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  • (Slide 28: Tri-Phasic White System) The Tri-Phasic White™ System is a comprehensive skin brightening system that works to minimize the activation, synthesis, and expression of discoloration on the skin’s surface. The products in this system include: Tri-Phasic White™ Cleanser Tri-Phasic White™ Toner Tri-Phasic White™ Essence Tri-Phasic White™ Day Milk Lotion And Tri-Phasic White™ Night Cream In this presentation, we will also cover Tri-Phasic White™ Radiance Mask. Sold separately, Radiance Mask is a line extension product of the Tri-Phasic White™ System.
  • (Slide 30: System Benefits) The Tri-Phasic White™ System: Reduces the appearance of existing dark spots, uneven skin tone, and discoloration; Helps prevent the formation of new dark spots and discoloration; and Helps maintain even and bright skin tones for a more brilliant complexion.
  • (Slide 32: Clinical Study: Performance by Clinical Grader) The chart to the left illustrates the percent of participants who demonstrated improvement, as determined by professional graders, after 12 weeks in each of the six attributes tested. 93% improved in brightness. 97% improved in radiance. 97% improved in even skin color. 79% improved in smoothness. 83% decreased in area of mottled appearance. 100% improved in overall appearance. The 12-week clinical study on Tri-Phasic White™ showed significant skin brightening benefits for all subjects. Improvement did not plateau at 12 weeks. With continuous regimen usage, users will continue to see increased benefits.
  • Anti Aging Secrets

    2. 2. Purdue University has recentlya rN discovered an internal free radical generator in the epidermis called arNOX. OX Present on the surface of our cells, this invisible enemy is capable of generating skin damaging free radicals around the clock; increasing as we age. Unlike other free radicals that come from exposure to the sun or pollutants, our genes control its activity.
    3. 3. The Discovery This internal free radical generator can produce free radicals so quickly that even antioxidants need some additional help in slowing it down. The unique solution: slow the production of these skin damaging free radicals at their source, and stop the visible signs of aging before they start.
    4. 4. Secret #1 : The Bad Guys FREE RADICALS are toxins that cause cell and DNA damage.
    5. 5. · FREE Breathing oxygen··· R A D IC A L Sunlight Stress Toxins··· S ourc e s Pollution X-rays Radioactivity· Airline travel· Medications· Food additives· Environmental chemicals· Synthetic materials· Household cleaners· Solvents· Pesticides· Herbicides
    6. 6.  Are you frequently confronted with stressful situations? Are you getting less than 8 hours of sleep every night? Do you generally feel run down and lack mental focus? Are you limiting caloric intake to lose weight?
    7. 7. “It has been found that most illness are related to unrelieved stress.” “People who live in a high state of anxiety are 4.5 times more likely to die prematurely.”Sources: U.S. Center for Disease Control; World Health Organization;;2000 Gallup Poll “Attitudes in the American Workplace”
    8. 8. •Obesity•Appetite Regulation •Acne/Skin Wrinkling •Sleep deprivation•Diabetes•Cardiovascular •ChronicDysfunction migraine/headaches •Cushing’s syndrome•Hypertension •Hyperthyroidism•Impaired Immune •Atypical seasonalResponse depression•Premenstrual Syndrome •Chronic fatigue•Menopausal Symptoms syndrome•Osteoporosis •Fibromyalgia•Depression (some) •Hypothyroidism•Anxiety disorders •Nicotine withdrawal(some) •Rheumatoid arthritis•Memory/LearningImpairment
    9. 9. HOW H E A R T A T T A C K HAPPENSBIRTH – Clear artery15-20 yrs – 10% plaque(no symptoms)20-30 yrs – 25-30% plaque(no symptoms)30-40 yrs– 50% plaque(no symptoms)40 ++ yrs – 75% plaque(with symptoms)
    10. 10. FREE R A D IC A L SCHRONIC STRESS C ANC E A G IN G R High Blood PressureHEART S TR O K E
    11. 11. Secret #2: TheFOUNTAIN of YOUTHAntioxidantscombat freeradicals to preventcell damage andmaintain goodhealth.
    12. 12. ElasticCool and soft to the touchSlightly Moist
    14. 14.  Eat life-giving,  Schedule a detox at revitalizing whole least once a year at a foods health clinic or spa Strengthen your  Get 8 hrs of sleep a immune system night Balance blood sugar  Make time for levels & prevent regular exercise insulin resistance  Practice emotional Cleanse body balance & stress periodically reduction Fast occasionally  Develop spiritual well-being
    15. 15. Good Quality Supplements
    16. 16. TEGREEN 971 capsule = 7 cups of Green Tea100 times more effective than Vit C25 times more effective than Vit E
    17. 17. TOPICALS
    18. 18. BASIC NEEDSThe minimum, daily needs orregimen steps all skin types require.ADVANCED NEEDSIncorporates additional regimensteps, as needed, to address specificconcerns. Starting in the late 20’s,our advanced needs steadilyincrease.
    19. 19. 1. Cleanse2. Tone3. Protect AM4. Hydrate / Moisturize PM
    20. 20. l Nourish – intense moisturizer (serum)r Treat – specific skin concernsc Refinish – gentle microdermabrasionn Exfoliate – to remove dead skin Mask – to absorb excess oil & dirt or to add moisture to dry skin
    21. 21. 0 Cleanse – Pure Cleansing Gelg Tone – Mattefying Tonern Protect AM – Tinted Moisturizern Hydrate PM – Celltrex Ultra & Enhancer Gel
    22. 22. v Cleanse – Creamy Cleansing Lotiony Tone – PH Balance Tonery Protect AM – Tinted Moisturizery Hydrate PM – Celltrex Ultra & NAPCA
    23. 23. E Glacial Marine Mud – Combination to Oilyi Clay Pack – Normal to Dryi Creamy Hydrating Masque – Dry Skin Face Lift Powder & Activator
    24. 24. Factors Causing Melanin Production Irritants UV LightHormones Stress (Pollution)
    25. 25. Secret #5:Where Does the Pigmentation Process Begin? Lower part of epidermis
    26. 26. A comprehensive skin brighteningsystem that minimizes thediscoloration on the skin’s surface.
    27. 27. Reduces the appearance of: Existing dark spots Uneven skin tone DiscolorationHelps prevent the formation of: New dark spots DiscolorationHelps maintain: Even skin tones Bright skin tones
    28. 28. Tri-Phasic White™ Performance by Clinical Grader 100  93% improved in brightness.% of Subjects with Improvement 90 80  97% improved in radiance. 70 60 97% improved in even skin 50 color. 40 30  79% improved in smoothness. 20 10 83% decreased in area of 0 A B C D E F mottled appearance. A. Brightness A. Smoothness 100% improved in overall B. Radiance C. Even color B. Mottled area C. Overall improvement appearance.
    29. 29. / Tru Face Line Corrector – medium to deep lines, crow’s feet’ Tru Face Ideal Eyes – dark undereye circles, eye bagss Tru Face Essence – loss of elasticityc Tru Face Revealing Gel – wrinkles, acne scars, open pores
    30. 30. Tru Face Revealing GelBenefits based on Clinical Study 45% improvement in skin smoothness 30% improvement in skin firmness 30% improvement in skin tone 15% improvement in the appearance of pore size
    31. 31. The ageLOC Discovery ™ Scientists have recently identified an exclusive blend of ingredients that slow production of free radicals in the epidermis. Introducing ageLOC— technology designed to reduce the visible signs of aging by targeting an invisible source of your aging appearance.
    32. 32. Tim e will never tell.Available only in S2 Anti-Aging Center!
    33. 33. A recent study by StanfordUniversity has shown that +18 +16individuals with low arNOX +14 +12 High arNOX = = High arNOXlevels are clinically graded to +10 +8look an average of 7 years 7 +6 +4younger than their actual Average Average years older years older +2chronological age. Individuals Actual Age -2with high levels of arNOX Low arNOX = -4 -6appear to be an average of 7 -8 7 -10years older than their actual Average years younger -12 -14age. -16
    34. 34. Hollywood Star NICOLE KIDMAN sharesher beauty secret on Vogue Magazine: “Before she even steps onto the Red Carpet, she has her skin optimizing treatment with the “small as a mouse” Wrinkle Iron so that her skin glows at its freshest. The device works with self-adjusting galvanic currents and is complimented by synergistic gels specialized for the skin treatments.”
    35. 35. Can You Spot the
    36. 36. After a 10-Minute Treatment
    37. 37. After 4months oftreatment
    38. 38. Results withWrinkle Ironand the BodyShaping GelStomach Firming
    39. 39. Sagging tummy of 35 year old Korean woman. She used the Anti-Aging Iron with Body Shaping Gel 20 times within 2 months. Each treatmen at she would spend 30 – 50 minutes. After each treatment she used Dermatic Effects Body Contouring Lotion.Stomach Firming 6
    40. 40. Treated ArmAfter a 10-minute Treatment
    41. 41. Wrinkle Iron used with Nutriol Hair Treatment for 2 months
    42. 42. 30 s of lines around the eyes & mouth areaStart of the Dreaded Lines First signs usually appear Significant drop in skin hydration & adult acne may occur You develop an uneven, dull complexion & fluid retention. Stratum corneum thickens as cell turnover begins to slow, skin becomes less elastic. Facial expressions become etched into wrinkles.
    43. 43. 40sThe Dreaded Gets Worse Cell production takes longer The basal layer (where new cells are made) and the epidermis become thinner Cells begin to lose their ability to hold water, making the skin drier & more sensitive. The stratum corneum thickens even more, more dead cells accumulate on the surface Pores become more enlarged Uneven pigmentation begins Broken veins may appear as tiny red dots on the skin
    44. 44. 50The Golden Years s Menopause & the drop in estrogen levels cause lower sebum production Dry and flaky skin appears Epidermis is now 20% thinner than in teenage year, skin loses its firmness Deeper wrinkles, crow’s feet & frown lines become prominent Skin becomes more fragile, there’s decrease in dermal repair Sun damage may appear as black patches
    45. 45. 60s-70sThe Wisdom Years The skin around the bones sags Facial muscles get thinner (increasingly so if they are not used regularly) Weight loss causes the face to look longer, particularly around the jowls, eyelids & nose Skin becomes increasingly dry, often paper thin Skin appears sallow and dark under-eye circles Age spots, blemishes and unevenly distributed pigmentation becomes more evident Neck starts to appear loose