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Killer Benefits of HTML5 in Games


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Most companies working on HTML5 for games talk only about the cross-platform advantages of HTML5. For Non-Stop Games and the game Dollar Isle the cross-platform aspect is only a bonus - there are many …

Most companies working on HTML5 for games talk only about the cross-platform advantages of HTML5. For Non-Stop Games and the game Dollar Isle the cross-platform aspect is only a bonus - there are many other killer benefits. This session will run through the development of the social virtual world Dollar Isle ( and how HTML5 allows a new sort of distribution titled "Game as a Link". This disruptive distribution model can dramatically improve the virality of a game and also decrease customer acquisition costs.

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  • Tower Bloxx fist with frirnedshighscore listTime when scrabalous, Fight Club and Jetman were tehe biggest games on facebook
  • >35% 1-day retention
  • >15.000pics made yesterday
  • Just forget the ancient ones (IE6,7,8; FF3,…)
  • Facebook gaming BIG – soccer mums
  • 4thbenefit, it’s an open technology.Everyone of the big companiesmoreorlesssupports it. Youget to iOS, Windows Phone, etcAdobe supportsit on mobile
  • No soundsDiscovery (FB, website)Animation slow, some games impossible (FPS, racing)
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1 #1 in Mobile Browser GamesKiller Benefits ofHTML5 in gamesHenric SuuronenPresident & Co-Founder * Formerly known as GamesMadeMe
    • 2. Social Games since September 2007 President and Co-Founder Head of Studio Director of Product ManagementHenric Suuronen@henricgames
    • 3. www.paintstars.netCompany is Born San Francisco Office March August April 2012 Singapore Office Opens Rebranding
    • 4. State Benefits Future
    • 5. HTML5 HYPE?
    • 6. Where are the games?
    • 7.
    • 8.
    • 9. The “instragram” for
    • 10. Reality check?1. Most games tech demos2. Few built for HTML5 ground-up3. Platforms, not games
    • 11. State Benefits Future
    • 12. Write once, run everywhere Same codebase
    • 13. 1. Same codebase 70% Back-end 40% Front• Browser to browser on desktop is fairly simple• Mobile needs more love• Performance. Bugs (especially Android).• UI needs a lot of work• Game design harder than the programming
    • 14. ’Everyone’ can play (at least everyone with a modern browser)
    • 15. 2. ‘Everyone’ can play• Big thing for social games• little effect to single player or HC games Wow, that game looks great but I don’t have an iphone
    • 16. ’Game as a link’
    • 17. ‘Game as a Link’ Distribution Revolutionary distribution model with no waterfalls NonStop Pin your favorite Game/DrawingPlay the game inside the twitter Games Cloud and create a link to game app from friends’ tweets Users stay inside Flipboard Any place on desktop/mobile Any Social Network where you can share a link while playing (Safari window)
    • 18. It’s not Flash (=it’s ”open”)
    • 19. 4. It’s Open
    • 20. Game always up-to-date
    • 21. <
    • 22. 5. Games always up-to-date• Social games are frequently updated• Makes A/B testing much easier
    • 23. Not dependent on App Stores
    • 24. …ButYou also lose the biggest benefits of app stores Discovery Payments (If you don’t wrap it into native)
    • 25. Instant accessibility
    • 26. Search #dollarisle inside iPad Twitter
    • 27. SummaryKiller Benefits of HTML51. Same code base2. Everyone can play3. Game as a Link4. It’s open5. Always up-to-date6. No App store dependency7. Instant Accessibility
    • 28. BUT….• Faster/Easier to code a myth• Discovery problems• Payments• Animations, performance issues• Limited game types you can do• No sounds
    • 29. We don’t make HTML5 because itis easy, we make itbecause it is hard!
    • 30. State Benefits Future
    • 31. HTML5 Going forward • Browsers will get better • More ’app-like’ behaviour for HTML5 • New distribution (GREE, Pokki…) • Better Payment • Facebook App Center? • First REAL hit game
    • 32. THANK YOU!(Slides available on @henricgames) Henric Suuronen, President & Co-Founder