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Herald Solutions provides best iphone application development,mobile application development, ipad application development, android application development, iphone game development at low cost.

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iPhone - iPad - Application

  1. 1. We are a professional iPhone applicationdevelopment company in India. We gobeyond offering services in customizediPhone 4 App development and appleiPhone game design and development.Our expert team of mobile app developersoffers there years of experience in creatingwide spectrum of iPad and iPhoneapplications which are highly interactiveand offers great user experience..
  2. 2. The objective of the game is to collect as much ofpaddy, the leprechauns gold to make your ownpot of gold. You will have to fight him for it. Hewill not give pgold to just anyone. Not only thatbut he will steal back, that’s right if you don’t kickhis butt every time he will steal back his pot ofgold.Technology :•Software development Kit: iOS SDK•Programming language: Objective C•IDE: Xcode4.3•Framework : Cocos2D•Operating system: Mac OS X 10.7.4Features :•Fun game for all ages•Awesome graphics, love paddy..!•Flick paddy at the pot of gold•8 Different levels
  3. 3. Get today’s horoscope anywhere, anytime.Check back every day for a new horoscope!Technology :•Software development Kit: iPhone SDK 4.0•Programming language: Objective C•IDE: Xcode4•iPhone database: SQL Lite.•Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6Features :•Todays horoscope•Add sign as favorite•Search for sign
  4. 4. 30 Days Forecast indicate months in advance, thedates in which there is little risk for rain.Vacations, weddings, parties and other events of apersonal nature may be planned to avoid weatherinconveniences.Technology :•Software development Kit: iPhone SDK 4.3•Programming language: Objective C•IDE: Xcode4•Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6.xFeatures :•Up to 85% verified accuracy•Localized in 15 languages•Daily weather forecasts•Plan Weddings, Vacations, Events
  5. 5. Jumping Mort can be played with twogame play states Day and night. TheJumping Mort of the game is to get ashigh jump as you can, and controlled bymoving the device in the desireddirection. And if you miss the jump gamewill be over. It will be very addictive andfun game.Technology :•Software development Kit: iOS SDK•Programming language: Objective C•IDE: Xcode4.3•Framework : Cocos2D•Operating system: Mac OS X 10.7.4Features :•Sliding Puzzle•Puzzle with Preloaded images•Play with own images•3 Different Levels
  6. 6. Pixsaw Puzzle is a basic Free Slide PuzzleGame where you have to move aroundthe pieces of the puzzle and try to putthem in order. The game is simple freeand fun. You can change the picture toanother bit map .bmp.Technology :•Software development Kit: iPhoneSDK 4.0•Programming language: ObjectiveC, Cocos 2d•IDE: Xcode4•iPhone database: SQL Lite.•Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6.xFeatures :•Multiple Theme•Track Score•Jumping on platform•Avoiding Enemies
  7. 7. Made for children 36 months orolder, this attractive colorful puzzle.With this game match the puzzle piecesto their correct spot. It contains beautifulpuzzles engages children with its balanceof color, positioning, and composition.Technology :•Software development Kit: iPhone SDK4.0•Programming language: ObjectiveC, Cocos 2d•IDE: Xcode4•iOperating system: Mac OS X 10.6.xFeatures :•Multiple Theme•Drag and Drop•Awesome graphics•Amazing animations
  8. 8. Contact UsHerald Solutions403/B, 4th Floor,Swapneel 5, NearCommerce Six Road.Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009Gujarat, INDIA.info@heraldsolutions.inPhoneIndia : +91-79-65107379USA : +201-710-8859