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Coke square2

  1. 1. HEATWAVE A Presentation by Square November 23, 2010
  2. 2. The BriefCreate a concept for a Summer Activity covering big cities in Vietnam -Targetting Teenagers aged 14-19 years old- Theme must be related to appreciation of Music -Will attract 10K Pax Attendees The event must be/have: Music Experience Refreshing Lift Teens Up Initial Ideas from Client: Camping Festival Fair
  3. 3. Everyone knows that summer is the best time of the year! No school. Full Day of Playing and Dancing in the street The Fresh Summer Flowers & Fruits. The warm sounds of the Summer Wind The textured smell of sea salt water.
  4. 4. It’s a perfect time to quench thethirst & experience the refreshing benefit of COKE.
  5. 5. HEATWAVEHeatwave is a campaign encouraging all teens to make strides increating, sharing and appreciating refreshing music reflective of youth and summer fun. The campaign motivates people to enjoy summer and take anactive role in taking a more refreshing outlook while enjoying the refreshing benefits of COKE.
  6. 6. This coming summer, Coke will engage and challenge the youth in reminding that Coke is the perfect companion to lift them up, refreshing them physically and emotionally.The campaign, entitled Heatwave, will be about owning the summer season, and introducing new ways to enjoy life and music through summer’s exciting visuals amdactivities. The ff. thrusts will be communicated as well: - Summer = Fun = Coke - Coke supports Vietnam Music and in helping Teens blossom to their highest music potential.
  7. 7. WELCOME to the Coolest and Hottest Event of Summer! Heatwave Funky YouTunes CIty City Art Pop UP Heatwave Camp Crown Promo Digital Maximization Ambiant and Activation Consumer Promo Main Event Music Appreciation and Education for young Foster an appreciation Bring the summer sand and Enjoy summer’s heatwave people. Plus Live Concert community for new wave to the city.Publicize and reinforce the need to featuring hottest music wave and Coke campaign, main event and buy and drink coke and performers in town and lovers. the brand and excite them win prizes in the process. overseas. All Under the about summer SUN.
  8. 8. The campaign will be introduced through acitywide merchandising and installationannouncing the start of summer days in Vietnam.
  9. 9. HEATWAVE City ART POP-UP On Ground MaximizationSTREETS PARTNER ESTABLISHMENTS MALLS & POS1) Street 1) HEATWAVE Table 1) Coke HeatwaveMerchandising on Tops REFRESHmajor thoroughfares 2) Posters LOUNGE 3) Decorative 2) Beach2) Street Musicians & Mobiles Caricature & PhotoArtists Booth 3) Posters 4) music jukebox
  10. 10. HEATWAVE City ART POP UP Beach pop-up visuals will be installed in main thoroughfares to provide ambient advertising and invite targets and the public.Dong Khoi Halong Street Tran Phu Street
  11. 11. Heatwave Refresh Pop-up Lounges will be Heatwave installed in major malls and parks in the city. Lounge will provide coke beverage, premiumCity ART POP UP items for sale, computer terminals for website access and free wifi for everyone. Computer Terminals Summer Music Free WIFI Branded Premium Items Coke Beverage For Sale
  12. 12. Street artists and photo pop-upHeatwave booths will be situated around ART the city to do souvenir henna tattoo and caricature portraits in a beach setting.
  13. 13. As most of the TEENS are connected online, a digital maximization will be implemented to engage the pubic and solicit entries for Coke Music Camp . YouTunes CITYYoutunes will serve as a channel for young people to develop and Your friendly Summer Music Neighborhood showcase their musical talents through collaborative work with fellow artists, art lovers and performers. Lift Teens UP! Youtunes is a movement encouraging teens to express themselves through music. It aims to foster refreshing collaboration and celebration of different forms and expression of musical artistry into a level of greater heights never been heard or seen before .
  14. 14. HelloTunes Talent Wave - Unveil Your YouPODS Hot SUMMER WAVE Hottest Musical Best where users can create, share, Users can team up with their fellow music Planetcopy and enjoy music created by lovers and share mp3 and videos of vocal Games, Apps and downloadable fellow music lovers. prowess, dance dynamics and musical wallpapers, coke music, stickers,coke creations for others to like, feedback and art and other contents for people to comment. use and share with friends. 300 entries will be chosen to participate in the Optional: Heatwave Coke Radio COke Heatwave Summer Camp in each city.
  15. 15. Teens will be invited to gather in a modern architecture design by the beach shore. Design Inspiration comes fromHEATWAVE Sydney Opera House. The patterns represent the sun rays which represent what the objective of the main event. We The COKE COVE 1 want to depict the different layers of talent and artistry innate in Vietnamese teens. Lift Teens UP! We want to create an impressive landmark where we can project brand images of Coke, Vietnam and the event and a sturcture that will stand out against the background of the calm Vietnam shores.
  16. 16. Coke shaped enclosureHEATWAVE will be the main event location near the beach. The COKE COVE 2 Giant coke towers will accentuate the Camp Lift Teens UP! Entrance. The panels will be decorated with COKE branding and HEATWAVE designs - 360.
  17. 17. HEATWAVE Floor Plan
  18. 18. Music Camp will be have a 2-day filled with activities HEATWAVE dedicated to promote promising music talents (Music Camp ) and provide refreshing entertainment for Coke Music Camp aficionados/spectators (Live Concert). Coke Beverage Stations and Sponsor Booths will be spread around the Lift Teens UP! Camp. World Music Heritage + Vietnamese Heritage +Emerging Mucis Genre Recital Concert Vocals Basics Dance Music Basics w/ Popular Lecture Dynamics Writing CelebritiesDay-Long Activities WAVE Ripple Sweat Wild Summer Catwalk Chart Huts Do-Re-Mi Center Top 300! Effect Sports and Tunes Karaoke Haven Interactive Area for Photobooths and exhibit of camper’s Hot Dudes and Contemporary Music Learning / education for and work, interactive Music Area basics of music souvenir photo Fun, Sports and Babes, Fashion & for Hitlist Lovers to (songwriting, singing, website, bluetooth stations. Music Music listen. dance) stations
  19. 19. HEATWAVE “Everybody knows that you need nothing if you have the SUN, BEACH and COKE”The COKE FUNKY CROWN PROMO Collect specially labelled coca cola bottle crowns : in exchange of premium items at Coke Refresh Pop-Up Lounges in exchange of entrance to camp INSTANT PRIZES and SUN BEACH ♥♥♥ COKE in BALI/ PHUKET/ PHU QUOC SUN BEACH ♥♥♥ COKE in Bali!
  20. 20. The Music Camp will culminate in a live concert filling the venue with vibrant youth energy and refreshing musicHEATWAVE from both local and international music and dance artists. Select Coke Music Campers will perform with the guests. Music Concert 2PM Kaba Modern TaeyoungJabbawockeez Wonder Girls Lee Hyori
  21. 21. Corporate Partners 1. Raffles College. • Fashion design department: Summer Catwalk Tunes. 2. Nivea Vietnam. Besides that, we also have • Because of outdoor educational consultants to activities under the help teenagers orient their sun, they might need future career. sun block lotion. 4. Mobilefone. 3. Samsung mobile. • Mobilefone has a call package • One of the activities in the called “Q-Teen” which dedicated Camp will be using for teenagers. “Q-Teen” has lots of Samsung mobile phone to interesting preferences. support for Chart Huts 100 SMS(internal network)/ Karaoke Heaven. It’s like day with only 3000 VND using new Samsung Wave to 640 VND/minute(internal record a song and share it to call) within Happy hours everyone. Free 15MB/month using Mobile Internet.
  22. 22. HEATWAVE Summary 2 3 1 Awareness & Recogntion + Recogntion of Expression and Advocacy and Teens Gifts empowerment Sharing to benefit others Street Merchandising City Art Pop-Up Street Artists Coke Refresh Lounge Coke Cove - Camp and Concert Launch of Youtunes Call of Entries Engagement Announcement of Promo Winners Instant PrizesFunky Crown Promo Music Camp