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Yiheng deng hw2

  1. 1. Student’s name: Yiheng, DengStudent’s ID: 0435Professor: Thomas LechlerCourse ID: MGT 610Date: 2/10/2013Description: The finished project was to develop a new application call salesnavigator undertaken by the Casey Group, a business and technology consultingcompany, and the project lasted for 1 year with the final objective to satisfycustomers’ business demand and help boost profit.Mission StatementOur mission is to develop an application that helps business companiesmaximize their reach and touch to their most valuable customers and prospectsthrough the integration of groups, calendars, and locations.Business need: to develop a sales navigator business application can helpsatisfy customers’ needs and attract more customers for company that finallyincrease profit.Project Justification: creating an application that can maximize companies’reach and touch to their customers via digital device will increase their salesforce productivity, decrease their operating costs and improve sales forcesatisfaction. As a result, it helps Casey Group gain more approvals in themarket and enhance its reputation, which eventually appeal more contractsand help company grow faster.Vision StatementOur vision is to design, deliver and manage IT based business improvements forall customers and provide them the best business and technology solutions thatdrive value and deliver success.
  2. 2. Project Scorecard: the four perspectives for the project scorecard are specifiedas follow:1. Effort: development of the application and all tasks of the project.2. Outcome: the Sales navigator application that satisfy customer’s demand.3. Stakeholders: the application is developed mainly for business companies’sales force, thus the business companies and sales force are stakeholders.4. Shareholders: since the application is developed by the Casey Group, thecompany’s managers are the shareholders.Effort ValueObjectives Measure Targets InitiativesDuring the ProjectThe project wasCompleted in timeScheduleCompleted within12 monthsStrict schedulecontrolling, overload ifnecessaryProject close outThe cost of the projectmust not exceed thetotal budgetBudgetCost within$700,000Efficient baselinecontrolling, resourcesutilization improvementLong TermKeep improving theapplication by addingmore featuresNumber offeaturesimplemented tothe application3 features per yearwithin theapplicationlifetimeGather designers toenact brainstorm tocreate ideas for featureimprovement.Outcome ValueObjectives Measure Targets InitiativesDuring the ProjectProject close outA completed applicationthat fits customer’sdemandContractOpen 24 hours aday/ 7 days aweekStore manager presentprecise work shiftscheduleLong TermEnhance productiondiversityProduct varietiesAt least 30varietiesCollect productsuggestion fromcustomers every monthStakeholdersObjectives Measure Targets InitiativesDuring the Project Broaden the advertisingscopeMiles of the rangeto distributeIncrease by 20milesRent vehicles todistribute leaflets at
  3. 3. leaflets certain locationProject close outMeet customers’ needon timeDelivery timeUnder 30 minutesor before certainrequest timeUse motorcycles orvans to deliver productLong TermIncrease customers’satisfactionPercentages ofpositive feedbackAt least 95%High product qualitycontrolShareholdersObjectives Measure Targets InitiativesDuring the ProjectImprove assetsutilizationFlexibility of cashflow50% assets arefree cash flowReasonable budgetcompositions planningProject close outShorten the paybackperiodtimeDecrease by 3three yearsEfficient marketingstrategies to increasesalesLong Term Increase market share dollarsIncrease salesrevenue by$20,000 per monthConduct reasonablepricing strategy