The Sun Case Study

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  • 1. Analysis By Ryan Henry
  • 2. What Online Features Are There?
    These are all headings, used to organize links on the website. This is good because it emphasizes the ease of access around the website.
    Easy access to streaming footage, rather than pictures.
    These are links of the biggest articles, so the reader only has to read what is relevant to them.
    Footage from four years ago, just a click away.
  • 3. The Images?
    The images are large, and have stories to compliment them, not the other way around. There are not many words on the page either, but in the few sentences there are, each one gets straight to the point. It is easier for the reader this way, as they do not have to look into depth to see what the article is about.
  • 4. The Adverts
    This may be an example of synergy, as both adverts are shown back to back. But in terms of what this tells us about The Sun’s target audience, it is based on the fact that Sun readers are social people, who enjoy using their phone, and want the best out of it.
  • 5. Synergy
    This is obviously an advert for the iPAD, but in advertising the iPAD, they are advertising themselves.
    This re-enforces the point that they are advertising both themselves, and iPAD. “our app” The application is there own, but you can only get the app. On the iPAD
  • 6. Another Example Of Synergy
    The Sun is actually advertising another one of Murdoch’s companies to its readers. This emphasises Murdoch’s wishes to withdraw free news from the internet, as he glorifies the companies decision to make people pay for it. An example of how much influence he actually has over the general readers will be reflected in the amount of traffic this sends towards News Of The World.
  • 7. Colour and Layout
    What’s the first word that you see when you look at this? Freedom? This is because the editor wants you to notice the word freedom, as it is the top headline. From reading that, it is natural to go on and read the article.
    What’s the first colour you see when you look at this? For me, it was red. I believe that this is not done by mistake, but the editor has chosen red because it is eye catching, and easy for the eyes to look at.
  • 8. Thank you, and I hope you learnt something about The Sun, and how they operate .