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Viva Voce
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  • Third Culture Kid, Global NomadsHome and identityInternational curricula (IB, IPC, CIE)


  • 1. Investigating inclusive practices within two international schools in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands
    Viva Voce, 23 July 2010, Roehampton University, London
  • 2. Background of the study
    Viva Voce, Hendra, 23 July 2010, London
  • 3. Research questions
    Viva Voce, Hendra, 23 July 2010, London
  • 4. Extracts of literature review
  • 5. Methodology
  • 6. Concept map of the findings
  • 7. Defining and perceiving inclusion
    a kind of a philosophy of education … whether students with special education needs should be included, or … be pulled out from the classroom (Teacher)
    an inclusive model allows for a greater achievement than if it’s separate
    (Head of Student Service)
    promoting inclusive practices really benefits all children (Curriculum Coordinator)
  • 8. Tension in defining inclusion
    Viva Voce, Hendra, 23 July 2010, London
  • 9. Reflecting on theory:
    Viva Voce, Hendra, 23 July 2010, London
  • 10. Approaches to evolving inclusive practices
    Viva Voce, Hendra, 23 July 2010, London
  • 11. 1. Curriculum development
    Our approach to developing curriculum is that there are phases and throughout the primary school, children can move through these phases
    (Curriculum Coordinator)
    it [is] … one of the mandates of the PYP that you meet the students where they are
    (Head of Student Services)
    both curriculum [IPC and PYP]… have that scope [of inclusion] because the IPC works with levels: beginning, developing, [and] mastering
    (Head Master)
    Viva Voce, Hendra, 23 July 2010, London
  • 12. 1. Curriculum development
    The written curriculum of IB PYP (IBO, 2007)
  • 13. Challenges in developing curriculum
  • 14. 2. Celebration of learning
    i.e. positioning the learning of the students at the heart of all educational endeavours
  • 15. 3. Understanding of difference
    we’re so lucky in international school setting that we have such diversity… [where] children can live, breathe and experience diversity, and it can also be honestly celebrated (Curriculum Co)
  • 16. 3. Understanding of difference
    Process factors in international schools (Allan, 2002: 83)
  • 17. 4. Special education needs
    Viva Voce, Hendra, 23 July 2010, London
  • 18. The intricacy of admission
    Admission on the ground of affordability (annual £7700-£9620 tuition fees)
  • 19. Conclusion
    Viva Voce, Hendra, 23 July 2010, London