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Senior project paper

  1. 1. Senior Project PaperWhat to examine when creating your project paper.
  2. 2. The Rubric Areas Graded Points PossibleTitle Page 10Introduction – Thesis/Topic Sentence 10Body – 40 Focus – supports thesis or topic sentence Conventions – Organization – the “flow” of the paperConclusion – 10 restates the thesis/topic sentenceIn-Text Citation – over ½ the paper MUST include in-text 15citationsWorks Cited – MLA format, titled, alphabetized, properly 15formatted MUST HAVE AT LEAST 3 Sources TOTAL 100Your paper must be 900 Words Long – One Letter Grade (10 points) isdeducted for every 100 words below
  3. 3. Focus on the Paper This paper will be based on research of your proposal and related to your product. Describe the research you will conduct on your topic. Provide some details about the direction of your research.
  4. 4. Building a THESIS Constructing Shadowing Creating Fundraising/Co Something (music, art) mmunity Service*What *Write about the *What *Write about theoccupation would career that you occupation would organization yourequire the skills shadow. go along with are fundraisingneeded to build *Write about the your activity? for.what you are organization that *Publishing your *Investigate thebuilding? the worker works piece or how to cause that you*What is the for. get are raisingproduct you acknowledgeme money for.make going to be nt for your work. *Examine theused for? *Getting it legal system*The engineering OFFICALLY behindbehind the recorded. fundraising in thecreation of the US.project.
  5. 5. SourcesAcceptable – Just to Name a Few Not AcceptableJournal BLOGSBook WIKISMagazine WIKIPEDIAInterview-make sure to type up interviewquestions beforehandLegitimate Webpages- government websites, magazinewebsites, etc.
  6. 6. Conclusion Your conclusion should not only restate your thesis/topic sentence, but it should also tie back to you initial project proposal
  7. 7. Your January 19th Meeting With YourAdvisor Make sure to have AT LEAST a Rough Draft to show them concerning your paper It wouldn’t hurt to have an outline and sources to show them as well. Remember YOUR PAPER IS DUE WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST  Most will turn in to their Social Studies Teacher (Smith, Jones, Titus, or Wright)  All others will turn into their PE Teacher
  8. 8. What your Notecard will look like Name Project Prposal Thesis / Topic Sentence Sources 1. 2. 3.
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