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Production company Production company Document Transcript

  • Production Company <br /> New line cinema: <br />0293370New line cinema was founded in 1967, which shows that it has a lot of experience. During its years it has also produced a lot of successful Thrillers such as The Butterfly Effect (2004) The Final Destination films (1,2,3), The Number 23 (2007) and Seven (2004) most of these films are psychological thrillers and our film is also a psychological thriller this production company would be the best option for use as there are very experienced at producing films that are the same genre as my film.<br />1143000332105<br />22860001238250123825<br />Film4 Films<br />014605Film4 films were founded in 1998 since then it has been mainly responsible for supporting a large number of films made in the United Kingdom. They have made a number of thrillers such as Deception (2004) and Red Eye (2005) they are also know for supporting and producing low budget films. This would be good because our film would not have a high budget so is more likely to be supported by film 4. Film 4 Productions also often collaborates with other production companies when producing a film e.g. 127 Hours was in co-production with Pathé, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Handmade Films International and Warner Bros. Pictures. This is useful for our film production because our group has decide to create a production company J.E.S productions so if we were to choose Film4 productions as our production company it would very likely that we could work in association with film4 productions to create our film. <br />Paramount Films<br />411480017011650100965Paramount pictures is the oldest existing film studio founded in 1912 it has a lot of recognition as a production company and produces legendary film such as Forest Gump. It has also produced great thrillers such as Shutter Island. The film grossed over $128 million. Shutter Island is also a psychological thriller like our film so if we chose this production our film me be as successful as Shutter Island. This would be a suitable production company as it has also produced many successful thrillers and that would be very use for our film.<br />