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Zumei's work

  1. 1. • Representative Works• Other Design Works• About User Experience & Interaction Design
  2. 2. • Since my undergraduate major was industrial design, I begin with a product design. Product: Little Keeper Usage: to help people find little things at home. Designer: Wu Zumei Time: 2006
  3. 3. Sometimes it happensthat when you need somelittle things such as keysand purse, you justcannot find it at home.So I designed this devicename ‘little keeper’ toaddress such issues asone of the undergraduateassignments.
  4. 4. Little keeper
  5. 5. This product design combinecreativity and practice.It is especially suitable for olderpeople who easily forget things,and young kids who like to puttheir things everywhere.
  6. 6. • I am really interested in Internet product design, so my final year project in undergraduate was a website development.Project title: Information Needs Analysis Based on personasObjective: to design a website for Hunan science museum .Team members: Wu Zumei& Yuan ShuTime: 2009
  7. 7. Project processStep Descriptions Details Methods Documents 1 Understanding • Checked information that related to Hunan museum, including its • Contextual • First research project exhibition range and size etc. Interview document • Visited local science museum to know information such as • Interview record exhibitions, main visitors, main activities and objective of science museum from staff. 2 Investigating • Investigated the trend, styles, and functions of both domestic • Competitive current products and foreign current science museum website. analysis 3 Conducting user Conducted questionnaire survey from • Contextual • Interview record study • Museum visitors (78) Interview • Survey data • Primary school students (50) • Individual analysis • Junior school students (50) • High school students (50) interview • Observation Conducted interview with • Survey record • Primary school class adviser • Observation • Primary school science teacher • Primary school administrator • Parents • Observed children online behavior 4 Developing • Developed primary persona, secondary personas etc. • Personas • Personas personas document 5 Identifying • Created user scenarios • Scenarios • Information Information • Analyzed the task • Task Analysis needs needs • Extracted information needs • Use Cases document • Subdivided information needs 6 Sketching • Transferred the scenarios needs into flow diagram • Card Sorting • Content list webpages • Transferred the information needs into website sketch • Flow diagram • Framework • Flow diagram • Website map 7 Applying graphic • Identified the style. • Parallel Design • Webpage with design • Applied graphic design. well design
  8. 8. Part of results• Survey results revealed that different people had different preference to website contents. For example, the following figure shows comparison between students. 60% 50% 40% percentage 30% primary school student 20% junior school student high school student 10% 0% exhibition science summer science sicence comic science knowledge camp webpage competition game Science museum Website contents
  9. 9. Part of results • The following figure shows the home page of design website. Cartoon charater with the word “don’t touch me!” to attract curious children to specific children home page. This part will present at every page Show the newest information with big figure to attract the visitor. Weak the necessary but unattractive informationInformation forvictors such as Search barprice, open timeand contactphone. Arrange based on three main Entrance for users: children, parents, school other users such as volunteer. Attract the children with science cosmic
  10. 10. Part of results • Secondary pages. Used different color to differentiate different secondary pages Secondary With big figures to navigation bar show theInformation related to informationthis page. E.g., when graphicallythis page showsinformation aboutgroup booking forstudent, this partshows the educationrelated information. Search bar
  11. 11. Part of results• Children homepage (note: cartoon design style, characters are not original design, only used as examples) Navigation bar with information related to children Information that attracts children Highlighted the function of answering science questions for children Exhibition information Children science playground information
  12. 12. It was part of the big design plan (e.g.display design and website design) forour supervisor to submit a bit to Hunanscience museum. Hence, we didn’thave chance to meet the museum staffas it was far away from us.My partner and I took this project asa chance to practice the usabilityknowledge we’ve learned.
  13. 13. • This project provided useful suggestions for elderly game design, and it showed my ability beyond design.Project: Comparison effects between traditional exercise andexergame on the elderlyPurpose: to investigate factors that affect elderly exerciseparticipation.Investigators: Wu Zumei, Dr Theng Yin-Leng, & Dr Chang Yun-Ke.Time: 2010-2012
  14. 14. Background  In Singapore, one in five residents will be a senior (aged above 65) by 2030 [1].  Majority of the seniors are sedentary and reluctant to exercise. For example, 61% of Singapore senior didn’t participate into any exercise [2]. Senior Citizens’ Exercise Participation in Singapore [2] Participateat least 3 times a week 28% Participateat least 1- 2 times a week Irregular 61% 10% participants Sedentary 1%[1] Singapore Committee on Ageing Issues: Report on the Ageing Population. 2006.[2] Singapore National Sports Participation Survey 2005. 2006
  15. 15. Study design Research aim: to promote senior exercise participation. Research objective: to investigate factors that influence senior exercise participation. Specially, we focused on enjoyment and social interaction. Research Design: 2 X 2 intervention study Player interaction Exercise patterns Collaborative play Competitive play settings Traditional exercise Condition 1 Condition 2 Exergame (Kinect) Condition 3 Condition 4
  16. 16. Study Procedure Study Period: • 4 weeks • 2 sessions per week • One hour per session Participants’ number: Condition 1: Condition 2: n=25 n=20Condition 1: Traditional Exercise with Condition 2: Traditional Exercise with Condition 3: Condition 4: Collaborative Play Competitive Play n=26 n=24 Characteristics: Total n=95 Age 70.3 ±7.7 Female (%) 74 (77.9%) Condition 3: Exergame with Condition 4: Exergame with Collaborative Play Competitive Play
  17. 17. Study findingsAfter 4-week intervention, a interview-administrated survey was conducted.SPSS and Amos were used to analysis the data. Here are some selectedfindings: Compared to traditional exercise , the effect of exergame on motivating elderly exercise was lower. Future exergame design should add some traditional elements to minimize unfamiliar feelings towards interactive technology among the eldelry. In contrast to previous literature, enjoyment has little influence on elderly exercise intentions. Moreover, there is no different influence between exergame and traditional exercise on enjoyment, which indicated exergame design should integrate more enjoyable features. Social interaction has a positive influence on elderly exercise intentions. Future exergame design should pay attention on social interaction as most of the elderly are suffering loneliness and social isolation. Collaborative play pattern should be encouraged to be used in elderly exergame design and exercise promotion as it could bring the feeling of togetherness .
  18. 18. Through these two-year academicresearch study, I’ve learnedproficient writing skill, statisticalanalysis, logistic andcomprehensive thinking, as wellas ability to work independentlyand self-disciplined. Now, I amready to go back to industry withmore confidence.
  19. 19. As shown above, my main design interest focuses oninteractive media design. Here I want to show youmore of my design works.
  20. 20. I am really interested in interaction design, so I made the followingslides for my undergraduate teacher to teach interaction design.English version:• Title: Interaction designChinese version:• Title: Interaction design introduction• Title: How to conduct interaction design• Title: Developing and using personas
  21. 21. I am seeking a position likeHuman Interactiondesigner, User Experiencedesigner, or others, whichcould help to develop andimprove product byunderstanding the need ofusers or customers. Hope toget a chance from you.Email:hereiswzm@gmail.com