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APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
APR Examination Tips
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APR Examination Tips


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Feedback and tips from APRs who have passed the APR Computer-Based Examination.

Feedback and tips from APRs who have passed the APR Computer-Based Examination.

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  • 1. UABAccreditation in Public Relations
    Online Study Course
    Examination Tips and Study Strategies
    Slides from Monthly Webcast…
  • 2. Welcome!
    Michael Henry
    APR Course Technical Facilitator
    Technical tips:
    - Reduce distractions (next 50 minutes)
    - If you lose audio – restart webcast
    - Take notes – Slides handout sent following webcast
  • 3. Get Involved!
    Next ‘Cohort’ Group Starts Soon
    The web conferences are your chance to ask questions and meet other candidates.
    Volunteer to present at an upcoming web conference:
    Share your "Mock Examination Question"
    Present your notes from a module
    Share your Activity Presentation from
    MBA Class Guest Presentation
    Ethical Dilemma
    Business Literacy Presentation
    Case Problem Presentation
    Readiness Review
  • 4. Online Course Success
    Meta analysis:
    Tracked participation (6-1-2008 through 6-1-2009)
    Only included individuals who participated in at least 75% of the Online Course Materials
    Participation defined as completing online activities, posting and uploading assignments.
    100% of the Online Candidates, who participated in 75% or more of the online course materials, PASSED the APR Examination.
    236 Online Candidates have passed the APR Examination since Jan. 2005.
  • 5. Type of Questions on the Computer-Based Examination
    Not ‘Academic’ or ‘Didactic’ questions.
    Scenario-based questions
  • 6. Types of questions
    Typical question is…
    “Name three ways to do X…” [Select 3]
    “Identify the best way to do X… [All might be correct, but one is best - Select 1]
  • 7. Scenario
    “If XYZ happens… what would a professional do next?”
    Think about your professional experience
    Don’t memorize dates, names or places
    Know HOW to create a plan according to the 10-Step Components of a Public Relations Plan
    Create a CASE PROBLEM presentation
    Create a “Scenario-Based” Mock Problem.
  • 8. Question Formation
    • Set an objective.
    • 9. Write the ‘Stem’ or Question
    • 10. Don’t use negatives, trivia or trick questions
    • 11. Think ‘scenario’ or process oriented questions
    • 12. Avoid absolute modifiers such as always, never, only, all, none and best.
    • 13. State the number of answers to be selected
    • 14. Write the ‘Options’
    • 15. Include the correct answer – always correct
    • 16. Include ‘distracters’ that are plausible but not correct
    • 17. Avoid humor or obvious clues from the stem
  • 18. Practice Question Activity
    • Understand types of questions on Exam
    • 19. Study Materials
    • 20. Practice thinking about and taking Exam
    • 21. Learn by ‘doing’
    CAUTION – These are NOT questions from the APR Examination
  • 22. Combination of reading on my own, participating in the online study course and taking my chapter’s APR study course
    Study buddy from the online course and we talked on the phone and went over cases studies and the APR study guide at least once a week.
    Learned as much as I could about the testing environment
    Jessica Padilla, APR
  • 23. Eleven Lessons Learned – Amy Beisel, APR
    Believe in yourself – you can do it
    Do it for yourself – it’s not the Exam
    Do it for your colleagues – profession
    The bar is supposed to be high
    Summarize your experience
    Sell yourself to yourself [KSAs]
    Think like an APR
    Stick to a timeline
    Practice good study habits
    Don’t be afraid to learn something new
  • 24. Thoughts – Jason Kirsch, APR
    Take study seriously (Nine Months)
    Cutlip, Center Broom
    Don’t memorize
    Pace your study
    Be confident that you have prepared
    Think like a practitioner – “What to do?”
    Questions may surprise you… be confident
    Questions require thought
    Mark questions for review, if necessary
    Plan to use all three hours
  • 25. Get involved!
    • Volunteer to present
    • 26. Join the Next Cohort Group
    • 27. Participate in the Module Discussions
    Enroll Online: