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Who is Henk van der Kruit?

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Henk Van Der Kruit

  1. 1. henk van der kruit henk van der kruit henk van der kruit
  2. 2. <ul><li>&quot;My mission is to champion others to grow personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually by using my compassion, my unique perspective, and my belief in others' inherent goodness, integrity, and enormous potential.&quot; </li></ul>Henk van der Kruit
  3. 3. Henk van der Kruit, is one of the top authorities on personal achievement, sales and valued-centred living. Powerfully and positively impacting audiences from around the country, Henk inspires people to 'raise the bar' both personally and professionally. He is not only a man who walks his talk - he runs it - and audiences respond! Performance Coaching is a one to one professional relationship designed to help individuals in key positions achieve desired results. It is designed to fit the specific needs of the individual and the organization. What is it about Henk van der Kruit that gets audiences excited? It's really very simple . He reaches people - from the Board of Directors to the front-line folk in the trenches. He gets across new, important information &quot;with a lot of snap&quot; - so people can grasp it, remember it and use it. <ul><li>Corporate Training </li></ul><ul><li>On-the-Job Training </li></ul><ul><li>Team Development </li></ul>
  4. 4. Strategic Alliance If people really are your greatest asset, isn't it time to look at your training programmes as investments in your organisation's human capital and not just as an expense? Why this model? It’s been proven in studies that training alone is not as effective as we think. Only 20% of individuals actually listens to what has been said by the facilitator and that only 5% of them will go and implement what they’ve learned. However as soon as the connection has been made between training & coaching the percentages dramatically increases to + 60% learning & implementation by the individuals. Now if you think of your current training budget and deduct 95% of the sum you will understand how a critical role coaching & consulting plays within your business.
  5. 5. Phase 1: Analyse The analytical phase is sometimes referred to as a front-end analysis, needs assessment, or needs analysis.  An effective needs analysis answers the following questions: -What is the problem? -Is training the answer to the problem? -What knowledge and skills should be included in the training course? -Who needs to be trained? Phase 2: Design After the problems have been defined and trainees and course outcomes have been determined, it is time to begin the design phase.  During this phase, a training &quot;blueprint&quot; is developed that includes: -Learning objectives -Content outlines -Course structure -Training methods and media Phase 3: Develop The next phase of the process is the development of the training course.  The steps of this phase are: Step 1: Develop a draft set of training materials Step 2: Pilot test the training materials with the target audience and make the necessary revisions. Step 3: Finalize the training materials   Phase 4: Implement The implementation phase involves conducting the training program and completing any related follow-up activities to ensure the transfer of learning to the job setting.   Phase 5: Evaluate The final phase of the process is to determine whether the training was successful. Various methods of evaluating training are available.  Methods are selected based on upon the type of program being developed and the results being sought.  Training evaluation is a feedback tool that promotes continous quality improvements to training programs.  Training evaluations provide the information you need to continuously improve all stages of the process.  Why do we evaluate? -To determine how well the training met the participant's needs -To determine to what extent the participants mastered the training content. -To identify whether the training methods and media helped participants achieve the learning objectives. -To assess how much of the training content, including newly acquired knowledge and skills, transferred to on the job behaviours.
  6. 6. Our performance is a direct result of our potential minus the interference that gets in the way, preventing us from achieving what we know we are capable of.
  7. 7. The goal of our performance consulting interventions is to improve the overall results of individuals and systems within an organization.  To do that it’s essential that the key systems impacting performance are integrated and designed to work together efficiently and effectively.
  8. 8. We not only brings best practices across regions, we also helps translate these by offering a holistic approach to HRM for Client Organizations' - using world class methodologies like data collection and analysis methodologies, &quot;Guide Charts&quot;, Cost Value Relationship, Work Design, Work measurement system to translate vision into strategy. Strategic Alliance
  9. 20. Contact Henk today for a meeting to see where his experience can help you set up and maintain a team that perform above expectation all the time henk@vanderkruit.co.za +27 (0) 82 772 6969 Our consultants provide expertise in the early phases of a project, including planning through to the design and development phases, and into the instruction, evaluation and post training phases. We provide a dynamic and creative learning atmosphere for clients.  New skills and adult teaching techniques are continuously learned and practiced by our team. Our Specialists create an environment that encourages development of the individual and apply life-long learning skills that students will need to succeed in a fast changing world. We provide the following: Personalized service that we strive to offer to our clients & their staff. Trainers, Coaches & Consultants who are specialists in their fields. They share their knowledge and experience, offering students a mix of theory and practice. Our specialists consistently re-skill and up-skill to maintain current with changes in industry. Content and tools which exceed industry standards   Our job is to better equip people with the technical knowledge and Human Interaction skills they require to work in any environment.  While equipping students with the skills they require to meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape, our team also takes pride in the fact that we look after ourselves. We always recruiting new training specialists who can bring real-world experience to our team and to the classroom.  To maintain current with changes in industry, our Education Specialists consistently up-skill.  
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