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Dentsu scb final3

  1. 1. Priority Banking Launch A Presentation by Dentsu Alpha Limited September 16, 2009 V2Wednesday, May 30, 12
  2. 2. Agenda Review of Brief Objectives Target Audience Concept & Designs Program Cost EstimateWednesday, May 30, 12
  3. 3. Review of Brief Objectives Target Audience Date q Striking the Priority customers with the Date: 6 Oct 2009 Number of target guests: 300 features & benefits of Standard Chartered Priority Banking service § Representatives of British Time: 6PM - 9PM package tailored for Vietnam. embassy in Vietnam Venue: Park Hyatt Saigon § Priority customers, who are high- net-worth, biz owners, celebrities, Address: 2 Lam Son Square, District 1, q Showcasing the PrB debit card which wealthy HCMC enables PrB customers an access to the standard of world-class service, global § Representatives from tie-up connectivity, well differentiated benefits merchant programs and comprehensive relationship § Media representatives q Giving thanks to merchants tied up in the privilege campaign that offers special promotions to Standard Chartered Priority Banking customers. q Expanding and spreading marketing strategy throughout Vietnam and across the world by strengthening the concept “World-class service”.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  4. 4. Over-all Design Theme Tall Drapes/Curtains and Glittering Lights Stylized curtains of gold and alabaster-like walls will be placed outside the foyer. Glittering Lights that will replicate the beauty of evening sky will also adorn the whole setup. Transforming Park Hyatt to Kodak Theater Giant Park Hyatt Ballroom will be Standard transformed into the towering KODAK Theater where Chartered hundreds of high profile events 3D are held every year. Standard From the moment, the guests Chartered Logo in 3D or Hologram take steps inside the hotel, they as a show of will immediately recognize Priority Essentials global excellence Standard Chartered’s trademark and prestige and and benchmark of world-class to greet audience The whole foyer will be transformed into Oscar welcoming standards and service, as they enter the walk. Alabaster pillars, dramatic lighting, cocktail tables, exclusively to successful foyer. photowall, blue flowers and long RED Carpet (that individuals who know life’s extends from the lobby to the foyer) will synergize the elegant look and feel of the event/brand. priorities.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  5. 5. Ballroom Pillars and Lighting Design Tall Pillars with dramatic lighting (aka David Tutera) will be surround the entire seating area. Standard Chartered Glorifiers Rotating Standard Chartered Mobius Logos will stand as glorifiers to be placed in all corners of the ballroom. Stage Design Two (2) Standard Chartered 3D Statue in left and right stage. Two Projection in the middle (movable). Podium on the right stage (with standard chartered insignia.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  6. 6. In celebrating SUCCESS, FORTUNE & RESPECT, we aim to treat our customers, partners, and potential advocates to a gathering of the elite. We aim to introduce and highlight Standard Chartered’s Priority Banking by making the audience experience that they are STARS -- one with the line of prestigious few in the world. In the event, we will pay tribute and we will all celebrate the good life and everything that is important in... One Toast to Priorities 6Wednesday, May 30, 12
  7. 7. Welcome Area Symbolizing the smooth sound of French way of living (plus everything that is good in Life), guests will be welcomed to the instrumental music of Camille La Festin in Ratatouille. Dreams are to lovers as wine is to friends Carried through lifetimes, (and) spilled now and then I am driven by hunger, so saddened to be Thieving in darkness; I know you’re not pleased But nothing worth eating is free My hope is a banquet impatiently downed Impossibly full, now I’ll probably drown Many thieves’ lives are lonely with one mouth to feed If giving means taking, I’ll never succeed For nothing worth stealing is… Free at last; won’t be undersold Surviving isn’t living; won’t eat what I’m told Let me free, I’ll astonish you; I’m planning to fly I won’t let this party just pass me by SCB Staff welcomes the guests as The banquet is now underway, so… they enter the event location. Bring out the bottles; a new tale has spun In clearing this table, my new life’s begun I am nervous, excited; (oh) just read the marquee! A lifetime of hiding; I’m suddenly free! My dinner is waiting for me A lifetime of hiding; I’m suddenly free! My dinner is waiting for meWednesday, May 30, 12
  8. 8. A Show of Global Reach PGs dressed in Carnival-like National Costumes will line up near the entrance to welcome and usher the VIPs to the main foyer.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  9. 9. Priority Banking Comforts Photo Wall Guests will be ushered through the RED CARPET to the COUCH Photowall Area. For the photowall, an elegant couch with a clean designed background of Standard Chartered Trust Mark (with glittering stars) will symbolize the comforts of being a Standard Chartered Priority Couch Photo Wall for Banking Account holder. Guests Standard Chartered Corporate Slogan will be Trust Mark and Priority added in the backdrop: Banking Logos will Leading the Way in Asia, adorn the sea of Green and Blue Background. Africa and the Middle East. Paparazzis (3-5 photgraphers) will take pictures of the guests in their star magazine pose. The photographs will be shown during the dinner.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  10. 10. What are your Priorities Exhibit? After the photowall experience, the guests will be ushered to the main foyer where they can see exhibit of priority banking banners and buzzwords. What are your PRIORITIES? The exhibit will show Standard Chartered pictures, aiming to intrigue the guests with the big question --- What are your Priorities? Treatment To intrigue the guests and to send an aligned communication message, a flash production which can be shown in plasma tvs will be produced. Alternate: Large format printout. Pictures of Big Ben, Africa Safari, Singapore’s MerLion, Great Walls can be integrated.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  11. 11. Program Proper 11Wednesday, May 30, 12
  12. 12. Opening Video What are your Priorities? Standard Chartered Ushers and Women in Carnival-like National Costumes will usher the guests to the ballroom. Guests will be seated down accordingly. When everybody is seated down, a carnival-like dance number will open the show. Modern Dance Medley from Africa - Beyonce‘s Dejavu Asia - Janet Jackson’s Runaway Middle East - Michael Jackson - Black and White Snippets form the music videos will be flashed.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  13. 13. Welcome Notes and Priority Package After the video, Head of Consumer Banking, Namita Lal enters stage to give a short welcome remarks. Namita Lal exits and Head of Priority Banking - Marketing will enter and gives a presentation. Presentation will be in flash presentation to engage audience and show an up-to-date global status. Introduction of Priority Package: PrB Service PrB Benefits Prb Solutions International Banking ServiceWednesday, May 30, 12
  14. 14. Priority Banking Word Mark Launch Music: Big Spender Reference: For the key moment, A broadway style dance number will set the mood to world-class service and the launch of Priority Banking. The showdown will be a mix of: Broadway music Fabulous movie dance steps Standard Chartered Thrusts and Ideals Introduction of benefits from partners And unveiling of Priority Banking Card (mock up)Wednesday, May 30, 12
  15. 15. Priority Banking Word Mark Launch 1 2 3 4 Ballroom lights go dim. CHARGEN LED Project: Standard Dramatic follow-spot will focus on Flashes on screen of famous global Chartered - Your right partner to a center... to reveal a woman dancing landmarks. Will end with Vietnam better future. Landmarks. 5 6 7 8 One by One, female dancers go CHARGEN LED Project: Your Male dancers enter. Male Dancers from audience area to onstage. right partner in achieving your dress like English butlers. Dance Priorities. Standard Chartered routine centers on women being Vietnam. served and pampered with SCB Classy Dance routine Product. continues til climax.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  16. 16. 9 12 11 10 Dancers gather stage center. Ushers and Women in The Dance will culminate with Carnival-Like National the entrance of Priority Costume join the dancers Banking Card Mock-up - onstage. which the dancers will carry in the middle of the stage. At the end of the song, lights with Standard Chartered Trust Marks and Priority Banking Word Mark will be projected in the audience and the stage areas. Reveal Giant mock-up Card from ceiling stage as if it came from the skies. The Flash Pictures in LED of the various card will be placed in the benefits of Priority Banking. center.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  17. 17. Priority Card Champagne Cheers Namita Lal enters and gives a brief message. Standard Chartered’s VIPs and other distinguished guests will enter stage. As they enter the stage, champagne will be distributed to the audience. Namita Lal continues with her message and segues to a toast. Standard Chartered Logo will be flashed on screen. Group photos to be taken onstage.Wednesday, May 30, 12
  18. 18. Entertainment and Dinner Future Agenda announcement: Year-end celebration with (1) Work-life Balance talk (2) Promotion campaign for Half-way through the dinner, term deposits SCB Representatives will go Announcement of Special (3) Success Story from PrB around to distribute PrB Awards and Raffle customers Customer Welcome Pack and - Best Evening Formal Attire thank-you notes. Trip to Macau/France Closing Remarks Entertainment and world-class talents will grace the stage while dinner buffet is opened. Interview videos to be played as Tuyet Loan background. Jazz singer Phuong Vi singer Arabeques Samba danceWednesday, May 30, 12
  19. 19. Thank you. 19Wednesday, May 30, 12