night                           He stares them in the eyes        oesophagus                               Cah its dangero...
Words are heard                 criedThat she doesnt wanna hear     And now your gunna see aShe drops the phone down      ...
Worth Living For Lyrics
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Worth Living For Lyrics


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Worth Living For Lyrics

  1. 1. LYRICS
  2. 2. night He stares them in the eyes oesophagus Cah its dangerous Bops over on a hype He duss kilometres So they sit at home Little does he know And left the brudda bleeding Getting sadder by the minute Hes not the only one that Holding his neck Feeling madder and badder holds And his lung aint breathing Not knowing how to conceal it A life taker, heart breaker Bodys gone cold They cant understand why Killer of the soul And hes lost all feeling Their big brother had to die Yet he confronts them Closes his eyes Why did he have to go out Without a second thought As his heart stops beating that night Swings one bang man down So they pick up a knife This bruddas lying on the floor ******Intermission****** That thy found in his drawer And now the other dudeI only started rapping Quick slip it in his pocket Hes confused An hour goes byAbout the gun clapping Jut to be sure Like what the... And the sun starts risingCah I didnt know what would And now he feels safe Theres no telling what he Home phone ringshappen Safe turns into bravery gunna does And it breaks the silenceIf I acted myself Next thing you know He grabs the young brother The mum wakes upI used to rap about Theirs pillows under duvets Draws for suttn in his coat From a restless sleepLaying guys down Hes roaming the streets Backs him up against the wall Puts the phone to her earLeaving families frowning White fire in his eyes And puts the suttn to his But she doesnt say a peepIn the cemetery drowning Hood up, chin down throat Theres a woman on the otherFrom their own tear Somebodys dying tonight Time stops endFears of the little kids As hes walking down the As the suttn pops off With a soft voiceThinking I dont wanna go at road He buss one shot Says Im sorry to wake... He sees a couple guys And left a shell in his Please cut to the point
  3. 3. Words are heard criedThat she doesnt wanna hear And now your gunna see aShe drops the phone down side of meAnd in panic and in fear That you never sawShe runs to his room Im going back to the old meCrashes through the door That I was beforeTheres no one in the bed No moreSo she scans around the floor Of your restrictionsHer heart skips Its time for you to get out myAs she feels a frozen wind lifeblow EvictionTurns to her rightAnd she sees an open ******** END********windowDrops to her kneesBetter know she startedprayingLooks upon the skyAnd to God she startedsayingMy Lord my LordBecause you have forsakenmeThe devils taken me andshaping meInto a greater meYou lied when you told meThat you would never leaveI died to the old meCah you told me Id be freeKnow I tried to surviveBut you never wiped the tearsfrom my eyesLiesYou were never near when I