Knowing More About Yoga


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All the activities in yoga combine and make a really beneficial exercise.

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Knowing More About Yoga

  1. 1. How To Find The Right Yoga Teacher Training Course For You
  2. 2. Teaching yoga is a rewarding experience on several levels. Firstly, you get paid for doing whatyou love. You can work out, burn calories, and release muscle tension every time you handle aclass. It is also a social experience, allowing you to share an activity you enjoy with other people.This in itself can be very fulfilling especially when you see your students become more flexibleor achieve their fitness goals. Being a yoga instructor allows you to deepen your personalpractice as well as pass on what you know to other people.Yoga teachers don’t get a salary, instead, they are usually paid per head, or a percentage of theclass or income from workshops they hold. Your earnings may not be consistent throughout theyear since some months tend to have fewer classes. Just the same, since working hours areusually flexible, you can teach yoga during your free time, effectively serving as an additionalmeans of income.Tips on training as a yoga teacherDecide what kind of yoga you would like to teach
  3. 3. Yoga has various disciplines, which include Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, andIntegrative yoga. Look for a training program that focuses on the style that resonates most withyou.Figure out how much time you can commit to trainingYoga teacher training courses in London offer different options from month-long retreats,weekends only, and even year-long programs with sessions once a month. Most yoga studios andstudents will want a teacher who has finished two hundred to five hundred hours of training.Look for a training centerTeacher trainings can be done in a yoga studio, ashram, or overseas facilities. Make sure that thetraining center you choose is certified by internationally known yoga associations like the YogaAlliance and British Wheel of Yoga. Your yoga teacher can also give recommendations ontraining programs in your area.Some yoga retreats or holidays include teacher training. These retreats involve traveling toremote or exotic locations to learn about the philosophy of yoga and strengthen your individualpractice without the usual distractions from your work and personal life. Still, you have toremember that these trainings are not vacations. You are there to learn and retreats are usuallystructured.Click here to find retreats or holidays with yoga teacher training London.Develop a personal practice before attending teacher training
  4. 4. Yoga teacher training courses can be physically and mentally demanding, so it is wise to comeprepared. One of the best preparations you can do is to expose yourself to the style of yoga thatwill be the focus of the training.