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What did you have for breakfast?

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Good breakfastpresslides

  1. 1. What did you have for Breakfast Today? … it’s about waking up every morning having theenergy and mental health to enjoy every day of your life… Good Health is what it’s all about…
  2. 2. Your Body = 100 trillion cells-need nutrients & water Healthy Cells = Healthy Organs Good Health starts at cellular level…
  3. 3. What you ate yesterday have to supply you of: 1. Energy: (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) 2. Building Materials: (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, microelements, etc) Good Health starts at cellular level…
  4. 4. Your Body…spent the Energy + Water when awake Good Health starts at cellular level…
  5. 5. Your Body…used the Building Materials & Water at night to regenerate itself… Good Health starts at cellular level…
  6. 6. Your Body wakes up empty… “Give me back all the nutrients, energy and water I spent in the last 24 hours…”What you have for breakfast will have an impact on your health
  7. 7. “What do you then have for Breakfast…?” NO Breakfast? Breakfast can affect Mood, Performance, Weight, overall Health!
  8. 8. Carbs-based / Problem Breakfast R…?All these are high in calories and fat, but low in nutrients and fiber
  9. 9. NO Breakfast R…?All these are high in calories and fat, but low in nutrients and fiber
  10. 10. Good Breakfast criteria 1. Restore the energy spent in the last 24 hours 2. Restore the building materials spent during the night 3. Replenish the water stock 4. Maintain energy levels during the dayImagine yourself at your absolute best…nourished, healthier, raring to go!
  11. 11. Result StoriesImagine yourself at your absolute best…nourished, healthier, raring to go!
  12. 12. Basic Good Breakfast program (± R20 per meal)Firstly: 3-Meal breakfast: + Secondly: Enjoy 1.5 Litre Thermojetics during the day… Refresh Herbal Aloe Concentrate Invigorate Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate Healthy alternative to Nourish tea, coffee and fizzy drinks Healthy meal replacement feel the difference!
  13. 13. 1. Herbal Aloe Concentrate Great tasting refreshing beverage Helps to achieve required daily fluid intake Assists the body’s self-cleansing action Naturally supports digestive health feel the difference!
  14. 14. 2. Thermojetics Herbal Beverage Helps provide general feeling of well-being Antioxidants to protect cells against damage Great alternative to tea, coffee or fizzy drinks Available in 4 flavours feel the difference!
  15. 15. 3. Nutritional Protein Shake Nutritionally-balanced healthy meal replacement Easy to prepare and practical – enjoy anytime Less than 847kj per serving Helps to feel full Sustain energy levels 5 Delicious flavors feel the difference!
  16. 16. HERBALIFE International Scientifically formulated products 28 Years of Nutritional experience 60 Doctors & ScientistsProf David Heber, PhD Steve Henig, PhD Luigi Gratton, M.PH Louis Ignarro, PhDChairman Nutrition Chief Scientific Officer Vice President of Member ScientificAdvisory Board Education Advisory Board Nobel Laureate Herbalife – at the forefront of Nutritional science
  17. 17. SPORTS Nutrition around the world…Herbalife is the Official NutritionCompany and Presenting Sponsor of the L.A. Galaxy Football Maximize your Nutrition…Maximize your Potential
  18. 18. Targeted Solutions for everybody
  19. 19. WELLNESS Tips…YOU can achieve optimum Health & Wellness- by starting with your Breakfast!
  20. 20. When do you want to start your Good Breakfast? • Restore energy • Restore building materials • Replenish water stock • Maintain energy level R 201 R 287 Flavours: R 195 – 50g 1 capful R 343 – 100g Vanilla in glass Flavours: Chocolate of water Lemon Strawberry per day Raspberry Tropical Cookies & Cream Peach Original Good Health is what it’s all about…