Ascendify Guide - Why an Integrated Talent Acquisition Platform?


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Today, there’s hundreds of recruiting technology solutions to choose from. Read the guide to understand why its important for all the latest recruiting technology solutions work together in an integrated platform.

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Ascendify Guide - Why an Integrated Talent Acquisition Platform?

  1. 1. Why an Integrated Talent Acquisition Platform?
  2. 2. 41% of companies say the #1 need for innovation is: Integrating Recruiting Technology Where’s the Greatest Need for Recruiting Technology Innovation? 41% 35% 24% INTEGRATING CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCE 18% SOURCING 12% OTHER Recruiting Innovation Summit 2013
  3. 3. Point Solutions vs. Integrated Platform With so many recruiting technology solutions to choose from, you might wonder if it’s best to purchase each piece individually, or choose an all-in-one solution? Consider these 7 points: Speed & Timeliness of Data IT Resources Levels of Reporting Mobile Capabilities Opportunities for Collaboration Beautiful User Interfaces Positive Candidate Experience
  4. 4. 1 Speed & Timeliness of Data Disparate systems… With an integrated approach… make data syncing and timeliness of the data updates a challenge. data updates are always delivered immediately and stay in sync. Even the best integrations experience time delays that cause confusion when a Recruiter can’t view the latest piece of feedback on a candidate or, if a Hiring Manager is behind in the workflow. When a Candidate edits their resume, their profile is automatically updated in the CRM and Talent Community. Notes are entered by a Recruiter, and immediately available to the hiring team, so everyone is aware of next steps, and activity is logged.
  5. 5. 2 IT Resources Multiple point-solutions… Require heavy involvement from your IT department to integrate, maintain and update new versions. With new versions releasing at separate times, there’s risk that subsequent integration and maintenance will be required to patch the latest versions together. All-in-one cloud applications… Require little or no IT involvement. Updates are pushed to the cloud and your application is updated automatically. With a complete solution, no major integrations with existing solutions are needed – everything is designed to work together from the start.
  6. 6. 3 Levels of Reporting Each point-solution… A single platform…. generates its own reports, in its own format, which don’t talk to each other. drives better hiring outcomes when analytics are weaved throughout. So, you can’t get an accurate overall view of your recruiting efforts without a lot of manual consolidation. For example, connect employee performance data with their source of hire reports to predict where your best candidates will come from in the future.
  7. 7. 4 Mobile Capabilities Most recruiting solutions… only solve part of the mobile job search process. 30% of candidates begin their job search on a mobile device at the career website. But they’re forced to go to their desktop computer to create a resume, upload, and apply. A fully responsive platform… allows candidates to apply from their mobile devices with no apps to download. Plus… Employees actively refer their social connections from their tablets at home. Hiring managers can provide interview feedback while bouncing from meetingto-meeting.
  8. 8. 5 Opportunities for Collaboration With separate solutions… A single platform…. Communication can be lost between Hiring Managers & Recruiters… A forgotten email, or an unsaved Excel spreadsheet means miscommunication. All activity, notes, emails, approvals, and endorsements are tracked within one database. Employee Referral Programs go underutilized if employees don’t have an easy way to refer jobs to their network. So, Hiring Managers & Recruiters stay in sync, and Employees can check the status of their referrals.
  9. 9. 6 Beautiful User Interfaces Multiple point-solutions… The beauty of an integrated platform… require users to learn multiple sets of commands and menu structures for each application’s unique interface. gives users just one system to learn. What’s worse - lack of training results in lack of use. Once they learn commands in one functional area, they can apply them across the features of the entire platform. Modern enterprise software is mobile and intuitive, just like social applications that employees are familiar with.
  10. 10. 7 Positive Candidate Experience Cobbling together solutions… The latest all-in-one solutions… result in a negative experience for candidates, especially during the application process. allow you to simplify the login and apply process by collecting candidate’s social information. Extra steps and redundant forms begin to tarnish your employer brand, and candidates start to question how modern the company really is. Plus, Alumni and Silver Medalists are remembered in the community, making re-applying a breeze.
  11. 11. 45% of HR Executives would sacrifice features for an integrated HR solution. Increasing Demand for Integrated Solutions 45% 33% 2011 2012 Bersin by Deloitte 2013