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Letter to the Judges
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Letter to the Judges


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Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. 1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 301154/16/2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:Ever since I was young, I absolutely loved mystery and whodunit books. When we first needed to choosewhat we wanted for our senior projects, I jumped at the chance to write a mystery book of my own. I’vehad an incredible amount of fun while writing this book and doing my senior project work. However, ithas also been a very difficult project, due to its length and workload. Nonetheless, I would not havewanted to do anything elseMy end product is my published book, Playback, where private investigator Joseph Barrow hunts down acriminal ring in his town. It relates to my research paper mainly through the published aspect; myresearch paper was about the history of publishing throughout the ages, and its problems and innovations.Even I had problems while writing my book, as writer’s block was my constant companion whileworking. However, I was able to persevere and write the entire book in just a few months. My majorsuccess was having my book published by Yawn’s Books and More, as that was my goal that I wanted tocomplete.My topic and research on writing and publishing relate obviously to a career in book writing or evenreporting. However, now that I have tried this for myself, I am very keen to try to avoid working in thatfield. While writing was fun, I could not see myself sitting down for so long nearly twenty-four seven.The amount of work I had to put into writing my book, which is not a very large book, is also anotherreason that I would want to avoid writing. I do not see myself trying to pursue a job in writing or evenreporting now that I have written my very own book.My thoughts on the Senior Project are surprisingly positive; although I had to take much of my own timeto work on my book; it has provided crucial insight into a career that I thought I might enjoy. Thank youfor taking the time to read this as well eventually judging my Senior Project.Sincerely,Tyler W HenryTyler Henry