HMC Branding Across Different Media 8-27-13

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A review of basics around branding, social media, personality, content (video / infographics) and metrics for building a strong community. …

A review of basics around branding, social media, personality, content (video / infographics) and metrics for building a strong community.

Reminder that all attendees received a $500 voucher to be used on any infographic, video or other asset before the end of 2013.

Claim your voucher by filling out a
Creative Brief for the project here:

More in: Design , Technology , Business
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  • 1. A Creative Agency for Good
  • 3. @davidgloss
  • 5. Personality Are you more masculine or feminine? Are you more millennial or boomer? If you were a car, what type would you be? What celebrity most embodies your organization? What adjectives most describe your personality?
  • 6. Get Method!
  • 7. Understand your Audience
  • 8. Staff is the first audience!
  • 9. Understanding Your Needs Fundraising High touch volunteers Skilled volunteers Advocates Knowledge sharing/Thought Leadership Mass understanding/Adoption
  • 10. Audience Levels Misconceptions; Those who “Get it”; Ambassador Value; Challenges; Messaging PROFILE: Josh
  • 11. Crowdfunding or Coffee
  • 12. Channel Selection What are your resources/capacity? How customized can you be? Where do you want people to end up? What are your peers doing? What are your idols doing? Can you think integrated-ly?
  • 13. The Minimum
  • 14. Think Integrated-ly
  • 15. The Minimum
  • 16. Content Matters
  • 17. What it takes Video/Film/Infographics $3,000 - $50,000 4 - 6 weeks 1 Internal Coordinator 15 hours internal Purpose/Call to Action 1 - 2 Script Revisions 1 – 2 final revisions Document Sharing Hi res logos Publishing date Platform (Vimeo for hi res, YouTube for sharing, Description, Keywords Promotion (Premiere>Blog> Press Release > Newsletter > Social > Listen)
  • 18. Budgeting Scarcity vs Abundance Life Time Value $ x # x T = LTV $500 x 1 x 3 = $1,500 Investing in your Community Dan Pallotta – The Way we Talk about Charity is Dead Wrong
  • 19. Measurement # of event attendees # of post event website visits % growth in newsletter driven engagement % growth in online contributions # of articles and media inquiries for org expertise # of requests to get involved # of new committee members # of job inquiries # of committee members matriculating to the board
  • 20. Best Practices Know who you are Set a content calendar, by channel and audience Meet weekly or bi-weekly Have content in the hopper Segment Audiences ongoing Cross pollinate (Newsletter opens to social engagement or in person) Write your own content
  • 21. Resources/Offers HMC Digital Audit – HMC Personality Profile – HMC Creative Brief – ($500 voucher) #FUNKNJUNK @hmctwit
  • 22. Thank you! @davidgloss