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  • 1. CIOnet in 2009 10 Februari 2009 Prepared by Hendrik Deckers
  • 2. CIOnet Membership 700 Members 600 500 400 Academics CIO & ITmgr 300 Total 200 100 0 JAN06 JUN06 NOV06 JUN07 NOV07 JUN07 NOV08 FEB09 Invitations Total invitations: +1200 (BE + NL) Ongoing Database Enrichment - Active invitation follow-up Recruitment campaign with the CIOnet Magazine NL: 225 members BE: 380 members Member management (criteria control) Gray list Black list
  • 3. CIOnet Advisory Board 2009 Members: - Carl Tilkin-Franssens, KBC (Chairman) - Els Blaton, AXA - Philippe Niesten, Herstal - Emile Schamp, Barco - Alain Grijseels, RIZIV-INAMI - Kalman Tiboldi, TVH - Ludo Van den Kerckhove, VDK Gnosis - André Vanden Camp, AVK - Roger Bouvrie, Puratos - Johan Vandewalle, ACV - Koen Vermeulen, Belgacom - Jan Dobbenie, Nuon - Peter Strickx, Fedict (ill) - Prof. Wim Van Grembergen, UA & UAMS - Prof. Jacques Tiberghien, VUB - Prof. Georges Ataya, Solvay Business School - Prof. Carlos De Backer, Antwerp University
  • 4. CIOnet Web 2.0 New Functions Video streaming Online Polls & Surveys Online Slideshows Mashups Content Strategy
  • 5. SIG’s: Special Interest Groups Enterprise Architecture Sourcing: Sourcing Partnerships The Value of IT in a Recession Collaboration in the Enterprise IT Enabled Business Innovation Benchmarking Academia Belgica Document Management
  • 6. CIOnet Networking Events 2008 CIOnet Supported Events
  • 7. CIOnet Networking Events 2009 1. Governance of the Vendor-Client relationship (10/02/2009) 2. Sourcing Partnerships (23/03/2009) 3. The Value of IT in a Recession (21/04/2009) 4. Enterprise Architecture for Agility (16/06/2009 - tbc) 5. Risk Management – with IT Governance Institute (09/2009 - tbc) 6. Collaboration in the Enterprise (10/2009 - tbc) 7. IT Enabled Business Innovation: Annual Event (11/2009-tbc)
  • 8. CIOnet Networking Events 2009 Round Table debates – topics - in collaboration with DataNews/.. - 1. Virtualisation 2. 5GL Application Development 3. Managing Failing Projects presentation by Alain Grijseels, RIZIV 4. Unified Communication Jan Dobbenie Ludo Van den Kerckhove Carlos Versteele Jos Van Pee Program prepared with support of the CIOnet Program Committee
  • 9. Business Partners Business Partners in Belgium
  • 10. CIOnet Magazine Goal: Brand Awareness, Member Recruitment, Member Promotion
  • 11. CIOnet International European target countries BE: launched Q4 2005 NL: launched Q4 2007 ES: launch planned May 2009 UK : advanced discussions CH: ongoing discussions DE: searching the right partners FR: searching the right partners SW: searching the right partners IT: searching the right partners
  • 12. The CIOnet Team Hendrik Deckers Carlos Versteele Managing Director Associate Director CIOnet CIOnet Erwin Van den Brande Jos Van Pee Commercial Director Associate Director CIOnet CIOnet Herman Van Bolhuis Mona Biegstraaten Managing Partner Managing Partner CIOnet Netherlands CIOnet Spain Bruno Béchard Ana Vasquez Managing Partner Community Manager CIOnet Netherlands CIOnet Spain Ilse Lauwens Mieke Pauwels Marketing Director Community Manager CIOnet CIOnet