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  • 1. The Web Developer and the Semantic Web: Semantic Web Developer? Jonathan Hendler February 25, 2008 At the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) , Galway, Ireland. image: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/CostaMinimalSurface.html
  • 2.
    • Semantic Web: Where's the URI?
    • Why is the Semantic Web Not Important?
    • Why is the Semantic Web Important?
    • Conclusion
    • My Projects
    • Questions
    • References
    image: http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/v123/n4/suppinfo/5602511s1.html
  • 3. Semantic Web: Where's the URI?
    • When grantless people ask about or define the semantic web, there's been a long standing problem of pointing to single handle, a manageable definition.
      • image: http://www.crystal.chem.uu.nl/group-gros/
  • 4. Semantic Web: Where's the URI?
    • A new kind of database... A triple store?
    • Data feeds and meta data I can mash up?
    • Ontological models of a system?
    • The largest shared graph of all data structures?
    • A trust and identity infrastructure?
    • A set of XML based data interchange standards managed by the W3C?
  • 5. Semantic Web: Where's the URI?
    • The latest manifestation of description logic capable knowledge base?
    • XML +DAML+OIL + RDF + RDFS + OWL + RSS + OPML for multi agent systems?
    • A best practice?
    • An idea?
    • “ it has no boundary and [should] not intersect itself”? (see title image)‏
  • 6. Semantic Web: Where's the URI? If you can't explain, you might either appear to be, or be , foolish.
  • 7. Why the Semantic Web Is Not Important
    • Please don't throw things at projector screen
    • It's too much work.
    • It isn't ready.
    • I already have a database – and it has SQL
    • I already have a webpage.
    • There are better ways to data mine
    • It will never work
    • donuts – they are sweeter
  • 8. Why the Semantic Web Is Important
    • Ignore the last slide
    • It is something new, when taken as a whole
    • opportunity for standardization of information
    • interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving
    • prevention and cures for diseases
    • world peace ...
    (What regular human beings should know)‏
  • 9. Who will be right?
    • The reasons the Semantic Web is not important really just comes down to conventional thinking
    • The reasons it is important is going to be however the Semantic Web is used.
  • 10. Conclusion: What SemWeb Can Learn from OldWeb
    • Since the Semantic Web will only exists outside convention, get non techies to build stuff with it.
    • The Semantic Web inherently requires grass-roots style buy-in.
    • The Semantic Web is a human problem now, not a technical one.
    • Collaborate on smaller projects that can gain momentum and fill a user space.
    • Build first, get user adoption, conform to all standards later.
  • 11. My Projects
    • Equiforum
    • Semantic Search
    • NewsCup
  • 12. Questions
  • 13. Links and References
    • My Drupal projec started while with CivicActions - http://semanticsearch.org
    • Conflict resolution NGO - http://equiforum.org
    • System on Knowledge Base Wiki - http://systemone.at
    • Freebase - http://freebase.com
    • NewsCup company site : http://newscup-inc.com
    • Twine - http://twine.com
    • The Drupal 6 RDF initiative http://groups.drupal.org/node/9010