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Evaluation Table

  1. 1. EVALUATION – QUESTION ONE1. In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?My Product Typical My Production – Comparison to Thriller/Horror use, develop or Existing Conventions challenge? ProductsTitling – colour, font • Red for blood I chose to use a Our film inand style • Courier typewriting font for comparison to my final production others rather • Formal because the speed of similar in terms of titling. We followed the typing creates the conventions of immediate tension, the title being foreshadowing the written on a plain upcoming event of black background. something bad.Camera • Establishing We chose not to use Differs from theMovement- pan, shot to show the an establishing shot film “Psycho” –track, crab, crane location. in the end, as we establishing shot • Tracks to follow realized that it is a at beginning. the victim, typical thriller However similar foreshadowing convention, and to to “American the killers vision stand out we chose to Psycho” without change this in our the establishing own film. shotFraming a shot • Medium/low Most of the shots we Scream –ECU, CU, MS, LS, angle shots to used were close up Medium highELS show authority shots, however we angle shot of of protagonists used a variety of victim. angles, such as high angle, to show the vulnerability of the characters whilst the killer made his way toward one of them.Camera Angle • High angle shot. Again, we used highHigh, Low This is used as angle shots of the the killers victim to highlight perspective, vulnerability against showing the the killer vulnerability of the victim
  2. 2. Mise-en-Scene • Empty/isolated We used an isolated Saw – majority of room bathroom and film shot in • Isolated area bedroom for the isolated • Stormy weather location of both bathroom. to reflect mood victims. This showed of murderer their vulnerability in the openness of the area – resembling “No Mans Land”Editing – jump cuts, • Quick cuts We used quickmatch cuts, reverse between shots cutting rhythm of theshots, cutting upon build up to two victims when therhythmn something killer raised his happening weapon to swing at one of them. We done this so that the audience are not clear on who is going to be killedSound • Dark and eerie We used soundtrack Psycho – sounds to create “Dance with the devil” orchestral string tension. This is because it has music. • Orchestral a orchestral piano music feel to it, however it also has a drum pattern to reflect the age of the victims