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Xena Networks platforms overview

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Xena Networks Solution

  1. 1. Xena Networks - the Ethernet Test Infrastructure CompanyXena Test PlatformModular Ethernet Test Platform Features and BenefitsA new class of professional gigabit Ethernet test platform A new class of Ethernet test equipmentfor the Ethernet eco-system, delivering a breakthrough for load stress, performance andprice-performance benchmark for load stress and functional functional testing of gigabit Ethernettesting of Ethernet equipment and network infrastructure. equipment and services • Wire-speed hardware based trafficProviders of Ethernet-based network devices and services can benefit from generation and analysisthe ease-of-use, cost efficiency, interoperability, and scalability of the XenaNetworks test platform. In addition, the world’s highest density and lowest • Highest test port density in industry, lowestpower consumption per test port delivers a test platform ready for the future. power per test port. Ideal for testbeds whereDevelopers and providers of Ethernet-based network appliances and physical port scalability is vitalservices can deploy the Xena Networks test platform as an ideal complement • Automated scripting from any TCP/IP capableor alternative to test equipment solutions from Ixia, Spirent and Agilent, at aprice point which obsoletes in-house custom built test solution projects. scripting tool environment such as TCP/ Python/VB/JavaThe high precision, stream based, wire-speed traffic generation and analysiscapabilities are suited for testing of network devices under deliberate • Stream based wire speed Layer 2-3 trafficerror, stress, and random conditions. Packet formats can be defined per load generation for millions of flowsindividual packet byte, and packet spacing, transmission rates, and bursts canbe defined with byte and kbps accuracy. • RFC 2544 test suiteThe Xena test platform provides an open environment where traffic from any • Wire-speed traffic capture with3rd party software application or test suite can be fully transparently mixed programmable filter and trigger criteria, andwith L2-3 traffic generated at wire speed. Network equipment manufacturers export to industry standard tool WireSharkand service providers can demonstrate that end user triple play QoE isguaranteed during network congestion, by generating traffic loads representing • Test case configuration, execution, andtens of thousands of individual network users. statistics reporting from MS Excel programA Windows GUI client (XenaManager) is provided for test execution, and • Remote management of testpointsremote management of test equipment located in multiple locations. Theuser can also configure, execute, and collect statistics directly from a MS Excel • High-precision performance measurement ofprogram using VBA language. Finally, an open TCP/IP based text API allows throughput, latency, loss, sequence and mis-users to automate testing from any software environment, using TCP/Python/ ordering errorsVBA/Java wrappers to convert to/from the generic Xena TCP/IP scriptingformat. • Synchronized traffic generation and latencyThe Xena test platform provides a complete suite of copper and optical Gigabit measurement across up to 72 test ports, andEthernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet modules, with a roadmap to 100/40-Gigabit detailed histogram graphsEthernet modules in 2010. The 10-GigE interfaces include optical XFP SFP+, and , • Validation with negative and abnormal testcopper CX4. The GigE interfaces include copper 10/100/1000M Ethernet andoptical 100/1000M Ethernet. conditions per packet byte One XenaBay up to: • 24 x 10-GigE copper/optical ports • 72 x GigE copper/optical ports One XenaCompact up to: • 2 x 10-GiGE copper/optical ports • 6 x GigE copper/optical ports ;(1$ N E T W O R K S
  2. 2. Feature OverviewTest components values. Incoming packet streams are automatically identified using optionally auto inserted Test Payload fields. Analysis ofThe Xena test platform provides a flexible and high port count traffic throughput, latency, jitter, loss, sequence, and misorderL2-3 test platform that easily interfaces to 3rd party applications errors is performed real-time per received stream with 16/32 nsand test software including XenaMation and Veryx ATTEST. accuracy depending on the interface type (optical/electrical).Clients connect with standard Ethernet GigE interfaces to the testplatform, with support for remote access using IP addressing. Users can capture packets at wire speed on each port for detailed analysis and export to 3rd party packet analysis tool WireShark, Xena’s wire speed test modules are provided in high-density 1U which in conjunction with event triggering and programmable(XenaCompact) and 4U (XenaBay) chassis form factors, with full filters provides a unique ability to identify and isolatesupport for multi-user environments for both interactive GUI, MS performance issues.Excel, and automated script based test sessions.Stream oriented traffic generation API scripting from any tool environment An open specification text based API allows the user to scriptUsers can define and generate hundreds of transmit and receive for test automation purposes from any tool and scriptingstreams with their own unique traffic profile. Each stream can environment, only requiring that the scripting environmentgenerate 100k’s of unique traffic flows by using programmable support text and line-based TCP/IP communication.packet field modifiers to increment or randomize field values suchas IP addresses or VLAN identifiers. This makes it easy to scaleyour tests beyond the maximum performance parameters of your Any changes made through the API are automatically reflectednetwork or device. on the GUI. This unique and easy to use scripting-from-anywhere concept lets the user access the Xena test platform from anyThe stream rate can be defined as a percentage of line rate, proprietary or commercial scripting environment based onframes per second, bit-rate, and the injection of packets can languages such as Tcl, Python, VBA, or Java developmentbe controlled as a single-packet shot, number of packets, time environments, using wrapper to convert from existing Tcl/duration, or in continuous mode. Traffic profiles can be defined Python/VB/Java APIs to the generic Xena API.as uniform or bursty, and custom packet editing is facilitated bya graphically driven field editor that lets users build any packetformat, in addition to predefined packet templates for Ethernet, MS Excel program for test case configuration,Ethernet II, VLAN, ARP IPv4, IPv6, UDP TCP LLC, SNAP GTP ICMP , , , , , , execution, and reportingRTP RTCP STP or fully specified by user. , , , As an alternative for GUI and script based test case execution, the user can configure, execute, and log statistics using a standard MS Excel program. The MS Excel templates provided by Xena useReal time analysis and reporting VBA to communicate with the test equipment using Xena’s TCP/Packet flow statistics are tracked per stream, or per-user defined IP scripting language, and is a very powerful means for operatingfilters which can include any combination of programmable field the equipment for anyone familiar with MS Excel. Available in both a 1U and 4U form factor (the XenaBay above), the high-density Xena platforms can be equipped with a wide variety of modules - including the world’s first tri-speed 10-40-100G test module.
  3. 3. Technical SpecificationsStream and Flow Generation • Random - randomly selected between a • Test packets/octets, sequence errors, specified minimum and maximum length. misordered packets, payload integrity,Transmission Mode minimum latency, average latency, maxi-• Continuous • Butterfly - uniform selecting between a mum latency specified minimum and maximum length.• A specified number of packets sent Packet Capture once, between 1 and 16M packets Test payload • Triggers and filters can be set up to trig-• Latency measurements across multiple • A proprietary test payload can option- ally be automatically placed into packets. ger on specific events, and to capture ports with 16/32 ns accuracy depend- This allows the test platform to provide packets meeting particular criteria. ing on interface type (optical/electri- cal). per-stream packet loss, min/max/average • Multiple capture criteria can be specified latency, payload integrity, out of sequence, using AND/OR expressions.Bandwidth distributions and misorder statistics. • Criteria can be fully specified by the user,• Constant (100% uniform) and burst Checksum calculations or using predefined filters distributions. • FCS and CRC values in packet templates • Export to 3rd party analysis tool Wire-• All loads can be specified in percent- can be automatically calculated or set to Shark age of line rate, frames/s, or Mb/s errored values• Burst parameters specified by burst Capture Criteria Per-Port Statistics length, and burst density • Any combination of multiple packet field • Packets/octets per port, FCS errors, packet/ values specified by the userPacket headers octets for traffic with and without a test• Completely specified by the user, or payload • FCS errored packets Ethernet, Ethernet II, VLAN, ARP IPv4, • Packets/octets for up to 6 user specified , • Packets belonging to a specific stream IPv6, UDP TCP LLC, SNAP GTP ICMP , , , , , traffic filters. Filters fully specified by user, RTP RTCP STP or fully specified by user. , , , • Packet matching a user defined filter such using up to 6 custom pattern and length as IPv4, IPv6, UDP or VLAN packets ,• Any field in a packet template can be match terms. set to an invalid value for negative Capture Triggers testing Per-Stream Statistics • Any frame receivedPacket payloads • Packets must contain a test payload for per-stream transmit and receive statistics to • Packet matching a user defined filter such• An incrementing 8 bit pattern be reported. Statistics will be reported on as IPv4, IPv6, UDP or VLAN packets ,• Autofill with a user-specified pattern streams, even if the packet encapsulation • Packet with a FCS errors changes through a device under test, or if itField modifiers receives packets with different encapsula-• Two field modifiers can be applied to tions or modified header fields. For a complete feature list, refer to Xena any field in a packet, per streams. The Networks test platform user manual. modifiers can be chained together.• A field modifier can be set to incre- ment or decrement or be random within a specified range. For example, increment VLAN ID, and traversing the IP ToS field in a chained order.Packet length distributions• Fixed - all frames belonging to the stream are sent with same length• Incrementing/decrementing - from a specified minimum and maximum length Screenshots of the XenaManager GUI
  4. 4. ApplicationsLab-based Testing Functional and negativeThe Xena Networks test platform is testingwell suited for validation of hardwareperformance and negative testing in The Xena test platform has a richdevelopment environments. set of features specifically designedThe new class of pricing structure for wire-speed testing hardwareenables the realization of large port interfaces and for performingcount test beds at a fraction of the negative testing, making itcost of existing test solutions.. ideally suited for the test needs ofHistorically, equipment manufacturers hardware test engineershave complemented commercial test complete test platform for wire speed test load generation and analysis. • High-precision latency measurement,platforms with internally built PC/ Key features include wire-speed 16/32 ns for optical/electrical interfaceFPGA platforms, now ideally suited tobe replaced with Xena Networks. traffic generation and analysis, a GUI • Specify invalid packet sizes, IFG, andFor lower capacity network appliances framework, an open TCP/IP scripting checksumswith 1 or 2 ports of GigE or 10-GigE, a protocol, and integration with a broad • Randomize packet fields, packetsingle 1U Xena test system provides a range of functional and conformance payloads and packet lengths for truly test suites. randomized packet generation • Send precise numbers of packets • Built in wire-speed capture in conjunction with event triggeringNetwork Infrastructure Test determine what the real end user can be guaranteed to experience in • Specify transmit lengths at L2 or L3Ethernet based access, aggregation boundary network scenarios. • Specify packet inter-departure timesand regional transport networkinfrastructures are on the increase The efficient remote IP based and accurate traffic burst profilesworldwide, with many operators management capability, compact form factor, and wire-speed L2-3 • Automation using TCP/IP scripting, oralready implementing 1 and 10 stress testing capabilities of the Xena MS Excel for test case configuration,Gbps Ethernet transmission services Networks test platform is used to execution, and reporting.between locations and aggregationpoints. drive the transmission link or network into a full utilization state, scaling intoTo remain competitive, network Network Infrastructure Testing hundreds of Gbps of test traffic acrossservice providers must verify network a very high number of network accessperformance according to SLA, under Network infrastructure testing points.periods of network congestion, to measures the ability of a network or device to deliver performance (throughput, loss, latency) according to SLA • Remote GUI management of test components between central offices • Wire-speed L2 and L3 traffic generation, easily scalable to 100’s of Gbps • Automatic and real-time analysis of throughput, loss, and detailed latency distributions and jitter profiles Xena Networks ApS Xena Networks USA Sales contact:;(1$N E T W O R K S Graabroedretorv 6-8, 3. sal 1154 Copenhagen K Denmark Phone: +45 7020 0823 Fax: +45 6980 3398 945 Concord Street #1200 Framingham, MA 01701 USA Phone : +1 508-358-0127 Fax : +1 508-342-7018 sales@xenanetworks.com © Xena Networks — 2011-01-21