Gmc update november 2013


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Gmc update november 2013

  1. 1. Marketing Communications Update Jens Bewersdorff Seite 1
  2. 2. Very Important Marketing Material / Stationary  Heraeus branded material can only be used until December 31st 2013!  As of January 1st only Heraeus Kulzer branding on all communication material Only until Dec. 31st 2013 from January 1st 2014  All new material will be created with Heraeus Kulzer branding already from now on  All electronic communication will be switched to new branding latest end of December 2013  Exception: Catalogue can be used until IDS 2015 JB/JK. Oct. 17th 2013 Seite 2
  3. 3. Packaging  Will remain Heraeus branded until we have final corporate brand    Due to registration reasons Does also comprise Instructions for Use and Material Safety Data Sheets We need the decision on the final corporate branding asap in 2014  Registration might last as long as 2-3 years JB/JK Oct. 17th 2013 Seite 3
  4. 4. Heraeus Kulzer corporate / Division Dental Materials 2014 2013 Update new logo Change all data for printed Marketing Materials (brochures, ads, leaflets etc.) New material already produced with new logo No existing material with old logo will be used Change webpages Only content with new logo online Create new CD manual Only new stationary will be used Exception: Use remaining print run of current dentistry and lab catalogues Jul Aug JB/JK | Oct. 17th 2013 Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
  5. 5. 2013 Change all Product sheets (Certificate, Intruction for use, etc.) Update new logo Define the final cara Layouts with our swedish colleagues Change all Marketing Materials (brochure, Ads, etc.) Change images with the old logo on the webpages cara webpages Create new cara Templates (based on the HK-Layout) Change Content and PDFs cara Sales app Change Layout cara Sales app Change the most important .ppt in the new layout create Powerpoint Master for cara Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec
  6. 6. Communication concept - Status of implementation  In general good progress  Some countries still “a little slow”  (Additional) change to new corporate logo initiated GIVING A HAND TO ORAL HEALTH! N. Savic | September 2013 Seite 6
  7. 7. Smart Adaption From HQ side all projects are completed, i.e. sent / provided However, there is still quite a substantial amount of not returned jobs We would therefore like to provide you with some info on the Smart Adaption process again: Autor | Abteilung | Datum Seite 7
  8. 8. Smart Adaption • See enclosed pdf • We also uploaded a short video of how to use the smart adaption process into the GMC Cloud. • You can download it from: using your country specific log-in to the Marketing Cloud • However if you have a Cloud-Log-in this video plus the pdf guide should also be on the Dashboard of your Home-Section in the Toolbox after log-in. Autor | Abteilung | Datum Seite 8
  9. 9. GLOBAL MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Main Activities  (Interim) Design manual  CD manual draft ready  First internal approval round done – some modifications necessary  Final approval asap  Agency will finalize manual according to priorities (e.g. stationary (incl. business cards first)  We will provide stationary/business cards etc. within the next two weeks  Corporate Presentation   First internal approval round done – some modifications necessary   Draft ready Final approval asap Internet Relaunch  German and International English version ready beginning of 2014  Country specific adaptions throughout the year 2014 – see Marketing Plan JB | DM-MRM | Oct. 23rd 2013 Seite 9
  10. 10. Status of current international Internet domains Country domains status of 2013-11-06 heraeus-kulzer Country Status Directed to Website Address Redirected to: .at .au Austria Australia registered currently requested Germany website .be Belgium registered Benelux website in french .ch Switzerland registered International, country selection page Japan registered Japan website .com .cz .de .es .fr .gr UK International Brasil China Mexico Czech republic Germany Spain France Greece registered registered registered open registered (by Mexico) registered (by CZ) registered registered registered registered International website Brasil website China website Mexico website Czech website Germany website Spain website France website EEU website in greek .hr Croatia open will be registered once legal entty in Croatia established .hu .it .kr .mx Hungary Italy Korea Mexico registered registered registered registered EEU website in english Italy website Korea website Mexico website managed by Korea (non-FirstSpirit) .nl Netherlands registered Benelux website in dutch .pl .ru .se Poland Russia Sweden/Nordic Eastern Europe North America registered (by Poland) registered registered registered registered Poland website Russia website Nordic website EEU website in english North America Website Autor | Abteilung | Datum comment no own website at this point managed by Japan (non-FirstSpirit) no own website at this point country selection as startpage requested, waiting on feedback from China managed by CZ (non-FirstSpirit) managed by Poland (non-FirstSpirit) managed by Rusia (non-FirstSpirit) Seite 10