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Ccna icnd 1
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  • 1. CCNA ICND 1
  • 2. Repeater
  • 3. Building Hub
  • 4. First Name/Address Table Person’s Name Computer Name Fred Flintstone Wilma Flintstone Barney Rubble Betty Rubble Barney Fife Pebbles Flintstone Bamm-Bamm Rubble Fred Wilma BarneyR Betty BarneyF Netguru Electrical-guy Network Address 0001 0002 0011 0012 0022 0030 0040
  • 5. OSI Layers OSI Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data Link Physical TCP/IP Application Transport Internet Network Access NetWare HTTP, SMTP POP3, Voip SPX IPX MAC PROTOCOLS
  • 6. Original Ethernet Standard
  • 7. CSMA/CD ■ A device that wants to send a frame waits until the LAN is silent—in other words, no frames are currently being sent—before attempting to send an electrical signal. ■ If a collision still occurs, the devices that caused the collision wait a random amount of time and then try again.
  • 8. UTP Cabling
  • 9. LAN Addressing LAN Addressing Term or Feature Description Media Access Control. 802.3 (Ethernet) defines the MAC MAC sublayer of IEEE Ethernet. Other names often used instead of MAC address. These terms Ethernet address, NIC address, LAN address describe the 6-byte address of the LAN interface card. Burned-in address The 6-byte address assigned by the vendor making the card. Unicast address A term for a MAC that represents a single LAN interface. An address that means “all devices that reside on this LAN Broadcast address right now.” On Ethernet, a multicast address implies some subset of all Multicast address devices currently on the Ethernet LAN.
  • 10. Serial Cabling Options
  • 11. Frame Relay Components
  • 12. Point to point Lease line
  • 13. IP Subnetting First Octet Range Class A 1 to 126 Class B 128 to 191 Class C 192 to 223 Valid Network Numbers to to to Number of Networks in This Class 27 – 2 2 14 2 21 Number of Hosts Per Network 2 24 – 2 2 16 – 2 28–2 Size of Network Part of Address (Bytes) 1 2 3 Size of Host Part of Address (Bytes) 3 2 1
  • 14. Private IP Range Private IP Networks through through through Class of Networks A B C Number of Networks 1 16 256
  • 15. Subnetting
  • 16. TCP Ack without Error
  • 17. TCP Ack With Error
  • 18. TCP Windowing
  • 19. TCP Connection Establishment
  • 20. TCP Connection Termination
  • 21. Multiple HTTP GET
  • 22. Connected and Static
  • 23. IOS verification Albuquerque#show running-config interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address ! interface Serial 0/0/1 ip address ! interface Serial 0/1/0 ip address Albuquerque#show ip interface brief Interface IP-Address OK? FastEthernet0/0 YES FastEthernet0/1 unassigned YES Serial0/0/0 unassigned YES Serial0/0/1 YES Serial0/1/0 YES Serial0/1/1 unassigned YES Method manual manual NVRAM NVRAM NVRAM NVRAM Status up administratively down administratively down up up administratively down Protocol up down down up up down
  • 24. RIP
  • 25. Routing Protocol Practice
  • 26. Analog Voice over Digital PSTN
  • 27. Modem over PSTN
  • 28. DSL Connection