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Worth Living for Lyrics Worth Living for Lyrics Document Transcript

  • Young Deacon ft Levi - Worth Living For Lyrics<br />I only started rappingAbout the gun clappingCause I didn't know what would happenIf I acted myselfI used to rap aboutLaying guys downLeaving families frowningIn the cemetery drowningFrom their own tearsFears of the little kidsThinking I don't wanna go at nightCause it's dangerousSo they sit at homeGetting sadder by the minuteFeeling madder and badderNot knowing how to conceal itThey can't understand why Their big brother had to dieWhy did he have to go out that nightSo they pick up a knifeThat thy found in his drawerQuick slip it in his pocketJut to be sureAnd now he feels safeSafe turns into braveryNext thing you knowTheirs pillows under duvetsHe's roaming the streetsWhite fire in his eyesHood up, chin downSomebody's dying tonight<br />As he's walking down the roadHe sees a couple guysHe stares them in the eyesBops over on a hypeLittle does he knowHe's not the only one that holdsA life taker, heart breakerKiller of the soulYet he confronts themWithout a second thoughtSwinging one bang, man downThis brother’s lying on the floorAnd now the other dudeHe's confusedLike what the...There's no telling what he gunna doesHe grabs the young brotherDraws for sutt'n in his coatBacks him up against the wallAnd puts the sutt'n to his throatTime stopsAs the sutt'n pops offHe buss one shotAnd left a shell in his esophagusHe duss kilometers And left the brother bleedingHolding his neckAnd his lung aint breathingBody's gone coldAnd he's lost all feelingCloses his eyesAs his heart stops beating******CHORUS******<br />Round my hometown<br />Memories are fresh <br />(Deacon: I said the memories are fresh)<br />Round my hometown<br />Memories are fresh<br />******CHORUS******<br />An hour goes by And the sun starts risingHome phone ringsAnd it breaks all silenceThe mum wakes up From a restless sleepPuts the phone to her earBut she doesn't say a peepThere's a woman on the other endWith a soft voiceSays I'm sorry to wake...Please cut to the pointWords are heard That she doesn't wanna hearShe drops the phone downAnd in panic and in fearShe runs to his roomCrashes through the doorThere's no one in the bedSo she scans around the floorHer heart skipsAs she feels a frozen wind blowTurns to her rightAnd she sees an open windowDrops to her knees<br />Better know she started prayingLooks upon the skyAnd to God she started sayingMy Lord my LordBecause you have forsaken meThe devils taken me and shaping meInto a greater meYou lied when you told meThat you would never leaveI died to the old meCause you told me I'd be free <br />Know I tried to surviveBut you never wiped the tears from my eyesLiesYou were never near when I criedAnd now your gunna see a side of meThat you never sawI'm going back to the old meThat I was beforeNo moreOf your restrictionsIt's time for you to get out my lifeEviction<br />******CHORUS******<br />Round my hometown<br />Memories are fresh <br />Round my hometown<br />Memories are fresh<br />