World class HR expertise at your fingertips


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Professional online tools to help develop your organization’s full potential – quickly, conveniently and efficiently.

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World class HR expertise at your fingertips

  1. 1. Bring out the best in everyonewith the ultimate range of HR tools
  2. 2. Welcome to Hay Group’s atriumIf you’re looking for quick Contents Effectiveness Zoneand convenient ways to Pay Zonetackle your recurring HR Talent Zone Pay the right amounttasks, you’re in the right • Hay Group PayNet®place. • Reward PinpointHay Group has taken its 60 years of • Reward Snapshotresearch and experience and channeledit into a new suite of powerful off-the- Talent Zoneshelf tools and protocols that will help Select and develop youryou find, reward and develop the talent employeeswithin your organization – and maximizeyour return • Emotional Intelligenceon investment in your people.Every solution is proven, competitively • Talent Qpriced and available off the shelf – and • Growth Factorsthere’s one to help you at every stage ofthe employee lifecycle, from spotting • Leadership Styles andhidden talent at the recruitment stage to Climatehelping your leaders create workingclimates in which everyone can thrive. Effectiveness ZoneYou’ll find them all in the atrium. Pay Zone Engage and enable your people • Employee Effectiveness
  3. 3. Pay Zone Pay the right amount Ensure your reward packages are always competitive withHay Group PayNet® Hay Group PayNet®.gives you on-demand24/7 access to the world’slargest and most robustpay and benefitsdatabases.Using data from more than 18,000organizations you can: accurately benchmark the pay and rewards you offer offer competitive packages at every level understand pay levels in markets all over the world protect your bottom line.
  4. 4. Pay Zone Pay the right amount Some rewards are more valuable than others. Find out what they’re all worth with Reward Pinpoint.Reward Pinpoint offersyou a like-for-like checkon competitiveness forevery part of your rewardpackages. An easy to use and digestible report Based on robust and consistent methodologies Unrivalled benchmark data from over 60 countries Analysis of 20 individual reward elements.
  5. 5. Pay Zone Pay the right amount Reward Snapshot:Detailed analysis and in- The quick way to assessdepth comparisons are how your reward packagesalways useful, butsometimes all you compare to the market.need is a quick, easy-to-understand overview ofhow your job rolescompare to the market onpay.The answer is Reward Snapshot, aquick yet authoritative analysis for aparticular market which summarizes upto three reward elements chosen by youfrom an extensive list.Delivered as an Excel spreadsheet or aPDF report with graphs and tables,Reward Snapshot: uses Hay Group’s unrivalled reward databases offers easy-to-use analysis that summarizes compensation elements is cost effective. You only pay for the information you need.
  6. 6. Talent Zone Select and develop your employees Emotional Intelligence: Are you aware of theIf you are, then you have impact you’re havingwhat is known asEmotional Intelligence, on others?a vital contributory factorto high performance.With our unique Emotional Intelligenceoffering, you can assess the 12 keyemotional and social competencies thatdistinguish outstanding leaders andidentify the precise areas for theirdevelopment.Developed in partnership with DrRichard Boyatzis and Dr DanielGoleman, emotional intelligence: is the most validated behavioral measure of emotional and social intelligence provides 360º feedback to help individuals improve their effectiveness includes accreditation to help you coach your people for real behavior change helps enhance individual performance and leadership effectiveness.
  7. 7. Talent Zone Select and develop your employees Pick the perfect candidate every time with Talent Q.Assessing whether acandidate is the right fitfor your role can belabor-intensive andimprecise. Fortunately,we can offer you analternative.With Talent Q, you can streamline yourrecruitment and selection process, keepcontrol of your costs and ensure youalways pick the perfect candidate.Talent Q comprises a package ofwork-related psychometric assessmentsdeveloped by Roger Holdsworth, one ofthe leading pioneers in this field. Use Talent Q to assess personality and aptitude Works across all territories and industry sectors Quick and accurate thanks to the latest adaptive technology Available in 40 languages.
  8. 8. Talent Zone Select and develop your employees Growth Factors: If you’re looking forIt’s all too easy to assumethat tomorrow’s leaders leadership potential,are simply today’s topperformers. But that runs don’t let currentthe risk of overlooking performance fool you.talent that’s yetundeveloped. That’s whywe have created GrowthFactors, to help youdiscover the hiddentalents who could developinto your future leaders.This online tool features the uniqueGrowth Factor Inventory – a 360°survey that identifies four qualities thatenable individuals to learn and growfrom development experiences. Eagerness to learn Breadth of perspective Understanding others Personal maturity.
  9. 9. Talent Zone Select and develop your employees Leadership Styles and Climate: Are your leaders creating climates in which others can thrive?Leadership Styles andClimate will help you geta picture of how well yourleaders are managingtheir teams.Benchmarked against one of the mostextensive leadership databases in theworld and drawing on the research ofHarvard psychologist David McClelland,the tool gives you: 180° feedback on your leaders’ management styles and the climate they create Actionable insight on how their behavior impacts team performance.
  10. 10. Talent Zone Select and develop your employees Employee Effectiveness: You’ll never get exceptionalThe Employee performance from yourEffectiveness Survey employees if you don’t give themwill enable you toestablish the levels of the right environment.engagement andenablement across yourworkforce, and then helpyou prioritize yourresources accordingly tocreate the perfectconditions for topperformance.The survey is: based on 35 years of research quick and easy to use based on methodology proven to lead to better performance and higher employee retention.
  11. 11. The atrium – world class HR expertise at your fingertips Professional online tools to help develop your organization’s full potential – quickly, conveniently and efficiently. Time Zone Effectiveness ZoneEquipped for success Tools that grow with you Engage and enable Select and developPowerful, intuitive and cost-effective, In the atrium you’ll find a completely your employees your peoplethese tools accurately measure the flexible and scalable set of tools.factors proven to affect bottom-line There’s an effective solution whateverperformance. Hay Group’s extensive your organization’s size or enables you Buy a tool for a one-off, single-countryto benchmark your organization against task or choose a number of tools toany market. assist with complex multinationalThis unparalleled insight into your processes.people, pay and effectiveness means The end result is the same – thethat you can better help your confidence to get the job done, quicklyorganization to perform. and efficiently.Our atrium at a glance: Based on proven Hay Group research, experience and methodologies Delivered online or available electronically Pay Zone Designed for HR professionals and line managers Pay the right amount Highly cost effective Supports regular processes in the employee lifecycle.
  12. 12. Ensure your reward packages are always competitive with Hay Group PayNet®.Make informed decisions PayNet® options Key benefits at a glance:about your pay and include:  Use online, at any time, with one simple subscriptionrewards with unlimited  PayNet® Internationalaccess to the most Landscape –  Access accurate, robust data from the world’s largest reward trends across 65 pay and reward databasesaccurate data. countriesTo compete locally or internationally,  PayNet® International databases  Customize your queries for the specific data you needyour organization needs the right – compare country data againstinformation to support its decisions. global benchmarks  Easy, efficient and scalable job mappingPayNet® is a powerful online tool that  PayNet® National databases –  Measure your competitiveness nationallygives you continual access to the focus on local market trends and’s largest and most robust with data on 80 countriesdatabases of pay and benefits. So thisvaluable information is yours to use Stay competitive andwhenever you need it. control costsThe first step is to map your jobs –Hay Group’s unique methodologies PayNet® gives you all the informationmake this straightforward and precise. you need to make better decisionsYou can then accurately compare your about employee rewards. You can setcompensation and benefits across pay that reflects the market and yoursectors, countries, regions and organization’s goals, while keeping a Let’s talkfunctions. tighter control of your cost base. Key message To discuss how PayNet® can work for you, please contact: Name Paragraph Sheng Henry Tel 86 21 2230 9523 Email
  13. 13. Some rewards are more effective than others. Find out what they’re all worth with Reward Pinpoint.Attracting and retaining Confident Key benefits at a glance:the best people is a decision-making  Get accurate analysis – quickly, conveniently and at low costconstant challenge. Reward Pinpoint uses reliable, robust  See the value of each part of a package, covering cash data that not only provides country and benefitsIt helps to have a context but a complete global picture  Understand how you compare to the market – by gradedetailed knowledge of of your organization’s reward and individual employeehow each element of provision.  Depend on credible and robust data that’s globally You can quickly check the consistentyour reward packages competitiveness of your overall  Protect against base salary inflation with uniquecompares to the market. package, and drill down to assess the methodologies attractiveness of certain elements.Reward Pinpoint analyzes 20  Reveal hidden costs and benefits.employee rewards, from base salarythrough to total remuneration. Basedon Hay Group’s unrivalled data, itshows you exactly where your offer iscompetitive – and where it could beimproved.With such a remarkable level of depthinto the elements that make up yourreward package, you’re better placedto ensure that your offering appeals to Let’s talkthe top talent. Key message To discuss how Reward Pinpoint can work for you, please contact: Name Paragraph Sheng Henry Tel 86 21 2230 9523 Email
  14. 14. Test the competitiveness of your employee rewards with Reward Snapshot.Not every organization Reward Snapshot Key benefits at a glance:has the time to analyze includes:  Uses Hay Group’s unrivalled reward databasesand compare its rewards  Analysis of internal equity  Easy-to-use analysis summarizes compensation elementsdata. Sometimes, you  Analysis of competitiveness forsimply want an easy-to- up to three compensation  Compare against your chosen market elementsunderstand overview of  Summary of competitiveness, to  Integrate easily with other information or toolshow your job roles indicate your organization’s  Enables you to focus on decisions instead of analysis overall market to the market  Pay only for the information you need.on pay. Ready-to-use formatReward Snapshot is a quick, yet Reward Snapshot is delivered asauthoritative, analysis for a particular either an Excel spreadsheet or a PDFmarket, which summarizes up to three report; with graphs and tables. So youreward elements, chosen by you from can integrate it immediately with otheran extensive list. information and tools or present itCost-effective, reliable and easy-to- directly to stakeholders as it is.use, it cuts through complexity to giveyou the facts you need, when youneed them. Let’s talk Key message To discuss how Reward Snapshot can work for you, please contact: Name Paragraph Sheng Henry Tel 86 21 2230 9523 Email
  15. 15. Emotional Intelligence: Are you aware of the impact you’re having on others?Boost bottom line Individuals receive focused, 360°performance by behavioral feedback for 12 key Key benefits at a glance:developing emotionally emotional and social competencies  Understand individuals’ emotional and social intelligence that distinguish outstanding leadersand socially intelligent and individuals. This helps to identify  An effective platform for coaching and developmentemployees. precise areas for development. The e-A high level of emotional intelligence learning and accreditation elements of  Helps enhance individual performance and leadershipequates to better performance. And the offering provide you with tools, and effectiveness to deliver a competitive advantageyou can now make that work to your best practices to support individualadvantage. progress and develop emotional  Embeds the skills and best practices, to develop emotionally intelligence throughout your and socially intelligent individuals within your organization.The unique Emotional Intelligence organization.offering helps you to recognize,measure and develop ‘the star Emotional Intelligencequalities’ of high performers. includes:Reliable results  Accreditation programThe Emotional and Social  Emotional and SocialCompetency Inventory (ESCI) was Intelligence Competencydeveloped with Dr Richard Boyatzis Inventory (ESCI 2.0) onlineand Daniel Goleman, two of the assessmentleading authorities in the field of  Emotional Intelligenceemotional intelligence. e-learning module (optional)It is the most validated measure ofemotional and social intelligence  EI pathfinder online Let’s talk development tool (optional)competencies and is supported by a  EI-related catalog accessories Key message To discuss how Emotional Intelligence can work for you, please contact:deep and comprehensive database. such as workbooks and cards Name Paragraph Sheng HenryYou can use it in confidence and (optional).depend on its results, when coaching Tel 86 21 2230 9523and developing your people. Email
  16. 16. Pick the perfect candidate every time with Talent Q.Enjoy a new level of Talent Q includes: Key benefits at a glance:sophistication in your  Dimensions – a comprehensive personality assessment that  Obtain rich, useful data with tailored personality testsrecruitment and generates multiple report outputs for assessment and  Process applicants efficiently with adaptive ability testsselection processes. developmentAssessing whether a candidate is the  Produce a bespoke Interview Guide with incisive questionsright fit for your role can be labor-  Elements – an adaptive onlineintensive and imprecise. Fortunately, test that measures numerical,  Save time and effort as the tool is automated logical and verbal reasoning.Hay Group has an alternative.Talent Q uses scalable online tools You’re in control  Trust in the accuracy of the fully researched resultsthat offer a quick, cost-effective yetreliable route to a credible candidate Screening and Selection is  Use everywhere, with the broadest coverage of 40 straightforward to set up and run, languages.shortlist. It enables you to identify and using the Talent Q Assessmentmeasure the most relevant attributes System (TQAS). Hay Group will firstfor any position much more train and accredit you to use theobjectively. system. Administration is then purelyTalent Q is a package of unique, self-service, leaving you the ability towork-related psychometric set up assessments on demand andassessments. These were developed interpret the results. Of course, Hayby Roger Holdsworth, a pioneer in the Group remains close at hand withfield and benefit from the latest customer and technical supportadaptive testing technology. whenever you need it. Let’s talk To discussmessage selection can work for you, please contact: Key how screening and Name Paragraph Sheng Henry Tel 86 21 2230 9523 Email
  17. 17. Growth Factors: If you’re looking for leadership potential, don’t let current performance fool you. The results of the GFI help you toGrowth Factors will more accurately target your Key benefits at a glance:help you discover the development budget. You’ll know who  Spot talent earlier on in employees careers is most likely to benefit from thesehidden talents who could opportunities.  Maximize the efficiency of your training budgetdevelop into your future Identifying Potential leaders. Retain and develop your own leadership talent includes:It’s all too easy to assume that  Help to secure your organization’s future successtomorrow’s leaders are simply today’s  Growth Factor Inventory surveytop performers. But that runs the risk – unique to Hay Group  Separate reports for managers and participantsof overlooking talent that’s yet  Self-service module – for easyundeveloped. Identifying Potential is a administrationsimple and cost effective way torecognize leadership capacity  Talent Pool report – to compareseparately from current effectiveness. survey respondents.This online tool features the uniqueGrowth Factor Inventory (GFI) – a Retain and develop360° survey that identifies four talentqualities that enable individuals tolearn and grow from development This highly effective tool can give yourexperiences: organization a clear advantage in the Eagerness to learn global competition for outstanding leaders. You are better placed to Let’s talk Breadth of perspective nurture a diverse pool of talent To discussmessage Key how Identifying Potential work for you, please contact: internally and build a strong leadership Understanding others pipeline. Name Paragraph Sheng Henry Personal maturity. Tel 86 21 2230 9523 Email
  18. 18. Leadership Styles and Climate: Are your leaders creating climates in which others can thrive?The closest thing to a  Organizational Climate Survey Key benefits at a glance: (OCS) online assessment‘P&L statement’ for how  ILS e-learning module (optional)  Improves performance through individual, actionablewell a leader is  OCS e-learning module feedbackmanaging their people. (optional)  Delivers unique insights on how to improve leadershipEffective leaders create high  Pathfinder online development impact through the use of leadership stylesperforming climates that motivate their tool (optional)teams. They have a broad repertoire  Links directly to bottom line performance  ILS/OCS related accessoriesof leadership styles they can draw onaccording to the situation. such as workbooks (optional)  Targets accurately the key areas for development  Leadership Effectiveness audit  Includes accreditation to help improve leadershipLeadership Effectiveness is a set of (optional). performance across your tools that assess and developleadership styles and impact. Unique and superiorBased on 60 years’ experience in thefield, Hay Group knows that insightimprovements founded on this ILS and OCS assessments areawareness can dramatically enhance exclusive to Hay Group. Used inan organization’s bottom-line combination and with feedbackperformance. delivered by accredited employees they can offer powerful insights on how toLeadership improve leadership effectiveness. Let’s talkEffectiveness includes: Leaders can then use the optional e- Key message To discuss how Leadership Effectiveness can work for you, please contact: learning modules and Pathfinder online Accreditation program tools to structure their own Name Paragraph Sheng Henry Inventory of Leadership development. Tel 86 21 2230 9523 Email
  19. 19. Employee Effectiveness: Engage and enable your peopleGet exceptional A proven return on Key benefits at a glance:performance from your investment  Easy, quick and cost-effective to useemployees by giving them Hay Group research shows thatthe right environment. employees who are both engaged and  Delivers ROI by identifying precise areas to improve enabled directly contribute to higher effectivenessEmployee engagement is only part of levels of growth. They:the story when it comes to performance.  Remain longer with the  Answers vital questions around retention, innovation,You also need to know whether your growth, strategy and performance organizationorganization enables people to do theirjobs.  Perform up to 50 per cent better  Backed by extensive databases and 35 years of research.Employee Effectiveness is an online  Offer enhanced customersurvey tool that provides valuable service.insights into the factors preventingemployees from performing at their best. Quick and easy to useIt analyzes 12 separate drivers of Employee Effectiveness is a powerfulengagement and enablement. You can online tool that requires no specialbenchmark results by sector, country training to administer and can beand region against data drawn from completed by all employees.more than 4.5 million people in over 400organizations. The final report relates individualBy identifying barriers to performance, scores to internal and external benchmarks. You will quickly be able Let’s talkyour organization can create a morepositive environment, that leads to to make informed and confident Key message To discuss how Emotional Intelligence can work for you, please contact: decisions about improving employeequantifiable Name Paragraph Sheng Henry effectiveness. Tel 86 21 2230 9523 Email