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    1. 1. ELLIPTICAL MOBILE SOLUTIONS Advantages of Micro-Modular Data Centers
    2. 2. Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010 www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com “The Next Generation of Modular Data Centers” C3 -S.P.E.A.R. R.A.S.E.R. S.P.E.A.R.
    3. 3. EMS Value Proposition Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010 www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com 3 • Capital Costs reduced 50 – 80% • Operating Costs reduced 40 – 65% • Modular Distributed Computing Platform that is Vendor Neutral • Turnkey Solutions
    4. 4. The Illustration Behind The EMS Value Proposition 4 Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010 www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com =
    5. 5. EMS Products are “The Facilities” for your IT Equipment 5 Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010 www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com EMS Provides: •Cooling •Security •Fire Suppression •Mobile Platform You Provide: •Electricity •Connection to your network •Any Equipment
    6. 6. EMS Product Line of Micro-Modular Data Centers (MMDCs) S.P.E.A.R. : 22U Armored, Mobile , Power Assisted Enclosure R.A.S.E.R. : 42U Re- locatable Enclosure C³-S.P.E.A.R.: 24U Mobile, Power Assisted Enclosure 6 Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010, www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com, Small, scalable to provide an affordable data center, disaster recovery or co-location alternative. Full height, 42U enclosure designed specifically for new data center builds or data center expansions. Designed for agile, high- density computing applications where mobility, shielding, environmental protection, and disaster tolerance are priorities.
    7. 7. Industry Direction Change Modular/Containerized Data Centers • Benefits over Traditional Data Centers Include: – CAPEX savings of 35-50% – OPEX savings of 20-30% – Time to Deploy from years to 6-8 months Micro-Modular Data Centers • Benefits over Modular Data Centers Include: – CAPEX additional savings of 40-50% – OPEX additional savings of 30-35% – Significant Flexibility – Time to Deploy to 2 months Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010 www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com There is a paradigm shift occurring in today’s Data Center market. By definition, this is a change from one way of thinking to another. It's a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It just does not happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change. Why are companies like IBM, Microsoft, Sun, HP and Google all entering the Modular/Containerized Data Center Market?
    8. 8. C³-S.P.E.A.R. Product Features • A Climate Controlled Campus-Self-Propelled, Electronic, Adaptable Rack designed to protect equipment from environments and situations that would render standard rack mounted equipment inoperable. • C³-S.P.E.A.R. can be used to protect any combination of rack mounted electronic equipment. The C³- S.P.E.A.R. can deploy its stable and secure operating environment virtually anywhere. • The power assist makes for the first time 1,000 lbs of sensitive equipment and cooling systems easily portable by one person.Optional Upgrade Features: 3/8” square or 10-32 tapped rail Programmable electronic locks with multi-tier security and audit trail Water Heat Exchanger External RF Antennas Pass-through Patch Panel NEMA12 Environmental Package FireTrace® active fire suppression with Novek® 1230 Technical Specifications: Dimensions……..………60” tall x 24” wide x 66” long* Weight…………………………………............. 400 lbs* Capacity………………………………...... 1,000 lbs* Mobility Range……………………………… 10 miles* Speed……………………...................................2.6 mph Operational temperature …………………. 0˚ to 120˚F* Internal Storage Capacity……………………….. 24 U Total Cooling Capacity…………..2.5 KW Single A/C 6.0 KW Dual A/C * depending upon upgrade options selected
    9. 9. Patented Forced Air Convection Equipment Cooling Inside air and outside air never mix All of our products allow you to establish a computing environment or data center anywhere. All that is needed is power and connectivity. Cooling, fire protection, EMI shielding, security, raised floor, hot and cold aisle, are all self contained in each enclosure
    10. 10. Portable Enterprise Class Wireless Client Support for Remote Office Applications Simplify and Secure Infrastructure Support for IT Equipment
    11. 11. R.A.S.E.R. - PERFECTLY SCALABLE 11 •Micro Modular Design •42U Sealed Enclosure •Vendor Neutral 19” Form Factor •42,000 BTU HVAC •Closed Loop Cooled •Hot & Cold Aisle Containment •Pre-engineered High Density •Rack Level CyberLock Security •Active Fire Suppression •Mobility •Easy Serviceability Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010 www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com DATA CENTER “IN A BOX”
    12. 12. New Data Center Alternatives Hybrid (Shared Space) High Density Zone that needs no infrastructure Shared Space Example •4 RASER Units •224 Blade Servers •1794 Cores •960TB Storage •PUE 1.5-1.1 •48-64KW IT Load
    13. 13. Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment High powered fan will continue to move air during datacenter power outage Cool Ambient Air Hot air from equipment Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2009 1 Mission Critical Venting Close up view Inside View
    14. 14. • Firetrace Systems provide Cost- Effective, Stand-Alone, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for your Critical Equipment, Electrical/Technical Systems and various types of enclosures. • Novaec 1230 is a dielectric substance which is harmless to electronic equipment even during operation. • Novaec 1230 is a totally “clean” (non toxic) agent which eliminates permitting issues and eliminates clean up. • A Firetrace System can be utilized anywhere that a fire poses a risk, and it is flexible enough for virtually any Industrial Equipment. Active Fire Suppression System 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fluid 150,000 units installed worldwide
    15. 15. Fire Proofing Insulation • Aerogel Insulation provides thermal protection from external or internal sources • Air Tight RASER does not support combustion. Fires in the data center typically initiate through electrical equipment or component failure…”-Lance Harry, business development manager for Fenwal Protection Systems Self contained modules compartmentalize damage to overall Data Center environment.
    16. 16. • Fully Customizable Encrypted Security Access – Limitation by time or day (9am – 5pm) – Limitation by personnel (Network Equipment Only or Servers Only) – Monthly Expiration and Renewal • 4,000 user event auditable trail – Track who opens what and when. • Field Programmable CyberLock Multi-tier Security System Integrated electronic security 4 levels of security access to the enclosure. The patch panel, both equipment doors, and propulsion system are all secured with unique keys Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010 www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com
    17. 17. Enclosed RASER ROOM or “Pod” Dedicated “make up” air supply or high volume adiabatic cooling for redundancy RASER is free standing Room isolated so it can be “pumped” effectively
    18. 18. Permanent
    19. 19. Mobile and Semi Permanent
    20. 20. Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010 www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com Why EMS? • Save Money – Eliminate costly infrastructure with a self-contained, high-density, cost-effective and energy efficient data center. – Reduce the costs to plan, build and implement your data center – Reduce overall operating expenses • Save Energy – Patented closed loop cooling dramatically cuts cooling and electrical costs – Significantly reduce data center’s harmful carbon footprint • Save Time – Micro-Modular Data Centers can be built, fully populated and delivered in weeks vs. months or years – Have a fully functional data center when, where and for however long you need it • Save Space – Reduce your data center footprint by up to 70 percent – EMS products can be located in a warehouse, garage, office or closet
    21. 21. 11” 80” Cabinet 43” 30” 82” Side View Front View 26”
    22. 22. EXAMPLE 2U Network patch Panel Power/Data can enter the top/bottom of sidecar or through existing raised floor Lockable/ Cyberlock Access Door •Protects patch area •Reports access Mix or match 4 Power/Data Entry Grommet Gland Locations EXAMPLE 2U Media Converter Optional 4” Fan Mounts R.A.S.E.R. “Sidecar” Power/Data can enter the top/bottom or through existing raised floor Power/Data Entry Knockouts/Grommets Vertically mount 3 “2U” piece of low density network, VIOP,etc
    23. 23. 23 EXAMPLE SOLUTION 23Copyright Elliptical Mobile Solutions 2010 www.ellipticalmobilesolutions.com
    24. 24. Expand Data Center Capacity with Energy Efficient High Density Zone TOTAL: 300 TB OF STORAGE “EXAMPLE SOLUTION” “Future Growth” 160 TB CISCO UCS Blade Servers NETAPP STORAGE
    25. 25. 42U Hardened, Portable and Energy Efficient Container
    26. 26. RASER’s offer a NEW LEVEL of RELIABILITY Connect the COOLING AND IT load in the RASER to the UPS! •Simplifies Electrical Cabling •Increases Reliability Traditional Way Utility Power UPS ITTransfer Switch CRACGenerator Delay to start EMS Way Utility Power UPS Cooling AND IT Generator •Complex wiring •Generator may not start •Generator delay causes room temperature to rise •Delay for Chiller/CRAC to restart can cause room temp to rise •Simplified wiring •Generator has time •No Delay •No Interruption Transfer Switch
    27. 27. High Density Zone
    28. 28. RETRO FIT your Data Center without disrupting your current environment.
    29. 29. - Convert any location into A high density Zone - Streamline Project Management - Reduce Installation & Design Costs - Project finished in 10 weeks or less “EXAMPLE SOLUTION” “Future Growth” 160 TB 54KW TOTAL POWER DRAW AT CAPACITY IT = 36 KW A/C = 18 KW 12KW IT 6 KW A/C 12KW IT 6 KW A/C 12KW IT 6 KW A/C *PUE 1.5 *PUE - power usage effectiveness