Doctations 2009


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A presentation outlining the benefits and value of Doctations.

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Doctations 2009

  1. 1. Doctations Medical Informatics Update p Getting Value from the EMR Columbia University Department of Biomedical Informatics C l bi U i it D t t f Bi di l I f ti & Center for Advanced Information Management December 10, 2008 , Louis Cornacchia, M.D., F.A.C.S. President & CEO 600 Old Country Rd Garden City, NY 11530 1-877-DOC-PATIENT
  2. 2. The Problem: ‣ Industry where EVERY stakeholder is at odds and locked in indecision, blinded by the lack of a clear technology solution that solves problems and catalyzes change. The potential to create a true solution exists but there is little impetus to do so. ‣ U.S. Healthcare: Tops in tech, research. But 37th in delivery. ‣ Spiraling Cost: $2.1T, increasing 10% this year. ‣ Every week 1000’s people declare bankruptcy 2ndary medical bills and 3% to 10% have no medical insurance. ‣ Medicare insolvent by 2019. • Increasing HC Complexity = Increasing Need for Coordination g y g ‣ Wall Street Melt-down = less money available to solve problems, insurance industry downturn, physician reimbursements squeezed.
  3. 3. Current Technologies are not and will not solve these problems: ‣ Siloed EMR/PMS Systems ‣ Web Multi-instance Architecture ‣ EMR uptake: 4% ‣ RHIO business model: non sustainable no grants = failure non-sustainable, ‣ NHIN: not real time, who pays?, non-sustainable = failure , p y , ‣ Google, Microsoft, Dossier answer: PHR??? <6% uptake
  4. 4. Who are we? ‣ The Doctations project began in 2002 when we realized that the current EMR/PMS evolutionary pathway will not fix healthcare. ‣ Doctations, Inc., was founded in June 2005 to provide the world with its first comprehensive, multi tenant (ie., mySpace like) multi-tenant mySpace-like) internet-based healthcare system to: • Improve healthcare delivery efficiency efficiency. • Improve healthcare delivery quality. • Improve doctor-patient relationship.
  5. 5. What is Doctations? • Doctations is a fully integrated, highly customizable subscription based Practice Management / Electronic Medical Record (“PM/EMR”) Multi- tenancy Software As A Service (SAAS) solution. sol tion • Unlike legacy Client/Server or ASP based PM/EMR applications, Doctations is a true Internet-enabled solution which extends beyond the physical walls of the Doctor’s office and allows physicians to exchange patient information in a secure way over a high speed internet connection and regardless of whether the physician is a member of Doctations. p y 2
  6. 6. What is Doctations? •Multi-tenancy Software As A Service (SAAS) solution. Multitenancy refers to the Software design principle, where a single instance of the software runs on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor’s servers, serving multiple client organizations (tenants). Multitenancy is contrasted with a multi-instance architecture where separate software instances ( hardware systems) are set up p (or y ) p for ff f different client organizations. With a multitenant architecture, a software f application is designed to virtually partition its data and configuration so that each client organization works with a customized virtual application instance. 3
  7. 7. What is Doctations? ‣ DocPatient Network creates a secure on-line healthcare community for Doctors and Patients to interact, to manage multiple provider relationships, reduce healthcare cost and improve quality of life. ‣ Doctations service offerings: • Doctations - For Doctors • iMedicalHome - For Patients • iStaffWell - For Service Providers 4
  8. 8. Enables physicians to achieve the maximum possible efficiency quality efficiency, of care and quality of life. ‣ Enables physicians to manage their practice from anywhere, to enhance communications with patients, staff and vendors and to grow through seamless collaboration. g g ‣ On-Demand Healthcare Systems = Better Quality of Care - Access to medical records anytime from anywhere through a secure internet connection. - Access to multiple databases of medical and disease management information. - Access to shared patient database (SPDB) to all providers involved in the treatment of the patient. 5
  9. 9. i th f iM di lH is the free website f b it for patients to join the DocPatient Network. iMedicalHome gi es patients the freedom to pro acti el gives pro-actively communicate with their doctors, maintain a detailed medical history across all healthcare providers and share important medical information even if their doctor is not a Doctations Member. ‣ Using iMedicalHome, you will be able to: - Receive summaries of your d t ’ visits and b more R i i f doctors’ i it d be connected to your healthcare team; - Interact with of your children's doctors, ask questions and get responses that you can understand; - Be part of your parents’ healthcare; be connected to all of their doctors without missing a day of work; - Collaborate with your doctors and maintain your medical ith o r o r profile. - Maintain a personal, highly secure, health record that organizes all of your doctors notes labs, MRI reports etc doctors’ notes, labs reports, etc. 6
  10. 10. iStaffWell enables service staff to provide physicians and medical institutions with the highest q g quality support and operations y pp p services at the lowest possible cost. ‣ Integrated Transcription ‣ In Line In-Line Dictation ‣ Secure Messaging ‣ Integrated Transcription ‣ Voice Recognition ‣ Revenue Cycle Management ‣ Billing Collections Management ‣ Integrated Document Management ‣ Rules Based Denial Management g ‣ Workflow and Task Management 7
  11. 11. Doctations: We are what our competition would like to be...True Internet Technology
  12. 12. “Everything we know is moving to the Web. Everything And what that means in tangible terms is that businesses and service providers and software companies are providing layers of functionality and data that are native to the Web or are Web-oriented.” Web- Phil Waineright, analyst ZDNet, 4/6/08 The market downturn makes cashflow “king”, low cost solutions will thrive. thrive
  13. 13. Comprehensive, Fully Integrated Solution. Leveraging th I t L i the Internet. t
  14. 14. Achieving Medical Practice Automation ‣ Software Automation of Medical Processes - IMPOSSIBLE! ‣ Doctations Internet Technology Automation of Medical Office Processes - DONE = Internet-Based, Unified (Machine + Human Services) Remote PM Decision eFiling Analysis & Advice Support Scheduling Billing Coding Collections On-line Documentation/Data eRx Secure Task Referral multi media multi-media Mgmt/Tracking g g g Mgmt Messaging Authorizations Remote & Referrals Mailing Svc
  15. 15. Comprehensive, Fully Integrated Solution. Clinical Processes Cli i l P
  16. 16. Comprehensive, Fully Integrated Solution. Revenue C l M R Cycle Management P t Processes
  17. 17. Doctations suite of web applications means… ‣ More Efficiency for Providers ‣ Better Access to Higher Quality Care for Patients
  18. 18. Why will this approach work? Not just a technology solution…it adds integration, services and purchase/negotiating power to define a powerful economic model that is sustainable Low cost and low risk. Hospitals don’t have to invest much and integration and conversion are outsourced. Doctors pay a low cost enrollment fee and a low cost monthly fee. No large capital outlays and no need fee to invest or manage computer hardware Will create loyalty of the doctors to the hospital by giving them web based services that make their practices more efficient (referrals, appointment scheduling) Lower hospital costs by providing services such as on-line scheduling, registration, pre admission, emergency room and post discharge monitoring. Improved practice revenue through increased services and improved productivity p p g p p y Increase office productivity Lower costs of supplies and services (malpractice) through group negotiation Additional revenue through additional service offerings (purchase image centers, concierge, etc) centers concierge Creation of a repository support local health agencies and support of bio terrorism initiatives Facilitate physician collaboration by making it so easy to share and communicate though the “network” A034
  19. 19. Inter- Inter-operability standards exist. Doctations + I t D t ti Internet = Inter-operability. t Inter- I t bilit Data Standard Comments Demographics vCards 12 yo open std, v.4 Scheduling/Task iCalendar 11 yo open std, v3 Documents PDF/CCR,CCD 20 yo open std, v8 Claim Info Cl i I f EDI 20 yo open std, v3 td 3