Games is pleased with European research distributed today by two per cent of total CO2 emissions Origin’s core expertise in hi-tech dedicated to introducing innovative the announcement of Rio as host city Atos Worldline, which brings together globally but by employing the industry's transactional services, has been awarded technologies. The protocol is the for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Atos Origin expertise in high tech skills, resources and technologies, it Level 1 certification under Visa and backbone of the PLC Laboratory, which Games. transactional services and EFMA can reduce the remaining 98% of MasterCard's Payment Card Industry 2 Perspectives January 2010 3
  4. 4. Delivering Exce ellence At each Olympic Games, Atos Origin is charged to deliver the and compliance mandates. > Mitigate risk by restricting access to sensitive data and Our Solution - Gain Trust flawless application of tried and tested technologies on a improving security monitoring. through Proven Performance > Lower costs by managing complexity and automating massive and complex scale. procedures. THE IOC AND ATOS ORIGIN Atos Origin is the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic MANAGING CHANGE Games and a TOP Sponsor. Atos Origin has already been tos Origin’s role as Worldwide IT Partner of the IOC money where it should be - growing your business! In today’s market you need to move towards greater business involved in the Olympic Movement for over 20 years. demonstrates our ability to deliver high profile, high agility. In the current economic crisis, transforming your The financial constraints on the Olympic Games are extremely Our IT partnership with the Olympic Games is a remarkable risk IT programs, on time and on budget. The legacy business is a key initiative and change often provides the best stringent. Not only must the deadline be met, but the budget showcase for our capabilities. At each Olympic Games, Atos of that work is that we can bring this experience and those chance of guaranteeing survival. cannot overrun. It is Atos Origin’s responsibility to ensure that Origin successfully integrates, manages and secures the vast cross-business services and processes to our clients, wherever this is the case, whilst at the same time ensuring real operational Managing change in large-scale business and IT programs IT system that relays results, events and athlete information they are and whenever they need them. Most of the solutions excellence in the effective delivery of a complex solution. requires a broad spectrum of skills, expertise, and experience. to spectators and media around the world. and processes used in the Olympic Games project can be applied to other business environments. We can leverage the Atos Origin can help. Based on our Olympic Games experience, SUSTAINABILITY & DEVELOPMENT Atos Origin successfully supports complex, diverse IT trust, experience and solutions of this most challenging and we have proven capabilities that enable organizations to Another important aspect facing business today is the fact needs – including risk and knowledge management, IT security, complex project to add value to your business. identify the changes needed to achieve business goals, prepare that longer-term strategies must take potential future constraints partner and program management, and intense, real-time > Do you have to deliver increasing value for less workforces for coming changes, manage the complex into account. Sustainability requires you to embrace the operations – anywhere in the world, at any scale or magnitude. budget year after year? organizational and technological transition to the desired end principle of ‘thinking globally, acting locally’ which might result Maximizing business performance to create a truly sustainable > Does your business and its IT systems need state, and operate successfully. in a more specific view on the need to globalize. competitive advantage. constant protection from outside IT security threats? Every two years, in a new territory, we are there, bringing the > Does your business have to be flexible enough to respond For London, we are working with the London Organising The Atos Origin contract with the International Olympic Olympic Games IT to the world. A ‘company’ with almost to an ever-changing market and handle large numbers of Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) Committee (IOC) is the world’s largest sports related IT contract. 200,000 employees, with 4 billion customers, operating in a clients accessing your systems every day? to evaluate the use of new technologies, including virtualization, 24/7 environment. For the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the > Do you expect your IT partner to work closely with you so that the London 2012 Games use less energy and hardware IT infrastructure linked together more than 60 competition and “Atos Origin has successfully delivered and secured the and other external companies to deliver a successful result? than in Beijing. non-competition venues across China, consisting of more critical IT systems for the last edition of the Olympic Winter > Do you have to work with ever changing suppliers and staff? SECURITY & RISK MANAGEMENT than 1000 servers, 10,000 PCs and 1,000 network and security Games, facing the weather and transportation challenging > Do you have to implement Green IT? Managing business risk and information security is more devices and including over 200,000 hours of testing. constraints that a mountainous environment brings. The At each Olympic Games, Atos Origin is charged to deliver the complex than ever. The range of potential security risks unique experience we have gained in managing complex > We provided the IT systems and software that processed flawless application of tried and tested technologies on a continues to rise as your business environment becomes more large-scale events will be used in Vancouver to help and activated 70% more accreditations - more than 340,000 massive and complex scale and to successfully meet the connected, more global. Today’s complex information security Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic in total. challenges. environment, combined with the pressure on your Corporate Winter Games and the International Olympic Committee > We securely processed more than 80% more competition Information Security Officer’s budget, requires an end-to-end (IOC) minimizing IT-related risks and costs.” COST CONTROL data for media and news agencies worldwide - totalling 1.5 approach that provides efficient solutions aligned with the With cost control at the top of today's business agenda, Atos million messages. Magnus Alvarsson, business risk. Origin is extremely well-positioned to use the experience Chief Integrator at Atos Origin Atos Origin’s end-to-end approach to Information Security PEOPLE for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games gained through the Olympic Games to help organizations To survive and grow, you will need to collaborate with the improve and standardize their IT and business processes to relies on our “Design-Build-Operate” model to address the personnel of other external enterprises in order to receive high maximize productivity and lower costs. We have learned that full threat landscape covering people and processes, policies, value and quality products and services which will enable you having effective tools, global processes and methods are procedures, technology and operations. This approach enables to create a competitive advantage and, at the same time, critical to success, whether the work is done onsite, onshore, clients to: enjoy greater business agility. nearshore or offshore. This allows you to put your mind and > Automate the enforcement and reporting of business policies 4 Perspectives January 2010 5
  5. 5. ICM The use of ICM can lead to happier sales and Incentive Compensation Management which any type of incentive plan can be designed, modeled, administered and measured. Alignment with ERP, CRM and HR systems provides busy tracking and administration costs by 60% or more, and although the systems expenses are initially higher, the on-going total ownership costs channel sales forces, which in turn can lead to administration teams and managers with the tools they need to implement a compensation strategy quickly and easily. Today's Incentive Compensation of the systems and software are typically lower verses homegrown systems (Alinean - 2003). increased customer satisfaction. Management systems extends beyond calculating commission for sales teams, Reduced Employee Turnover due to Incentive Disputes and Issues to take into account company goals, profit measures, product and management s one of the main streams within the Sales Performance Management (SPM), ICM is objectives, and territory considerations, in order to plan, motivate and reward Up to 20% of employee turnover can be tied to disputes and issues with the process of creating performance reward schemes that compensate the workforce both teams and individuals for goal attainment. incentive compensation. Replacing these employees can be costly, resulting and/or sales partners for the achievement of both individual and corporate performance in recruiting, hiring and training costs of some $12,000 per employee. Additional targets. Incentive Compensation Management enables businesses to effectively align reward TANGIBLE BENEFITS OF ICM IMPLEMENTATIONS impact to the business results lies in the time it takes to get new employees schemes with top-level organizational goals by strategically focusing individual behavior for Tangible benefits can be quantified into monetary terms. These benefits include productive, which for sales professionals in some industries can be 6 months maximum business impact. savings in operating expenses, future purchase avoidance, productivity or more. The turnover issues which are the result of miscommunications, enhancements, revenue growth and profit improvements. The benefits of ICM late payments or errors can usually be eliminated with a proper ICM In order to meet corporate objectives and revenue goals, it is essential that organizations include the following: implementation (Alinean - 2003). effectively motivate and compensate employees, channel partners and dealer networks. Incentive and Compensation Management is a key driver for achieving corporate goals and objectives. Improved Productivity of Employees Dispute Resolution Costs When incentive pay is not clearly tied to goals, payments are made late, or Incentive dispute resolution can be costly, requiring administration follow-up When sales organizations lack effective incentive compensation plans and efficient sales there are questions or concerns about the payments, productivity can be and action for simple disputes, and litigation, fines and damage payments compensation management processes, the following issues exist: affected. Improving the accuracy and timeliness of incentive pay following the for the most egregious disputes. Most of these disputes can be eliminated > Compensation plans that are not aligned with organizational goals and strategy achievement of important tactical and strategic goals can help eliminate all of through proper program establishment, tracking and administration with ICM. > Frequent adjustments and exceptions, late or inaccurate payments, and high administrative these productivity issues. costs due to use of manual, labor-intensive processes Improved Selling Strategies > Payment errors and delays that lead to excessive turnover, lack of motivation, and frustration Reduced Incentive Overpayments Often sales forces are not properly motivated to sell products which align among salespeople When managed using spreadsheets or other rudimentary compensation systems, with strategic goals, or deliver higher discounts than necessary in order to > Incentive compensation plans that do not drive desired sales force behaviors overpayment of incentive pay and commissions by 10 percent or more is not obtain business and achieve their goals. With ICM solutions, incentive programs > Lack of insight into the effectiveness of incentive compensation plans and the performance uncommon (Alinean - 2003). With ICM systems, particularly those which are can be established which can help the team sell proper product mix and of the sales force well integrated into other enterprise systems, most of these overpayments can discourage discounting. > Stagnant incentive compensation plans that are not able to adapt to changes in strategy or be eliminated. Improved Employee Satisfaction business conditions Reduced Shadow Accounting Aligned and motivated employees can help improve a company's business, These issues are indications of underlying problems with the design and management of the Shadow accounting, the independent tracking and monitoring of incentive opening new revenue opportunities, improving customer satisfaction and incentive compensation plans, including: goals and compensation by employees can consume from beween 8 to 12 hours driving profit improvements. ICM can help to increase employee satisfaction > Inability to easily implement and manage desired incentive compensation plans due to per month, particularlyfor commission based sales professionals. With a real- and obtain some of the benefits relating to these improvements. organizational constraints time system for tracking performance vs. goals, much of this wasted productivity, Some of these tangible benefits are a direct result of implementing ICM solutions, > Inability to consistently and accurately process plan results and more importantly lost selling time, can be eliminated (Alinean - 2003). and will result in "hard" savings such as the elimination of incentive overpayments > Inability of salespeople to understand their compensation plans and what they need to do to Reduced Investments and Administration of Current Incentive Management Systems or the reduction in current administration expenses. These benefits are make more money Recent studies by Aberdeen indicate that companies that utilize spreadsheet often the easiest to obtain when implementing a solution. Other benefits are > Inability of sales managers to understand the effectiveness of plans and the performance of or home-grown based incentive management systems typically spend up to intangible benefits and require that the solution be not only used properly, their people $1,500 each year in systems and labor for these often inefficient and ineffective but that an employee or customer attitude shift occurs that delivers a > Inability to quickly adapt to changing business conditions and needed changes to data, plans, systems. For an organization with a sales force of 100 professionals, this results business or productivity impact. These benefits include improved selling reports, and workflow in $150,000 per year in operating expenses. ICM systems have been shown strategies and employee satisfaction improvements which may result in business Incentive Compensation Management software implementation provides a single solution through to reduce incentive program alignment, modeling, development, deployment, impacts. 6 Perspectives January 2010 7
  6. 6. INTANGIBLE BENEFITS Products Involved Building the sales hierarchy with channel partners. Commission statements are created on time and reliably, Customer Satisfaction TrueComp, TrueIntegration, TrueInformation The sales hierarchy was built into the new system according to the compensation without errors. Our clients greatly benefit from the added visibility into their The use of ICM can lead to happier sales and channel sales forces, which in rules. An automated data feed was implemented with PRM integration for commission statements, and with an online self-service portal, customer service Results synchronization. calls from their sales channels have decreased dramatically. In addition to turn can lead to increased customer satisfaction. > Improved profitability thanks to the extreme flexibility and speed in improving service center performance, the project has also allowed the company Knowledge Capital adapting the commission structure Integration to “go green” with near paperless communication. Improved employee retention can lead to retained employee knowledge, > Reduced costs to the business, primarily through process efficiencies Implementation of the interfaces for integration with the upstream and maintenance and growth of a company's most important asset - its people > Increased motivation and trust in the sales channel leading to target downstream systems such as PRM, Billing, Mediation, Dataware House. and the knowledge they maintain of the customers, market, competition and overachievement Implementation of reports solutions. SOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS The design and implementation of daily/monthly reports for each compensation Competitive Advantage The solution implementation consists of the following main areas; plan and sales channel type. Alignment and motivation can lead to improved business agility and strength, Implementation of the compensations plans Implementation of the online sales portal which over time can lead, not only to measurable revenue and profit gains, Analyzing, designing and implementing the compensation plans for all channel An online sales portal is provided to the whole sales organization, some 30,000 but also to the capture of market share from the competition. Furthermore, partners and employees. The rules of the plans are configured to be applied people. The sales portal helped the client to prevent the following issues; reducing employee turnover prevents the lost employees from migrating to both directly and indirectly to the sales partners. > delays in communicating information to the sales force the competition. > time wasted gathering information from multiple sources and systems Selecting the right software is generally the beginning of implementing an > inefficient sales processes caused by information and sales applications that effective Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solution. But selecting Self Service Web Portal (Callidus Portal) cannot be accessed from anywhere at any time an implementation partner is the key factor in every successful ICM projects. Single Sign On (SSO) to TrueComp, TrueInFormation, TrueAnalytics, TrueResolution, TrueProducer Maintenance CASE STUDY: ATOS ORIGIN - IMPLEMENTING EFFECTIVE INCENTIVE Compensation rules and configurations were developed in a design that can Client Tier be easily modified without a source code change. Alarms and notifications for COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS all the processes were implemented to ease the operational tasks. In 2009, Atos Origin implemented Callidus Software's TrueComp Enterprise solution as the incentive compensation engine for all the divisions of a Through the incentive compensation management solution implementation, Multi-national Company. TrueComp Manager TrueInformation TrueAnalytics TrueResolution TrueProducer Atos Origin gave the client the opportunity to solve its maintenance issues, SSL including the cost overheads associated with the old system due to complex The Drivers For Change calculations, decreasing overpayments and bonus inaccuracies, and freeing > Bottlenecks in Incentive Plan Changes Server Tier Web Server App Server TrueComp Grid TrueInformation and TrueAnalytics Servers up valuable bonus administration team time. > Lack of insight to Plan Effectiveness Servlets Session EJBs > Lack of Dispute Management The improved process also made it easier for the client to run commission > High Administrative Costs HTTP Requests Data Access Layer Data Access Layer calculations. With the sales hierarchy and all the compensation rules stored in > Commission overpayments LDAP / MSAD TrueResolution Compensation Report Generation one place, business users were able to find information, update incentive Authentication TrueInformation Calculation and Ad hoc query > Lack of Traceability due to Manual Processes and User Store TrueAnalytics programs and run commissions without the assistance of IT. The system TrueProducer Callidus Portal provided internal teams with hands-on access to reports in a format that The Challenge TrueComp improves the usability of the information. With the added ease of use, the client > Approximately 30,000 payees Data Tier was able to be more strategic with the management of their channel partners > 35 Commission Plans Import/Export Transfer Report ETL ERP HR and sales employees. > Aggressive Timeframe CRM ICM provided the client with the flexibility to develop programs that better Project Milestones aligned their sales behavior with the company's business objectives. The Live since May 2009 Enterprise Data Callidus Staging Callidus ODS Callidus Datamart solution also gave the capability to more efficiently manage communications 8 Perspectives January 2010 9
  7. 7. mLogistics ® In times of eroding margins or facing yesterday’s innovations becoming a ® ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS OF mLOGISTICS Feedback Customers using mLogistics experience some or all of the below listed ® commodity, cost leadership is of paramount importance for staying ahead advantages: > Service productivity increases by 20% and consequently 50% due to a more of the competition. Planning Scheduling Executing efficient planning and scheduling. > Increased, first time fix rates reduce service cost drastically. tos Origin has launched several initiatives to support our clients in Dispatching of Work Force is decided on the latest status of requests, based > Vehicle inventory is reduced by 50% and inventory control leads to fewer their everlasting challenge for keeping or regaining cost leadership in on the skills of the available Service Engineers and the availability of material loss of material. The van stock is monitored and replenishment of material their respective markets. Particularly in times of eroding margins or they might have on board. By taking all relevant factors into account benefits Feedback orders can be automated. facing yesterday’s innovations becoming a commodity, cost leadership is of such as; > Transparency in the organisation optimises performance with increased paramount importance for staying ahead of the competition. > increased first time fix rates, employee satisfaction. > shorter resolution times, > End-to-end solution approach obsoletes a lot of bridge solutions One particular highlight is our solution optimizing the business processes of INTEGRATED DISPATCHING CENTRE (IDC) > less travel cost, > The majority of service orders can be processed fully automatically due to field service organizations, which is provided by Atos Origin jointly with its The dispatcher interface supports easy and intuitive handling of a workflow. > higher customer satisfaction the complete logistic scheduling, planning and disposition process. partner LogObject. Together we are targeting the logistics processes in various Service requests can be easily placed manually into the system or imported are easily achieved. > Short implementation time is due to the integrated process logic and functions vertical markets and have successfully implemented mLogistics® particularly continuously from your ticket-system solution. Available interface support in: Telecommunication, White Goods, Document Management and Office ® from Telco & Cable-, White Goods-, and Filling Machine Industries (Industry mLOGISTICS - BUSINESS PROCESSES seamlessly connects with leading ERP-solutions like SAP or any CRM Equipment Suppliers. Standards and Best Practices). Around the task-processing mLogistics® implements a set of support processes softwareMobile Device (MOT) > Easy-to-use and ergonomic applications for order handler and Service Engineers. that influence or use data collected during the execution of tasks. In order to REAL TIME DYNAMIC PLANNING - THE KEY FACTOR FOR SUCCESSFUL Each Service Engineer (SE) will be equipped with a mobile device. It does not > Mobile applications designed for single-hand operation. realize a standard solution mLogistics® is based on a standard model. This SERVICE FIELD FORCES model is the base for each implementation of mLogistics®. matter which kind of brand or operation system the mobile device will be. These impressive benefits used by our customers to increase customer LogObject’s unrivalled allocation match is based on proven algorithms, which LogObject is able to provide his solution to any phone, PDA or Laptop. satisfaction and speed of service! ensure the highest throughput at low costs. Based on the parameters used, mLogistics will compare options on predefined weighted factors. Depending Assurance Fulfillment Provisioning Service Engineers are online connected to the system, using latest state of the ® (Incident / Trouble (Installation / Move / Add / Change / IMAC) (In-house activity) art mobile connections. Work Force will be informed and updated on mobile WHY mLOGISTICS on the situation it can for example weigh quality of service (speed of service) Ticketing) With an integration of mLogistics® the following customer benefits against cost (availability of Work Force). The system then calculates the best phone about their next service destination, including all necessary information mLogistics ® are experienced: choice for your resource distribution allowing a maximum of efficiency. Real (see below for screen shot on the mobile devices) about location and the exact > Drastic reduction of the administrative expenditure Complex Requirements time comparison allows optimizing costs and quality in real time. Definition, Planning, Coordinate, Control service required. A workflow, allowing the Service Engineer to agree on a new > Real time information about production progress, orders and Main Service Task job before finally scheduling the task can be implemented. This allows integrating utilization of the employees Process Acquisition/ Pre- Planning Scheduling Monitor/ Post Controlled Quicker Biling Cost reduction Definition Processing Execution Processing partner or dealer services into your service organization. > Reduction of inventory and logistics costs Direct input at the source Required Input Processes (materials and Resource Planning ® > Efficiency increase in the execution of the operational processes 7 stock turnover) 1 People, Tools, Meterial, Location mLOGISTICS - LOGISTICS PROCESSES WITH SAP > Real time dispatching Reduction of Tracking & Tracing Increased Media breakages LogObject is able to cover all logistics processes of the managed materials > Real time monitoring of all resources Data Quality Cost Reduction 6 Support Reporting during the task processing: Master data management e.g. Model Master, Spare > Transparent proof of performance of every resource 2 Processes (ERP) Logistics Personal Finance Billing Compliance with Prevention of Part Master and Initial Stock List; Spare part prediction; pre-ordering of spare > Increase of on-time delivery quality changed legal multiple manual Reduced > Standardization and efficiency increase in human communication Field data entries working time parts; van stock management including van stock list, replenishment, good regulations Force mLogistics® supports the process of tasks in real time. The real time support receiving and inventory management; spare part consumption during the task (important for competitive national and international enterprises) Increased and control of task-processing is the core technical requirement in order to processing (e.g. used spare part for a repair); ordering spare parts for a specific > Real time synchronization from and between in-house and Optimized Employee realize a real time task processing engine that is able to consider each remote business processes Reduction of coordination of Productivity Increased task at the customer side. multiple Visits field forces Compliance visits per day > Transparent communication with customers Optimized Workflow 5 with SLAs 3 discrepancy between the actual situation and the target situation in real time. The full integration of logistics aspects into the task processing allows optimizing As a standard product mLogistics® is a complete end-to-end Potential Increase The calculate discrepancies are used to recalculate a new optimal target in Revenues 4 Increased Employee & Company Image the van stock, the planning and scheduling as well as increasing the first time integrated solution with several features which can be customized and Customer Reduced System situation considering the formulated constraints: mLogistics® is the first real Satisfaction down time fix rate. configured to meet exactly the requirements of the end-user. time adaptive task processing engine for field force organisation. 10 Perspectives January 2010 11
  8. 8. How to harness the power o SOA? of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architecture style whose principles of modularization offer a proven way of managing the complexity of systems integration and communication. SOA has become the most appropriate style for solutions that SOA Lifecycle Stages SOA ENABLING TECHNOLOGY IS LIKELY TO COME TO solve key different issues such as agility, cost reduction and compliancy. DOMINATE IT LANDSCAPES IN THE SAME WAY THAT Since SOA is being massively supported by the IT industry, SOA enabling technology is likely Intiate SOA Develop Roadmap Execute Roadmap INTERNET TECHNOLOGY AND CLIENT-SERVER to come to dominate IT landscapes in the same way that internet technology and client-server SOLUTIONS DID PREVIOUSLY. solutions did previously. However, the real benefits of SOA will only be reached if organizations adopt SOA as an enterprise architecture approach and, in this way, bring SOA closer to - and integrated with - business. - Objectives - SOA Principles - Projects The power of SOA comes from its reusability. SOA is a set of design principles for building business and IT systems based on shared, reusable functions called “services”. By assembling - Deliverables - Reference - Governance Architecture these services in different ways, these systems offer the flexibility and adaptability needed in - Timelime - Organization today’s business world. This principle of “modularizing design” is not new: it is a proven concept - Deployment - Resources Phases from different technology generations. But today, these concepts are strengthened by a massive convergence of the IT technology market - based on Web services and internet technology - and adopted as part of the Enterprise Architecture approach. With a SOA architecture approach, it is possible to successfully build business applications through a collection of loosely coupled services. Loosely coupled services are the services that from scratch on a white board. Iterations increase the maturity of the architecture, awareness can be joined together on demand to create composite services, or disassembled easily into and the overall integration of solution with the Business Processes. “Initiating, Developing their functional components. Unlike traditional IT architectures that lock business and process and Executing the Roadmap” should therefore be seen as being within a certain horizon logic tightly within a single application and user interface, a SOA approach enables organizations of visibility and action, applicable at that time and eventually to be recycled in several individual to build efficient business processes by integrating discrete application components and iterations (see also “SOA Governance” chapter further below). orchestrating reusable business or presentation services. SOA PIRINCIPLES SOA LIFECYCLE Based on Atos Origin’s experience of SOA architecture, as well as the implementation of The SOA lifecycle covers the stages of implementing SOA within an organization. It has three best practices, we want to now emphasize the key design principles required in order to stages as shown below: Initiate SOA, Develop Roadmap and Execute Roadmap. implement a highly flexible, highly responsive and highly robust IT architecture. These principles are grouped in four main areas as follows: The “Initiate SOA” stage is the point at which you should decide which business functions and underlying integration processes are to be enabled, enhanced or replaced by SOA. At Business-Related Principles this stage, the organization needs to establish objectives, timelines, resources and deliverables. The implementation should enable business objectives rather than functionality, i.e. processes The “Develop Roadmap” stage is where the organization is assessed, SOA principles (see rather than integration points. The architecture should allow the fast addition of new services next section) are defined and a SOA reference architecture is described as a future state of and all services should be available across the whole system for best utilization. the organization. Service-Related Principles The full roadmap, with the deployment phases of business applications and infrastructure, is The physical data representation and location should be abstracted from the business also defined at this stage. The final stage, “Execute Roadmap”, means executing projects based operation. The architecture should be modular, enabling a start with limited services/functionality, on SOA. If there is a change in the roadmap then both IT and business teams should review and and expansion of the functionality as the need arises. Moreover, services should be secure. update the SOA execution plan. Governance-Related Principles In reality, this lifecycle, happens in iterative ways, as a perfect architecture cannot be drawn The architecture should provide an enterprise system that is easy to maintain. A change to 12 Perspectives January 2010 13