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Ao Perspectives 06 09 Switzerland

  1. 1. HORIZON / OUR CLIENTS, OUR PROJECTS P.02 ABOUT US / VIRTUALIZATION P.10 GRAND ANGLE / IMS IS HAPPENING NOW P.12 Perspectives NUMBER 1 JUNE 2009 THE UNSTOPPABLE IMS is happening now Atos Origin is best placed to help clients with this new generation of network technology.
  3. 3. I have the pleasure to introduce the first issue of Perspectives The current market situation is experiencing a difficult economic condition and clearly many industries are impacted by this recession period. The stock exchange during the first quarter in 2009 demonstrated many uncertainties and can be considered of what the rest of the year will look like. On the contrary last year, we had faced during the same time an optimistic beginning and a relatively stable environment for the IT industry. As a consequence now the recession demands companies to have increased control over the costs, understanding of how to develop the right value propositions to increase loyalty and customer acquisition. Under these circumstances almost all our customers from different sectors have been forced to review their strategies with cost-reduction implications. In the IT area cost-reduction can be translated as resources rationalization, little or no space for long term ROI, alternative sourcing solutions, IT consolidation and long reflection on the decision-making process, in many cases jeopardizing important decisions in several projects. In such a complex scenario Atos Origin is the right choice for customers since this scenario is part of our daily business. Our business model towards the rationalization and reduction of the TCO (Total Costs of Ownership) of applications and IT Infrastructure provide both assurance of local presence and global capabilities. For this reason, Atos Origin is the ideal partner to better match clients’ needs. The success of Atos Origin relies on its ability to analyze existing business operations, optimizing them whilst developing suitable solutions. Overall, whilst the outlook is unquestionably difficult, good companies will materialize stronger and be more capable after the recession period... the ones who will have acknowledged the high priority projects supporting their strategy and delivered them with an extreme focus on the required business. As Atos Origin in order to be one of these good companies we have made it our business to contribute and assist our clients in achieving the same goal. In this first issue of our magazine, Perspectives, you will find information on our solutions, partner interview, news on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and corporate news among many other interesting content. We hope you will enjoy reading Perspectives and we welcome your comments on our magazine. Most sincerely, Herbert Ender CEO Atos Origin in Switzerland Perspectives June 2009 1
  4. 4. horizon... ho ATOS ORIGIN AND THE Origin’s consistent quality delivery across the region, proactive support with executives in the manufacturing and retail sectors clearly demonstrates that INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC customer wins and effective the business case for environmental COMMITTEE EXTEND CONTRACT implementation of Novell’s Identity & excellence is real. THROUGH TO 2016 Atos Origin, the Worldwide Information Security Management technology with Even in the current economic climate, Technology Partner and Top Partner of customers across all market sectors in the survey indicates that companies are the Olympic Games, today announced EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). planning to stay the course as they that it has extended its contract with the Atos Origin and Novell have a long term expect to reap above average returns International Olympic Committee (IOC) worldwide strategic partnership that was as a result of their sustainability efforts. to serve as the IT systems integrator for extended last year to include Identity & Information technology is identified as the Games for an additional four-year Security Management as this area a key tool for driving sustainable period, until 2016. After Vancouver continues to be an important topic in initiatives with 70% of those interviewed in 2010 and London in 2012, Atos Origin boardrooms around the globe. saying that IT will play a role in reducing will provide IT systems for the Sochi Companies must manage users and their businesses’ environmental impact. Olympic Winter Games in 2014 in Russia control their access, mitigate security and the Olympic Games in 2016, the risks, and comply with a growing list of PHILIPS SIGNS NEW CONTRACT WITH host country of which will be announced government and industry regulations. ATOS ORIGIN on 2 October 2009. The combination of Atos Origin’s Philips signed a new contract with Atos experience integrating new solutions Origin for the delivery of consulting “Atos Origin, our long-term partner, is services confirming Atos Origin as a first the brains behind the technology into existing IT environments, and Novell’s commitment to building league IT services provider to Philips. operations for the Olympic Games, The services focus on business critical consistently delivering high-quality interoperability into its products, eliminates the need to rip-and-replace projects and application maintenance services on schedule. The Beijing in SAP and Microsoft applications and Olympic Games were spectacular and existing infrastructure to implement the security controls that clients need. will be provided from the Netherlands Atos Origin provided a crucial role in and India. This contract will help Philips’ ensuring the success of the event from IT strategy which is focused on reduction COMPANIES WITH MORE MATURE a technological perspective, and in of complexity, a service based delivery SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAMS ENJOY making sure that the IT systems model and lower IT costs for its market HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS, functioned perfectly. We are confident sectors worldwide - consumer lifestyle, GENERALLY A FULL 2% OR HIGHER, that Atos Origin will once again deliver healthcare, and lighting. REVEALS NEW EUROPEAN RESEARCH an outstanding job for future Games”, European research launched today by said Jacques Rogge, President of the Atos Origin becomes a key sourcing IDC, a leading global provider of market International Olympic Committee. partner which enables Philips’ IT intelligence and sponsored by Atos applications to deliver high quality NOVELL HANDS OUT EUROPEAN Origin, an international information projects and services, increase their AWARD TO ATOS ORIGIN technology services company, reveals customer focus and achieve significant Atos Origin, an international IT services that companies with more mature cost reduction in the total service chain. company, has won the prestigious Novell sustainability programs enjoy higher award “Best EMEA Partner of 2008 for profit margins, generally a full 2% or Philips will work with a team of sourcing Identity & Security Management (ISM)”. higher than industry margins. The partners and Atos Origin experts on key The award was won based on Atos research based on a survey of 165 senior IT application projects to eliminate waste 2
  5. 5. rizon... horizon... in the service chain resulting in significant SAP AG. “Through this expanded delivered to date. It is also one of the cost reduction for the client. Atos Origin’s relationship, we aim to offer customers most successful All-in-One SAP project role is to build, implement and manage an accelerated return on their investment integrators in the China market. applications in SAP and Microsoft. in SAP solutions, lower TCO and During 2 years around 150 Atos Origin ultimately help them to thrive in today’s TRAVELEX SIGNS NEW CONTRACT experts will work on this program. challenging business climate. Expanding WITH ATOS ORIGIN our relationship with Atos Origin Atos Origin, an international IT services SAP AND ATOS ORIGIN TO DELIVER underscores our commitment to our company today announced that it has ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS IN KEY ecosystem strategy, with the objective signed a contract with Travelex to BUSINESS AREAS THROUGH NEW of bringing more value to all of our design, build and support an IT system GO-TO-MARKET AGREEMENTS customers.” to securely manage the process for SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) and Atos Origin cashing all travellers’ cheques as and today announced the extension of their ATOS ORIGIN ACQUIRES A LEADING when they are presented worldwide. global services partnership. In addition, SAP NATIONAL IMPLEMENTATION The new Travellers Cheque System will they are cooperating further via new go- PARTNER IN CHINA be available at all Travelex offices later to-market agreements through their local Atos Origin, an international IT services this year. It is being built using .net subsidiaries to help customers reduce company, today announced it has technology and provides secure access the total cost of ownership of deployments acquired Shanghai Covics Business over the internet from anywhere in the of SAP® solutions by improving Solution Ltd. (Shanghai Covics), a world. It will include increased auditing application reliability and performance. leading Chinese SAP consultancy and and monitoring functionality to more Such cooperation takes effect SAP system integration services accurately track travellers’ cheques and immediately across key geographies in provider. It’s the first acquisition carried help protect against fraud. The system Europe, including France, Spain, the out by Atos Origin in China and in the being built by Atos Origin is based on a Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Asia-Pacific region as well. prototype created jointly with Travelex. Germany. Through the acquisition, Atos Origin, the ATOS ORIGIN WINS EUROPEAN “Atos Origin has worked together with company that has successfully delivered VMWare INNOVATION AWARD SAP for many years and is pleased to the IT systems for the Beijing 2008 Atos Origin, an international IT services extend its relationship through this Olympic Games, will reinforce its company, received a prestigious agreement,” said Thierry Breton, capability all through the full SAP cycle innovation award ‘EMEA North Partner chairman and CEO of Atos Origin. of consulting, implementation, Award 2008 for most innovative use of “With over 5,000 consultants globally, maintenance and hosting in China, notably virtual infrastructure’ at the 2009 SAP services are one of the cornerstones Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. In VMworld event in Cannes. This award of our business. The market already addition, it will be able to double the was given to Atos Origin in recognition recognizes that Atos Origin is a leading number of its local experienced SAP of its innovative use of VMWare technology integrator of SAP solutions in the consultants. across its customer base in Europe. manufacturing sector worldwide.” Atos Origin and VMware forged a global Shanghai Covics is a pure Chinese SAP partnership late last year in order to “Atos Origin has a proven track record player with over 100 staff led by a strong address the growing demand for for delivering projects globally, including management team. It has an excellent virtualization technology. some of the largest and most complex team of qualified SAP consultants and ones,” said Léo Apotheker, co-CEO, a number of outstanding projects To learn more, please visit the Newsroom section of Perspectives June 2009 3
  6. 6. Olympic Game Destination: As perhaps the world’s ultimate symbol of excellent performance, the Olympic Games serve as a metaphor for our commitment to helping companies deliver excellence. THE WORLD’S LARGEST SPORTS RELATED IT CONTRACT s the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games managers and engineers to already start working on the and Top sponsor, Atos Origin integrates, manages Vancouver project. and secures the vast IT system that relays results, During the 2010 Winter Games, Atos Origin will manage the events and athlete information to spectators and media around technology consortium team estimated at 2,000 staff, including the world. The Atos Origin contract with the International 400 Atos Origin experts, made up of locally hired staff, local Olympic Committee (IOC) is the world’s largest sports related volunteers and overseas Olympic Games technology experts. IT contract. Here the company brings extensive international During the first six months the focus of the Atos Origin team IT experience to the Olympic Games, including global expertise in Vancouver has been to run and staff the technology Help and leadership in consulting, systems integration, operations desk for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter management, information security and software applications Games and on planning for the next four years. development. Building on its successful delivery of the IT systems that KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE TRANSFER: supported the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002 A CRITICAL COMPONENT (operated as SchlumbergerSema), in Athens in 2004 and in Atos Origin is responsible for designing a complex and secure Torino in 2006, Atos Origin has primary responsibility for high quality IT infrastructure on time, to specification and information technology including consulting, systems within budget. While designing the IT architecture for each integration, operations management, information security and Games, Atos Origin considers the next Games and how to software applications development for the Vancouver 2010 transfer the knowledge gained. For the Torino 2006 Olympic Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The Group will manage and Paralympic Winter Games for instance, Atos Origin used a consortium of best-of-breed technology expert partners and 95% of the operational procedures and knowledge gained at suppliers, under the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the the Athens Games. 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games’ (VANOC) The complex, massive IT infrastructure of the Olympic Games technology Department supervision. is deployed by large teams of people into different cities in different countries every other year. Such a major task is all QUALIFYING A WINNING IT TEAM FOR THE VANCOUVER about risk management capitalizing on the knowledge gained 2010 OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC WINTER GAMES from previous Games Operations. This knowledge and Right after completion of the Games in Turin, the Atos Origin experience transfer is critical in keeping costs down and in Major Events team, had already delivered key software lowering the risk of future Olympic Games. applications for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and begun preparations for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. In June 2006, only months after completion of the Torino 2006 Winter Games, Atos Origin dispatched IT 4
  7. 7. es : Vancouver Perspectives: Magnus, as the Chief Integrator for the 2010 Our team in Barcelona and the other Olympic cities have Vancouver Olympics games, can you tell us in brief your role played a large part in successfully delivering services to and responsibilities? VANOC, from taking over the help desk in August 2006 to Magnus ALVARSSON: My role is to manage the program for Atos where we are today – having successfully delivered all of the Origin and to ensure that, from an IT perspective, we are able sport events, having used all of our software, and having all to deliver the Olympic Games to the world without any errors. of the services we plan to use during the Olympic Games. It is a challenging project due to the complexity associated with the number of partners, suppliers, customers and the Perspectives: The Group develops, implements and manages relationships between all of us. More importantly, once the a critical, but invisible, IT system allowing Atos Origin to be in the competition since Salt Lake 2002 and Athens 2004, Torino Olympic Games starts on the February 12, 2010 everything 2006 all the way to Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 and London has to work flawlessly because in this project there is no 2012. What do you think is the most critical point on the second chance, it must be on time and on budget – Atos selection of Atos Origin to be the continuous IT Partner? Origin must deliver excellence. Having said all of this, I am MA: Atos Origin is recognized by the IOC and by the organizing very thankful to the team I work with here in Vancouver, they committees as being the foremost expert in the IT field. We are excellent people and I am very confident that we will be have been the Worldwide IT partner since Salt Lake City 2002 successful. and everything worked flawlessly each time. We are recognized as a company that is able to deliver highly visible, pressure Perspectives: As the worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic games and TOP Sponsor, Atos Origin integrates, manages and secures laden integration projects on time and on budget – something the vast IT system that relays results, events and athlete that is not easy to do. In short, the single most critical point Magnus ALVARSSON, information to spectators and media around the world. Which for them to continue working with us is our proven ability to Chief Integrator part do you think is the most interesting? deliver excellence. for the 2010 Vancouver MA: The most interesting part is the integration of the people and processes, rather than the technology. We are responsible Perspectives: Sustainability, we all know, is one of the top issues Olympic Games, around the world, in all companies and institutions. Systems for getting a large consortium of technology partners, suppliers Atos Origin and solutions are being created all the time to improve the and customers to deliver the IT portion of the Olympic Games environment, minimize the negative effects of industrialization on flawlessly on time and on budget. Further, inherent with working the environment. Can you tell us briefly how we are doing this in this environment is a large number of cultures (in fact, VME in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games? is composed of about 30 different nationalities), as well as an MA: Sustainability is an important issue in Vancouver, Canada. array of different corporate cultures. Having such a diverse Examples of how Atos Origin has minimized negative team makes it more interesting, adds to the dynamic, and I environmental impact and help sustain local workforce include: firmly believe is one of our major success factors. > Choosing computer models that consume half of the electricity than those used in Beijing 2008. Perspectives: With less than one year to go, I believe we have > To limit travel, thus transportation costs and its environmental 90 AO staff, based on the VANOC premises. When did the preparations start for such a big magnitude of an event? impact, we are providing application and information systems MA: Initial communication with VANOC started in 2005; however over the internet including the remote Commentator the official project start was June 2006. The team consisted Information System and the Volunteer portal. The Vancouver of few personnel in the beginning but since the start of 2008, 2010 Volunteer portal is paperless since the entire application the team has grown with approximately 1 person per week. process is done electronically. During the Olympic Games we expect to have around 275 > In an effort to create long term value in the IT industry in people in Atos Origin uniforms leading a technology team of Vancouver, we hire and train local staff. In addition, we approximately 2,000 head strong. hire qualified immigrants so they can acquire job experience in Canada. Perspectives June 2009 5
  8. 8. Corporate Sus within Atos Ori As an IT service provider, Atos Origin has started by deploying a responsible Although the business is driven by profit, the company works to achieve this Green IT policy in house that is designed to: in a way that also delivers benefits to people, communities and businesses > Improve the environmental performance of our data centers and desktop assets within its areas of economic, social and environmental influence. > Change individual behavior Any activity is tested against the need to provide measurable social, economic > Implement a responsible purchasing policy and environmental benefits - to ensure that the company’s activity provides We also offer our customers solutions to shrink their own environmental footprint long-term and sustainable gains wherever possible whilst still meeting the by reducing and optimizing their energy consumption. These include: commercial objectives of the company. The aim is to develop the measurement > Innovative consulting and technologies to reduce the amount of electricity of sustainable activity into a best practice for other companies to follow. used by data centers and servers Atos Origin has committed itself to integrating the 10 UN principles for Corporate > Environmental tracking and decision-support resources Sustainability in all its business processes. > Paperless solutions and virtualization services We never forget that sustainable development also concerns individuals. With this in mind, we take actions towards our human resources and we encourage The H@rmony Program our subsidiaries and employees to take their own initiatives to save energy, protect the planet and help the surrounding community. ATOS ORIGIN COMMITS TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WITH H@RMONY The quest for ways to achieve responsible growth is an integral part of Atos OUR COMMITMENT Origin’s approach, which, as part of the Group’s overall strategy, involves Companies that operate in the global economy, such as Atos Origin, have both identifying and circulating best ethical practices at the economic, social and the ability and responsibility to positively influence their employees, clients, environmental levels both within the organization and among our stakeholders. partners and suppliers, while also ensuring that they benefit the environment This commitment took form in 2007 with the publication of our H@rmony and communities in which they operate. Key to this is our approach to Corporate sustainable development program. Based on the European Foundation for Sustainability. Quality Management’s (EFQM) model, H@rmony provides a roadmap for action, Corporate Sustainability is often defined as development that “meets the needs sets operating targets, defines the internal transformation program and identifies of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet key indicators (KPIs). Although the charter covers all aspects of sustainable their own needs.” It covers a wide range of issues such as human rights, development, environmental issues are the priority for now. Today Information working conditions, building a sustainable enterprise and the environment, and and Communication Technologies (ICTs) account for nearly 2% of global CO2 is often referred to under the 3Ps: emissions-as much as the aviation industry. People - providing social equity Worse still, if data centers continue to grow at their current pace, greenhouse Profit - creating economic prosperity gas emissions from information systems are expected to increase by 50% by Planet - ensuring environmental quality 2020. Atos Origin is committed to operating in an economically, socially and GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE PURCHASING POLICY environmentally responsible manner that is transparent, measurable and A significant part of our clients have developed and implemented a Corporate satisfying to all its stakeholders. Social and Environmental Responsibility. Motivations are diverse: the three main reasons are promotion of the company reputation, required compliance Atos Origin’s primary objective is to deliver success and profit for its customers, with regulation and perspective of savings (energy, process optimisation). While shareholders and employees. It does this by focusing on the creation of a Atos Origin shares this vision, the most important driver to launch a sustainable profitable and growing business itself. purchasing initiative is the market demand. To be more specific, Atos Origin 6
  9. 9. tainability igin has to meet the increasing client demand to comply with sustainable best 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, BC to process more than 50,000 applications practices. from volunteers in 100 countries, without having to travel or use any paper. The appropriate response to business expectations was to launch a Global Atos Origin is taking all possible measures to deliver innovative technological initiative with positive ripple effects on internal and external practices. solutions with a limited environmental impact to reduce the carbon footprint of the Vancouver Olympic Games, and the two most significant examples are Purchasing is the first Global Function to launch a Sustainable initiative at a the deployment and provision of remote applications, such as the information Group Level. Marjo Lazaro Atos Origin CPO has designed a new Sustainable system for sports commentators, and the recruitment portal that manages Purchasing Policy, in total consistency with the H@rmony program. volunteers’ applications electronically. This initiative is based on: > The evolution of purchasing processes to introduce sustainable criteria all In particular, we decided to: along the supply chain (requirements specification, selection criteria, supplier > Use more energy efficient computers than in Beijing management) > Reduce the number of servers > An available guidance (Sustainable Supplier charter, code of conduct for > Greatly reduce paper consumption purchasing…) to develop a sustainable responsibility (internal and external) > Limit the number of business trips > The evaluation of the environmental, social and ethical performance of a The goal for London 2012 is to measure the direct, indirect and associated suppliers sample (through an external customised solution) levels of carbon generation and seek to deliver tangible improvements. > A communication/training program to develop purchasers awareness of Our actions include work to optimise the technology infrastructure and configure sustainability it in a sustainable way, along with improvements that could be delivered by > A performance monitoring device (“one can only improve what one can using low-energy data-centres, as well as placing an emphasis on public measure”) transport (2012 is also the public transport Games) and by focusing on a Main expected benefits per countries and service lines are: sustainable supply chain across the construction and operation of the Games. > Enhancement of Atos Origin's reputation (attractiveness for investors) In an interesting development, 2012 may also provide an ideal opportunity to > Business development (keep on being referenced by clients and prospects) deliver improvements outside the scope of most projects. For example, with > Risk reduction (compliance with regulation, image) an audience of billions, Olympic sponsors are already in the process of launching > Saving improvements (energy efficiency, TCO reduction, improved use of low-energy, low-emission products or services as a catalyst to promote their resources) use across the world. GREEN OLYMPICS GAMES If London 2012 can successfully deliver a measurable reduction in carbon As part of its partnership with the Olympic Games, Atos Origin helps the emissions, along with some of the other social and economic benefits, it will organizing committee and the International Olympic Committee deploy serve as a model of how organisations can bring together the different values technological solutions to shrink the Games’ carbon footprint, from reducing of service, profit and sustainability to mutually beneficial effect, finally delivering the consumption of paper to cutting down on travel. the promise of sustainable business. For the Beijing Games in 2008, we developed the first remote information system for sports commentators. The system allowed them to access competition results in a fraction of a second from their home country studios using touchscreen computers. This significantly reduced travel and CO2 emissions, as well as expenses. In another first, a 150-person team developed and operated a platform for the Perspectives June 2009 7
  10. 10. The Sustainable nvironmental and ethical policies may be an essential part of the corporate toolkit but, with many customers now asking for more than just statements of intent when it comes to a company’s green credentials, isn’t it time for a more systematic approach to delivering HOW BUSINESSES CAN TURN SCEPTICISM INTO the sustainable agenda? COMMERCIAL ADVANTAGE BY PROVING THAT THERE’S IT can play a key role in helping to reduce the environmental impact of an organisation, but much MORE TO THEIR SUSTAINABILITY CLAIMS THAN of the early promise has failed to translate into measurable results. However, with a recent survey JUST MARKETING HYPE. revealing that one in five vendors makes an effort to select goods and services that have a lesser impact on the environment than the alternatives, businesses now have the opportunity to turn Francisco PINHEIRO, what was once perhaps just corporate altruism into a significant marketing opportunity. Director of Innovation at the Group Innovation Team, The first challenge for any business is to find a way of quantifying the benefits of its actions. It’s Atos Origin all well and good putting in place a new initiative or claiming to have reduced energy consumption, but the imperative today is to turn this into facts and figures. The IT resources that are so essential to corporate efficiency are also amongst the most power hungry, greatly adding to the carbon footprint of the organisation. So, for management, it’s essential to establish accurate measurements that can be used to gauge progress against the company’s targets. For example, just how much energy is being saved by your new data-centre? What is the reduction in carbon footprint that has been achieved by the installation of low-power PCs? In short, what’s the payback? Fortunately, many of the major manufacturers have already made a move in this area and provide useful data regarding the energy consumption of their systems. It’s a good start that allows you to assess the progress that your business is making when it comes to the environment but, to really stand out from the crowd, you need to put in place a comprehensive strategy of improvement, measurement and review that takes a complete view across your entire business. When it comes to measuring the main areas of influence that any business has, it may help to divide it into four categories: direct, indirect, associated and out of scope. These measures allow you to identify the places where you can achieve the greatest ROI and focus your resources accordingly. At the same time, by providing a picture of your company’s peripheral impact, it also enables you to complete the circle of sustainability by engaging with third parties, such as suppliers and customers, enabling you to develop a more flexible strategy based on an holistic approach to ethical and environmental policy. So How Do We Define Those Four Categories? DIRECT AREA OF INFLUENCE This is the immediate impact that your business activity has on its surroundings. Obvious measures include energy consumption, waste generation and levels of recycling. Attacking the direct issues is the starting point for most organisations and many have already made significant inroads in this area. However, it’s easy to become complacent by simply putting a number of measures in place and then forgetting about them. To remain ahead of the competition, your internal policies should be under continual review. 8
  11. 11. e Agenda INDIRECT AREA OF INFLUENCE This covers those areas of activity that, whilst not directly concerned with your business, nevertheless are an essential component of your product or service provision. For the most part, this is your supply chain and, working in partnership with your suppliers, you should seek to optimise the efficiency of your purchasing and delivery processes. Of course, this makes sense from a business perspective too, delivering benefits in terms of cost-saving and improved delivery times. AREA OF ASSOCIATED INFLUENCE This area is much harder to manage. What are your customers doing to reduce the impact of their activities? How about your employees? Before dismissing this as too broad a goal, consider the possibility of engaging with your customers to discuss how you can work with them in areas where the supply of products or services overlaps with opportunities for sustainable improvement. They are under equal pressure and, by helping them address this, you may build a stronger relationship and foster greater loyalty. OUT OF SCOPE There are activities that cannot easily be measured but have an influence. It is difficult for any business to exert direct influence in this area. Instead, this is where overall strategy starts to have an impact: for instance, in the energy efficiency of own and partner products (for example, an electronics firm providing low-emission televisions for the expected four billion viewers of the Olympic Games) or through the longer-term green benefits of sustainable consultancy tackling the ‘bigger picture’ of corporate environmental impact. Those broad categories are not definitive, instead acting as a starting point or baseline upon which to build a credible and practical sustainable business strategy. To see how it translates into the real world, let’s look at how these principles are guiding the delivery of a project that exists under the microscope of media and public scrutiny: the Olympic Games (see below). There are a number of technological innovations that can help improve a company’s performance in these areas. For instance, the emergence of communication and collaboration as a method of remote working will also alleviate some of the travel requirements for many businesses- along with intelligent transport systems and utility networks that can even address areas of influence outside the scope of the organisation. Organisations should seek to embed innovative policies within their day-to-day business practices, supporting them with a set of measurable criteria that can be targeted and assessed. By defining, building and operating an enterprise-wide set of sustainable practices, a company can transform its approach and build a long-term, profitable strategy that will deliver its commercial goals within the framework of the new sustainable agenda. The pressure is now on for businesses to start showing the substance behind their claims. It’s a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity for innovation, and those businesses that win the integrity battle and emerge as front-runners in the new race will leave their less-than-green competitors green with envy. Perspectives June 2009 9
  12. 12. Virtualization ThinApp AGENTLESS APPLICATION VIRTUALIZATION SOLUTION application virtualization process and eliminates the need of training administrators on yet another new packaging process. Long before Thinstall was purchased by VMWare, Atos Origin Switzerland was already working with ThinApp and has gained comprehensive experience of this software virtualization solution. We have well trained technicians that are SUPPORTING MOBILITY “Thinstalled” applications don’t need an agent and are therefore highly mobile, able to support customers, which are using this solution in their daily business enabling IT organizations to deploy applications on numerous media types with their virtualization needs. We support and consult these customers from such as USB flash drives. start till to the end of the lifecycle of the solution. THE MARKET FOR VIRTUALIZATION SOLUTIONS SIMPLIFYING OS MIGRATIONS Since ThinApp virtualizes the OS to the application, IT applications can easily Despite of all the consolidation efforts, the number of applications that businesses be from one Windows platform to another. are supporting is steadily growing. They need to operate simultaneously and seamlessly integrate in given desktop environments. These become increasingly NO IMPACT ON EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURES complex and by this also fragile, increasing the cost of software deployment Although application virtualization is a relatively new technology, application as well as support to astronomical heights. Months of multi-application regression management infrastructures are not. They are pervasive and tend to rely on testing, difficult user support and downtime caused by unforeseen application integrated product suites that perform software and hardware asset discovery conflicts are common problems of IT staff today. and inventory. For application virtualization to be successful as a model, it will need to extend the capabilities of these platforms without adding to the existing Keeping It Simple management complexity. With ThinApp’s agentless solution, virtualized applications can easily be distributed to clients using the existing management VMware ThinApp (formerly Thinstall) is an application virtualization technology infrastructure, while simplifying the application landscape on the clients. acquired by VMware to extend its reach into the desktop environment. The VMware ThinApp platform has been in development since 1999. ThinApp is CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES currently leveraged on well over 1 million deployed clients and has been One of the most uniquely and differentiating characteristics of the ThinApp’s integrated with many of the leading packaging tools such as Acresso AdminStudio application virtualization approach is its agentless nature. It is largely this and PC configuration management solutions from vendors such as Microsoft, characteristic that enables the capabilities listed earlier, such as integration LANDesk, BMC, matrix42, and Symantec. into existing management infrastructures for inventory, distribution, and compliance reporting. However, the lack of an agent on the endpoint device APPLICATION COMPATIBILITY also means that thinstalled applications are dependent upon another systems ThinApp is compatible with a vast majority of applications across a variety of management platform. But for many users, this reliance upon another operating systems. Using ThinApp application virtualization technology enables management framework is a benefit given the large investments that their running 32-bit applications on 64-bit systems or supporting legacy NT applications organizations have already made in these infrastructures. on XP or Vista machines to enable system consolidation and decommissioning of hardware without loosing the applications needed. CONCLUSION By providing a separation between application and operating system, IDC AGENTLESS SOLUTION believes that application virtualization technology will be an integral part of the ThinApp platform does not need any proprietary management agents. Virtualized dynamic desktop environment of the future. Further, compared with other VCC applications run on any current Windows based platforms, can be deployed technologies, such as server-hosted virtual desktops, application virtualization as MSI files and integrated with most existing software management toolsets. represents a technology that can potentially offer short-term ROI benefits by ThinApp increases endpoint flexibility while limiting the complexity associated limiting costs associated with the testing, deployment, and management of with managing heterogeneous environments. applications. PACKAGING SIMPLICITY Because ThinApp supports standard .MSI/.EXE packaging, it simplifies the 10
  13. 13. Atos Origin Roaming Solutions RAEX (Roaming Agreement Electronic eXchange) as well as NRTRDE (Near Real Time ROaming Data Exchange) are fully supported by the Atos Origin TAP3 - Roaming Solutions. While Atos Origin ROAMex and NEETRIX are modules for easy integration into the existing BSS landscape both are also incorporated into ROAMit - the state of art roaming billing and clearing system. ATOS ORIGIN ROAMex TD.35 (NRT files). NEETRIX automates sending and receiving of NRT files and Atos Origin ROAMex is making your environment compliant with RAEX support creation of Fraud management reports. requirements and supports integration with existing systems and DBs. ROAMex The fully configurable, template driven NRT Creation module supports various keeps your sensitive information in house and brings you all benefits of cost native switch and custom build formats and can be incorporated into virtually effective and time saving electronic exchange of roaming agreement data, any processing environment. The NEETRIX creation implements filtering of including IOT (Inter Operator Tariff): roaming calls and produces NRT files based on flexible creation rules individually > Resource saving for AA.14 inputting configurable per roaming connection. > Data accuracy and reliability > Resource saving across the team on finding contacts, generating mailing lists Using the preconfigured delivery targets, NEETRIX fully automates sending of > Ability to generate reports for Customer Care, Faults, Fraud and Finance teams NRT files and tracking of delivery information and helps in analyzing of potential > Better audit process and proof of delivery fraud claims and investigations. THE SOLUTION INCLUDES: Atos Origin’s NEETRIX performs complete validation of each incoming NRT RAEX Editor - Intuitive GUI, following guidelines of current Word version of AA.14 file, based on rules defined by TD.35 and protects your system from template and supporting: initial creation of your first electronic RAEX document, incorrect/incomplete implementations. The NEETRIX reporting implements full version control including draft and pre-release versions, document sharing mandatory File Delivery and Error reports, helping in troubleshooting process. and user right control, export to PDF for "normal" distribution. Depending on your requirements, NEETRIX performs rating of incoming NRT RAEX Reader - Automated tool validating and importing RAEX document received files, applying your own retail rates or simulating tariffs of visited network and from your roaming partner into internal repository and providing GUI, displaying extracts content of the NRT file in the predefined format for further processing content of received RAEX document. Open, fully documented repository structure in Fraud Management System. simplifies integration with any external system. Atos Origin AG provides you The NEETRIX Fraud Reporting module supports generation of threshold-based on-site consulting services, helping to integrate RAEX into your existing Roaming fraud reports and classical Multi-Network High Usage Report (HUR). Management and TAP processing systems RAEX Reporter - powerful reporting tool, supporting generation and automated MSC and/or TAP-Out distribution of reports and notifications, based on RAEX data and providing: Charging Gateway automated comparison of 2 versions of RAEX documents with generation of NRTRDE-Out "cross-check" revision information, based on detected differences, generation EDI and automated distribution of notifications, based on revisions in RAEX documents, ROAMIT Roaming Billing System TAP-In Partner generation of the reports, based on content and revision information of your own RAEX documents and documents, received from the roaming partners. Fraud Management ATOS ORIGIN NEETRIX System NRTRDE-In Atos Origin NEETRIX - implementation of mandatory NRTRDE (Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange) is fully integrated into your productive environment. Overview showing ROAMit in relation to the network, the billing and fraud NEETRIX implements creation, validation, rating and format conversion for management systems and EDI software, respectively the roaming partner (VPMN, HPMN). Perspectives June 2009 11
  14. 14. Unstoppable change with IMS IMS-IP Multimedia Subsystem he European telecommunications landscape is undergoing a revolution that is transforming the industry. End User (both consumer and corporate) needs are driving this revolution as they look for the services they use on their PCs at home to be available on the move via their 3G mobile handsets, with consistency of experience, taking into account the quality of the service delivered and resulting in a single unified bill at the end of the month. Added to that, new technologies are enabling a whole host of devices that combine communications with video, text, graphics, sound and more. As a result, the battle for the attention of customers immersed in a multi-channel content rich environment has never been more intense and each participant in the creation and delivery of voice and content services is looking to change the status quo to their benefit. > Network Operators are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors through the introduction of new services and more extensive service bundling, whilst at the same time defending themselves against the expansion of hosted Internet services, such as Skype and Google, that threaten to reduce them to mere ‘bit pipes’. > Content Providers are looking to establish direct relationships with End Users in an effort to leverage maximum value from their brands and improve revenue by removing Network Providers from the mediation and aggregation role they currently fill. The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) holds the promise of fulfilling many, if not all, of the aspirations of End Users, Network Operators and Content Providers. In doing so however, the model of service delivery which it describes has the potential to alter the current industry norms beyond recognition. Although many see this change as inevitable, there are a number of technical challenges to be overcome, and commercial battles to be fought, before IMS can truly be considered a reality. Atos Origin stays abreast of these challenges, has intimate knowledge of the marketplace and, with unrivalled consulting skills and systems integration capabilities, is best placed to help its clients get the most out of this new generation of network technology. WHAT IS IMS? IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a new network architecture and framework that enables the convergence of data, speed and mobile technology over an IP-based infrastructure. It emerged from the standardization work undertaken by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) for 3G mobile phone systems in UMTS networks and is becoming the de facto standard for real- time multimedia communication services. IMS allows users to easily share content with their peers, be it real-time video, Voice over IP (VoIP) calls, or multi-party games. It was created to be a standardized reference architecture which could be implemented by Network Operators to enable the delivery of next generation 12
  15. 15. is Happening Now services. To achieve this, IMS uses standardized protocols, such as SIP and the End User, a globally addressable market with low barriers to entry, and SDP, in conjunction with a set of defined IMS entities to handle key functions, independence from networks and devices. such as Session Management, Interworking, Charging, management of User Profiles, etc. IMS holds the promise of enabling a globally interoperable market ENHANCED REVENUES for multimedia terminals (such a 3G mobile devices, PCs, Digital TVs) where IMS allows new services to be deployed which will generate new revenue users can access and share services irrespective of the device they are using, streams as well as allowing more creative charging models to be applied or the access network they are currently connected to. It has the potential to (e.g. differential volume charging based on the content of IP packets). The poor turn the 3G dream of flexible, content-rich mobile Internet into a reality. IMS reception that this is likely to receive in practice may mean that it does not focuses on products, services and software integrated across five layers of the occur for some time. network. REDUCED COSTS WORLDWIDE IMS FORECAST IMS has the potential to reduce the number of network elements and the IMS SERVICES REVENUE BY REGION complexity of operating them, leading to OpEx savings. Additionally, if a transition to VoIP is included as part of the business plan, then major cost 180.000 savings can be realized by moving out of unused buildings (e.g. where oldstyle 160.000 TDM equipment was housed). Indeed, the business case for one major European deployment is 80% driven by property considerations. Future-proofed network 140.000 and expanded service offerings Because of the multi-layered abstraction model 120.000 Asia-Pasific within IMS (where the Transmission and Access layer is abstracted from the North America Session Control layer which in turn is abstracted from the Services and 100.000 Applications layer), the future addition of new access technologies or more Latin America 80.000 creative services can be smoothly accomplished with minimum impact to the Western Europe rest of the architecture. 60.000 Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa ABILITY TO BE MORE THAN JUST A ‘BIT PIPE’ AND MANAGE SUBSCRIBER 40.000 RELATIONSHIPS 20.000 Network Operators are fiercely resisting the notion that they be reduced to the status of a utility, blindly providing IP packets to users. They are looking to 0 offer more value to End Users via bundling of services and by providing branded 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 content in the form of a ‘walled garden’. IMS gives the Operator a further justification for its unique place in the value chain by allowing the Operator to manage IP policies based on content types, and to charge differentially based Possible Benefits Of IMS on both content and quality of service. IMS is being broadly promoted as a ‘good thing’ which will bring benefits to all parties involved in the provision and consumption of next generation voice and content services. However, as the interests of all parties are not perfectly aligned some of the benefits anticipated by one party may be in direct conflict with those expected by another. That means IMS has the potential to radically disrupt the current status quo and foster completely new models of content provision and consumption. Potential benefits to Network Operators include enhanced revenues, reduced costs, a future-proofed network, expanded service offerings, the ability to be more than a bit pipe, and management of subscriber relationships. For Content Providers, IMS could mean a direct relationship with Perspectives June 2009 13
  16. 16. CONTENT PROVIDERS INNOVATION SIP- IMS (IP MULTIMEDIA SUBSYSTEM) Content Providers are already anticipating that widespread IMS deployment will be of benefit by allowing them to foster a more direct relationship with their customers. Announcements Market Drivers & Atos Origin by MTV and Disney imply that these players are already well Risks Opportunities Added Value advanced in their plans and it will not be long before smaller > Exploitability players get on board. > Fixed-Mobile Convergence > Consulting, integration or managed A new communication experience services delivery capability for the end-user – one number, > Initial costs universal reach independent from > Experienced player connectivity pre-IMS platform in production for unified messaging > Security > Agility for new services (1.5M+ end-users) IMS enables new types of services mixing multi-session types of > SIP-IMS Innovation lab created Next Steps communication A lab dedicated to trials and R&D projects for Telecoms players with: > “SIP voice and Video contact > Costs optimization (for Telcos) - Virtual dashboard, center” creation - Web 2.0 collaborative tools, > Time delivery acceleration - SIP Phone and Video/TV > Ramp-up new ‘rich’ for application development and communication experience deployment > ToIP is implemented in the company services as a “test and learn” approach Market Drivers & Atos Origin Achievements Opportunities Added Value > Anticipating our customers > Capitalize on our skills > A pre-IMS Platform installed at expectations > Intelligent Networks our labs in Paris > Media Servers > A better understanding of > Messaging: IVVR-MMS-SMS-IM > A SIP / IMS Skill Center operators’ business to help them anticipate the next generation IMS INCUBATION > Being ready to answer the requests services of our customers Atos Origin has created a demonstration facility for its IMS > IT consulting services in Paris, France. This facility allows for the prototyping > Technical architecture Next Steps > Development & Integration of platforms and proofing of concepts meaning that clients > Strengthen our ecosystem and > Federate our ecosystem of involve our main customers can experience what IMS may bring to their business in a partners totally safe environment. Such technology trials ensure that > Offer packaged solutions based on the new IMS architecture clients enter the IMS arena with a clear view, can see how > Instrument a reliable & scalable IMS would impact their business in reality, giving them total evolution towards IMS confidence in their IP Convergent Services solution. The demonstration facility is open and many of Atos Origin’s alliance partners have already expressed a desire to be involved. 14
  17. 17. IMS Services - Intelligent Charging INTRODUCTION TARGET AUDIENCE > Operators are looking to enhance revenue by deploying new services such > Fixed Service Providers, Cable Operators & ISPs wanting to ensure optimal as VOIP, Mobile TV and IPTV, but are constrained in the development of an VOIP user experience during early deployments. optimal charging strategy by an inability to charge based on user experience. > Mobile Operators wanting to move away from a subscription model for > The Intelligent Charging proposition offered by Atos Origin in conjunction Mobile TV. with it's alliance partners offers a means for Operators to maximise their revenue by enabling charging to be linked with customer experience. OUR APPROACH > Atos Origin brings market-leading experience to meeting the challenges of BUSINESS ISSUES charging for digital content-The benefits to operator of a client-based quality > VOIP and Mobile TV present significant challenges for Operator deploying measurement solution could be substantial Services offered include: charging strategy. The technical characteristics of service delivery over IP > Measurement of chargeability of end toend customer experience (both Voice limit the ability of the Operator to measure individual user experience, and and Video) to overcome the limitations of derived server-side quality hence the charge appropriately. measurement and to enable sophisticated charging models. > Wishing to avoid the high costs of resolving customer complaints after being > Full Integration of an agent-based content charging architecture, included charged for a poor experience, Operators are currently forced to adopt hosted models if desired. subscription charging models which can’t maximise revenue in the way > Quality analysts of video content upon ingest allows the operators to know pay- per-view charging can, for example. if the content prouder is meeting the quality SLA. A CUSTOMER’S VIEW OF THE NETWORK IS DIFFERENT FROM A NETWORK’S VIEW OF THE CUSTOMER RAN ATM/FR IP Core Access IP UTRAN TX Network SGSN GGSN Voice Video Streaming Media (core probes ignore packet loss at all hops) Data Services Data Services (core probes can't detect non-transactional completion) Perspectives June 2009 15
  18. 18. The Lean and he introduction of the Mobile Virtual Gradually MNO’s recognized that MVNO were able to attract (specific) customers Network Operators (MVNO’s) more effectively and at lower costs, or in other words, better than they were has had a huge impact on the doing themselves. In addition, MNO’s were facing the challenge to maintain telecommunication industry and is there to sufficient network utilization in order to run their network cost efficient. This stay. Initially launched to provide customers has led for some MNO’s to adopt a so called wholesale model to achieve their with cheaper calls and SMS’s it forced the utilization goals. The simple idea behind this is to fill up the network with traffic established mobile operators to adapt their generated by MVNO’s, given the fact that MVNO’s seems to be better in price plans in order to stay competitive and acquiring new customers than MNO’s. not to lose too many customers. In many To complete the equation, the MNO get’s less per subscriber when selling countries this has led to considerable lower wholesale minutes to a MVNO but it should be realized that the difference tariffs for the customers which left the between the revenue from the MNO’s own subscribers and the revenue from established mobile operators with decreased a wholesale deal (at subscriber level), could be lower than the Subscriber market share and lower margins. Acquisition Costs (SAC) of the MNO. The first generation MVNO’s entered the market as a new type of Communication Service Provider LEAN AND MEAN that had telecommunication services as their core The business model of the MVNO is that their highest spending is on buying business. For those MVNO’s to establish a airtime from the MNO. For MVNO’s to make a viable business, it is necessary sustainable business they needed the following: to keep the operational costs low in order to maintain a (small) margin. These > Negotiate an extremely good wholesale operational costs comprise IT, staffing, marketing, SAC, etc. It is obvious that Gerben A. MENTING, deal with the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) marketing is key for a MVNO and this is also a substantial portion of their Senior Business Consultant > Establishing a very lean and mean budget. Maintaining physical shops is very expensive and therefore does not Telecom, organization fit in the business model of a MVNO. That’s why MVNO’s developed a model Atos Origin > Using a very dedicated and cost effective where customers can buy a SIM card on the internet or in retail shops to be IT infrastructure to support their business used with a mobile device that is already in their possession. The SIM card WHOLESALE DEAL activation will be done via a web portal of the MVNO. This will allow the MVNO Getting a good wholesale deal with a MNO to have a completely automated process of ordering, activation and even was a difficult task as many MNO’s were not topping up. With this approach, some MVNO’s were able to run the whole interested in such deals because they business with just a hand full of people. perceived it as helping a competitor. In This model will work best (or only) in countries where the mobile penetration countries where the National Regulatory rate is high (and subscribers having already a mobile device). In addition, Authority played an active role, the MNO’s countries where mobile penetration is high or has reached saturation, price were forced to open their networks which competition is more fierce and customers more willing to churn (to MVNO’s) really helped the uptake of MVNO’s. The in exchange for lower tariffs. main reason for the NRA’s was to stimulate competition that will result in lower tariffs. DEDICATED IT INFRASTRUCTURE The key issue here is that the MVNO should Most MVNO’s need fully automated processes in order to avoid ‘expensive’ negotiate a wholesale price that leaves room human intervention. But they also need flexibility in their service offering to for them to add the other costs (IT, customer anticipate on the rapid changing market dynamics. As more MVNO were acquisition costs, staff, etc.) and still make entering the market, prices came under pressure and changes in price plans a small margin. had to be implemented on the fly. If MVNO’s would share part of the MNO’s IT infrastructure for Customer Care and billing, they would have to accept to 16
  19. 19. Mean: MVNO be part of the MNO’s development and release planning, which can take service differentiation and very slim margins. The light MVNO models deals months. This has driven the development of specialized MVNO platforms that with MVNO’s that own or rent the back office IT infrastructure (customer care, give MVNO’s the necessary flexibility in defining and changing customer care, biling, provisioning, etc.). This gives the MVNO more flexibility which can result service offering and price plans. These “MVNO platforms” are of course closely in service differentiation and consequently can lead to some increase in margins. interconnected with the MNO infrastructure for the provisioning or termination Currently we see more and more MVNO expanding into the core network (of of subscribers or services and the exchange of information such as usage the MNO) as this is the only way to get control over the service layer and details (CDR’s). Sharing the platform and its costs among multiple MVNO’s offering value added services. With the emerging IP-based (SIP) communication, emerged as a way to have access to an “own” IT back office environment at CSP’s start offering new SIP-based services such as Voice over IP (VoIP). an affordable price. This is where the Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) These services are competing directly with normal voice services but also with came to market. A central platform linked with different MNO’s, even in different international roaming, fixed mobile convergence, computer integration, etc. countries serving several different MVNO’s became common practice. Even This development opens lots of new opportunities for CSP’s and leading to a MVNO organizations itself can be virtual (having management in country A further competition but also changing business models, new value chains, new but a helpdesk in country B, etc.). With the introduction of MVNE’s and at the services, etc. same time MNO’s adopting wholesale models, an interesting development took place. MNO’s were starting to offer wholesale to MVNO’s and at the same EVOLUTION OF MVNO MODELS time access to Customer Care and Billing from a dedicated MVNE platform. The initial introduction of the first MVNO’s in 1999-2000 has led to an interesting This would facilitate the MVNO’s to operate independently and flexible in their development of the telecom market in general and for mobile in particular. offerings and price plans but having it all in one deal. Although this seem Some examples are: attractive, MVNO’s will realize that this is also a lock-in buy because they will > Introduction of stronger segmentation of the subscribers be less flexible (or not at all) in changing their host operator in the future. > Operating a more cost effective Customer Care by automation and using Changing to a different MNO will require a new wholesale deal but also establishing internet portals a new IT back office. Different situations exist in today’s MVNO market. > Leveraging brand awareness NEXT GENERATION MVNO’S Where MVNO’s were initially focused on offering mobile communication services Every country where the MVNO model has been introduced has witnessed a we currently have a broad range of providers of some kind of communication strong decline in tariffs for voice and SMS. Some countries currently have more services, such as VoIP, ADSL, TV, long distance calling, etc. hence we better than 50 MVNO’s or different forms of Service Providers. A logical evolution in name them Communication Service Providers (CSP). The introduction of new this MVNO market is that after the first introduction of low cost or ‘no-frills’ services has allowed the CSP’s to offer bundled services such as mobile, VoIP, offerings, tariffs difference become slimmer and the margins for MNO’s and internet and TV or any combination of them. However this has also opened MVNO’s become slimmer. At the moment price is not a major differentiator new opportunities for fixed operators or cable TV operators as they could use anymore, so MVNO’s will have to look for differentiation such as value added the same model to add additional services to their portfolio. We now see services or quality of service if they want to make a difference. The right choice traditional cable TV operators offering also internet, VoIP and mobile services. is greatly related to their current offering and target audience. MVNO’s targeting young people might start offering ring-tones, screen savers, etc. whereas Conclusion The MVNO’s have certainly impacted the telecom market and brought us new MVNO’s targeting business people would probably think about offering better and interesting business models. With the telecom industry continuing to moving towards an quality of service and business related services. all IP based layered infrastructure, there will be many more new opportunities, especially for nontraditional telecom service providers. We will see more and more clouds of companies that The first ever MVNO Virgin Mobile in the UK started as a so called full MVNO. together deliver a service based on some form of revenue share models. Each player in such a This means the same infrastructure as a MNO except for the radio access cloud should be a champion in his or her particular business in order to make the best offer and network, obviously a costly and complex exercise. After Virgin Mobile all other to survive. Some will bring in their brand awareness where others have their mobile network with good coverage, price or quality. Technology is the enabler and under continuous development MVNO’s started with a reseller or light MVNO model. The reseller model is the but it are the smart ideas and imagination that are driving the new business. cheapest model that rebrands the service of the MNO with no control over Perspectives June 2009 17