The great depression
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The great depression






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The great depression The great depression Presentation Transcript

  • The Great Depression The Stock Market Crash and Its Effects It’s only worth how much?
  • Section Objectives
    • 1. Analyze the effects of the Stock Market crash.
    • 2. Describe the spread of poverty during the Great Depression.
  • 4 Signs of Dangerous Economy 1. Uneven Prosperity 2. Buying on Credit 4. Too Many Goods 3. Playing the Stock Market
  • The Good and Bad of 1929
  • Did People Jump out of Windows? I can’t take it!
  • From Crash to Depression
    • The Crash of the stock market triggered a much larger crisis called the Great Depression .
      • A severe economic decline that lasted from 1929 until the U.S. entry into WWII.
  • Domino Effect
    • When the Stock Market crash began in 1929, its effects spread through many areas of society.
    • Factory workers, farmers, banks and citizens around the world were affected by the crash.
  • *Domino Effect on Workers/Farmers*
    • As profits and incomes of businesses fell, workers were laid off by the thousands. (cost cutting)
  • *Domino Effect on Banks*
  • Domino Effect on Banks
    • Unfortunately, Americans were using borrowed money, from banks, to play the stock market and lost millions.
    • Nervous Americans rushed to banks to withdraw savings account money that was no longer at the bank.
    • Banks that could not return people’s deposits simply closed their doors and people’s savings were as good as gone.
  • Domino Effect on the World
    • When the global leader’s banking and investment system fell, the world felt the shock.
    • Europeans who were paying back loans to the U.S. no longer could because Americans could not buy or consume European goods.
  • The Bottom Suffers the Most
    • Those at the bottom of the social ladder suffered the most from the Depression.
    • Those who were unemployed usually lost homes as well as jobs.
  • The Bottom Suffers the Most
    • The homeless of the big cities carved out existences in make-shift towns called Hoovervilles .
    • Make-shift shelter towns built by the homeless of the depression.
  • *Poverty Strained our Society*
    • “ All last winter we never had a fire except about once a day when mother cooked mush or something. When the kids got cold we went to bed. I quit high school of course”.
  • Hope is on the Way
    • The election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 is going to spark a sense of hope.
    • FDR’s programs to help the Depression work, but it will take WWII to pull us completely out.