24 Reasons why Twitter sucks!


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I know it is almost a crime to say these kind of things nowadays, but in no particular order I present you 24 reasons why Twitter sucks!

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  • Well it sucks, but still the author is using it anyway.
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  • What the hell is 'Twitter'? A new game? Sorry I was lost when people thought their lives were more important than others. Now Freudian masturbation is excessive in this culture. I think the name fits. 'Twit' a nitwit, 'ter' lots of them.
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  • Nice. Well,... you have XMPP aka Jabber, don't you? Its open, dicentric, without any rules. Whats you problem people..? Install Linux, install Pidgin, set up XMPP account with good encryption and work and talk personally and effortlessly. Unlike twitter, skype, icq, windows and all that crap.
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  • Them useless fucking pieces of shit! Ok maybe one fucking time I deserved to get banned but I do the stupid little check box thing and im back on, after that Im being good, talking with in my group not being a dick to anyone. Sure I told Obama fuck off and he needs to go to Gitmo, truths the truth and fuck you if you dont like it. But I was good after that, then those dick faces do it again! It says Im banned, basically just for talking to much? The way the rules are set up were really not supposed to reply to anyone or we can get in trouble? So what some one says 'I got a new pair of shoes' youre allowed to say 'oh nice' then you gotta just shut the fuck up? What fucking kinda anti fucking social, social net is this? So after that it gets real good, I make a new account, fuck it this ones burned Go for a new, they banned me 8 times in one setting right after eachother, make me sign the check boxes. I wake up yesterday make two posts to PEOPLE WHO ARE FOLLWING ME and banned totally. SAME FUCKING REASON! JUST FOR REPLYING TO POSTS! I sign a reinstatement letter and they say 24 hours, So they did, I was just on had no fucking problems at all and got banned again,,, This is what I sent them in return....

    GOD DAMN IT! Fuck you and your excuses, I havnt done a god damn thing wrong, fuck you what you say I VIOLATED ITS BULLSHIT! Im not answering anyone anymore then anyone else reinstate me OR FUCK YOUR GOD DAMN SITE! Everyone on this piece of shit is talking to eachother just as much as I am you dicks! tHIS IS THE THIRD FUCKING TIME YOU ASSHOLES BANNED ME IN TWO DAYS FOR NO GOD DAMN REASON, I HAVE STUCK TO YOUR FUCKING RULES SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!


    Twitter can fuck its self in the ass with rusty barbed wire lined pole!

    And now I see how it would appear others have the same problem with the 'talk but dont have a conversation rule' of the anti social media I don't feel so bad. The sites a worthless piece of shit! I have been on allot of different social sites and this is the absolute worst one I ever seen. and 180 characters? Then they get pissed if you say more? Twitters a junk ass site and I can't believe its so popular. It's a weak pathetic junkass waste of time.
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  • Bwahaha AGREE. Twitter suckes so bad. I got banned TWICE the first 2 weeks being on that redicilous platform: 1 for adding people 2 for live messaging '@' other people only 3 times. Redicilous as fuck since i didnt get banned for all the wrong reasons to get banned for but for all the ''normal'' reasons a social media platform such as twitter should be behaving on! If any of you twitter staff fucks see this: Its @Bootylicious3_3 right here baby sticking your arrogant fuck faces on the WALL OF ONLINE SHAME! No wonder that twitter hype has gone to RIP! I hope you guys go down never EVER to be remembered to! LMAOFUCKINLOL
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24 Reasons why Twitter sucks!

  1. 24 Reasons Twitter why sucks!
  2. I know it is almost a crime to say these kind of things nowadays, but in no particular order I present you 24 reasons why Twitter sucks!
  3. #1 It is everywhere …
  4. @TV: CNBC - “You can check out all the great stock tips on our Twitter page at blah blah blah”
  5. @Radio: 102.7 Kiss FM - “Ryan Seacrest here, you can check out all my awesome celebrity dirt by following my Twitter…”
  6. @Toilet: Reading Business Week Magazine - “Twenty ways to boost your business with Twitter”
  7. @Work: My Boss - “You are fired!”
  8. #2 It is mobile ...
  9. ... which results in this kind of crap!
  10. #3 Meaningless tweets ...
  11. ... and more meaningless tweets.
  12. #4 It is a big time waster!
  13. #5 The followers rat race ...
  14. … resulting in people’s pathetic attempts to …
  15. … get some magic number of followers by begging for more followers, …
  16. … brag about how many followers they have gotten in just 2 days, …
  17. … and complain how they followers “all of a sudden”.
  18. #6 The authority
  19. #7 The noise
  20. #8 The down time
  21. ... that has BIG impact on lives!
  22. #9 It is anti social
  23. #10 A lot of things just can not be said in 140 characters ...
  24. #11 Features dissapear without warning
  25. #12 People think everybody is reading their freaking Tweets.
  26. #13 You are naked and exposed ...
  27. … while you might think you’re having a conversation with a close group of friends, in reality you’re shouting out to the entireworld!
  28. #15 It’s like reality TV without pictures
  29. There are annoying types of users, like …
  30. #16 The Spammers
  31. #17 The Spam Followers
  32. #18 The Bots
  33. #19 The Celebrities
  34. #20 The Shameless Self Promoters
  35. #21 The Fake Celebrities
  36. #22 The Egos
  37. “Wow. I’m #23 speechless The Mystery Linkers [bit.ly].”
  38. and …
  39. #24 The Food Fetishists
  40. And as a bonus the last, and maybe the best reason is ...
  41. I did not came up with the idea myself!
  42. @henricodolfing
  43. www.henricodolfing.com