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Wanna Be An  Architect?
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Wanna Be An Architect?


Published on

Here is my answer for everyone, who is interested in becoming an Architect.

Here is my answer for everyone, who is interested in becoming an Architect.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Wanna be an Architect?
  • 2. Imagine. Invent. Involve. Original post:
  • 3. Do we need Architects?
  • 4. DIY
  • 5. Team
  • 6. Engineer
  • 7. Why we need Architects?
  • 8. Design Decisions
  • 9. Design Decisions
  • 10. Software development is almost like building one of these buildings
  • 11. Different Problems Unique Solutions Right Design Decisions
  • 12. What kind of Design Decisions involved in Software Development?
  • 13. What to build?
  • 14. How to build?
  • 15. How to scale?
  • 16. What to build? Solution Design
  • 17. How to build? Technical Design
  • 18. How to build? Technical Design Application Framework Domain Modelling
  • 19. How to scale? Infrastructure Design
  • 20. These design areas were so diversified
  • 21. that no single person can take all these design decisions
  • 22. Each of these design areas demands new set of Skills. Experience. Expertise. Knowledge. Leadership.
  • 23. Depending on the decisions they make, architects can be grouped into following roles Solutions Architect. Technical Architect. Infrastructure Architect.
  • 24. Solutions Architect
  • 25. Solutions Architect decides “what to build”
  • 26. Customer User Business Analyst UI Designer Programmer are not very effective in deciding “what to build”
  • 27. User Business Customer Analyst/ Subject Expert Programmer UI/Graphics Designer Technical Architect Manager Someone to connect, every views Infrastructure Architect
  • 28. Visionary See the future beyond the problem boundaries Visualise the solutions Versatilists able to apply a depth of skill to a progressively widening scope of situations and experiences Appreciate Beauty Design Trends, Colors, Experience, Look and Feel Business Side of Technologies Business benefits, ROI Innovator New line of thinking, Beyond the technical limitations
  • 29. Technical Architect
  • 30. Technical Architect decides “how to build”
  • 31. Perception of management
  • 32. Reality of software development
  • 33. We need true leaders, to be in the field
  • 34. Guru who has authority because of his or her perceived knowledge or skills Technology evangelist who enthusiastically promotes or supports technology Pragmatic Programmer Early adopter / fast adapter, Inquisitive, Critical Thinker, Realistic, Care About Your Craft Leader Lead by example, Take responsibility, Care and protect their team, Mentor, Courage
  • 35. Infrastructure Architect
  • 36. Infrastructure Architect decides “how to scale”
  • 37. How to become an Architect?
  • 38. How to become a Superstar?
  • 39. Learn Fundamentals
  • 40. Start playing/Follow the books
  • 41. More songs/More practice
  • 42. Start feeling the music
  • 43. Passion for music/Play on your own
  • 44. Start creating your own music
  • 45. superstar
  • 46. Learn Fundamentals Java/C#/HTML/SQL/JavaScript/Simple Programs
  • 47. Start coding/with Google’s support Defects/More Defects/Less Quality
  • 48. More coding/more projects Code Quality/Less Defects
  • 49. Start feeling the design Not just write/start thinking in code/you also know what happens inside a framework/start understanding framework/design pattern/resolve issues/debug fast/noticed
  • 50. Passion for technology Read Books/Write Articles/Blog/Learn New Frameworks/New Languages on your own/Appreciate Good Design/ Attend Conferences/Speak/ Become an evangelist
  • 51. What to read? Which technology to learn? Where is time?
  • 52. Start creating your own Framework/Architecture/Language/Book
  • 53. Architect
  • 54. Is it worth the Effort?
  • 55. Is it worth the Effort?
  • 56. karma
  • 57. Karma = You don’t have an option, stupid. Just do, otherwise you will not survive.
  • 58. Imagine. Invent. Involve.
  • 59.