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  • 1. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin A short Intro ... mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Founded 1983 in Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany - since 1999 in Berlin, Germany Working with successful clients & partners in Europe, Asia and USA Delivers concepts & services for publishers (digital, mobile & print) Delivers concepts & services for branding, marketing & sales Help to understand, adopt and integrate emerging technologies, and tools and utilize them for your business Coaches “Learning Organizations” and managers eager to learn mcc. It works! February 2014 2014
  • 2. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Hugo E. Martin (66) Has spend more than 40 years in publishing Advertising & marketing Product development Management and personal development Internationalization More than 30 years in Corporate Communication & Marketing Magazines, books, Internet & IT&C Consumer (b2c), business (b2b), channel Direct marketing More than 30 years in Management & Consulting Coaching Learning manager & organizations Utilizing emerging technologies for business Publishing on print, online and cross-media Social Media & Communities, IT+C technology Internationalization Brand management and sales mcc. It works! February 2014 2014
  • 3. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Services for Publishers – Digital, Mobile & Print s Help to understand, adopt and integrate emerging technologies Developing strategies & concepts for better ROI Development & relaunch of products, services & applications Branding & brand management Internationalization concept & coaching Advertising marketing & sales management Circulation marketing & sales management Assessments, personnel & organizational development Change & knowledge management Alliances, merger & acquisitions Succession planning & interim-management mcc. It works! February 2014 2014
  • 4. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Services Branding, Marketing and Sales Help with adopting & integrating emerging business technologies Branding strategy and concepts Coaching brand management Integration of Social Media in business concepts Developing a Customer Value Chain Internationalization - licensing - international cooperation Sales management international Sales training & coaching Assessments, personnel & organizational development Change & knowledge management Helping wit alliances, merger & acquisitions mcc. It works! February 2014 2014
  • 5. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Pragmatic approach on how to work together Freelance adviser as coach / trainer Moderator, mediator mentor Adviser with special knowledge in project teams Adviser for strategy and concept development Interims-Management Service as match maker Networker and information agent Agent for subcontractors Subcontractor for existing business connections ... YOU name it ! mcc. It works! February 2014 2014
  • 6. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Countries I have done some business with (selected) Austria - Benelux - Bulgaria - Croatia - Czech Republic - France Germany - Greece - Hungary – Iran - Italy - The Netherlands Poland - Romania - Russia - Spain - Turkey - Ukraine - United Kingdom China - India – Indonesia - Japan - Malaysia - Philippines South Korea - Thailand - Vietnam United States Middle East – Tanzania - Zambia mcc. It works! February 2014 2014
  • 7. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin How to get in contact / where to join ... @hemartin mcc consulting Hugo E.Martin P.O.Box 310906 10639 Berlin Germany mcc. It works! Deliveries Prinzregentenstr. 5 10717 Berlin Germany eMail IM/Skype mcchemartin Phone Fax +49 - (0)30 - 23 62 78 36 +49 - (0)30 - 23 62 78 38 February 2014 2014
  • 8. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Background information Hugo E. Martin (66) Education 1962 - 1965 1962 - 1965 1971 - 1972 1975 - 1981 Vocational training in book and magazine publishing, Würzburg Training college for book sellers, Würzburg Betriebswirt (HWL) Akademie für Betriebswirtschaft, Munich Main subjects: Marketing and sociology Training in Humanistic Psychology, Rhetoric, Sales Management, Management in London , San Francisco and Munich Professional Career (selected) 1966 - 1970 1972 - 1975 1975 - 1977 Marketing assistant, advertising manager Corporate management and marketing Marketing manager & sales manager London-South 1978 - 1983 1980 - 1983 1983 - 1992 since 1983 1993 - 1998 1994 - 1999 1994 - 1999 1996 - 1998 1997 - 1999 Publisher CHIP & other Special Interest Magazines Managing Director Software Publisher & Distribution Managing Partner Owner of mcc consulting Hugo Martin Publisher / Managing Director Vogel International Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Chairman of the Board mcc. It works! - Vogel Verlag, Würzburg - ALNO Möbelwerke, Pfullendorf - Pieroth-Gruppe / Rhine Wine Ltd., London, UK - Vogel Verlag, Würzburg - Intersoft GmbH, Ismaning - COMPUTER MARTIN, Würzburg - mcc consulting, Berlin - Vogel Medien Gruppe, Würzburg - Vogel Kiado, Budapest, Hungary - Vogel Publishing, Wrocław, Poland - Vogel Publishing, Hong Kong, China - VBC, Beijing, China February 2014 2014
  • 9. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Selected Key Projects ... (1) mcc consulting, Hugo E.Martin, Würzburg since 1983 Consulting and development of concepts for special interest and b-to-b magazine Consulting for ePublishing & eCommerce Consulting, concepts and development of multimedia projects Consulting, concepts and implementation of projects in the area of enterprise & office communication Coaching for business leaders, manager, groups Emerging technology advice: Understand, adopt and integrate them in business and organizations How to approach, appear, share and be of value to members and groups in social communities and networks Start-up consulting internationally (e.g. USA, UK, Japan, CEE, Africa, Germany) Management consulting and innovation management Coaching and training of project teams, esp. in publishing, IT&K, service industry and startups Publisher / MD Vogel International 1993 - 1998 Concept and coaching of the enterprise process globalization / internationalization of the Vogel Media Group, Würzburg Developing and coaching of Vogel‘s subsidiaries and partners in Central-/Eastern Europe Developing and coaching Vogel‘s cooperation and joint venture in China Blue Print and managing Vogel‘s strategic alliances in Europe, Asia / Pacific and USA Leading CHIP and autoEXPERT globalization process Developing Vogel‘s Global Advertising Sales Network mcc. It works! February 2014 2014
  • 10. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Selected Key Projects ... (2) COMPUTER MARTIN GmbH, Würzburg 1983 - 1992 Concept IT for medium and large sized enterprises and organizations Consulting in enterprise wide communication and infrastructure Concept, fine planing and implementation - Connectivity IBM, DEC, SNI, HP and Bull as well as local networks of (LAN‘s) and WAN‘s Application Programming to SAP/2 (planning, plan / actual comparison etc.) Advice, training and getting started support in DTP, graphic and multimedia Advice and getting started support in application environment development Advice, implementation and training in connection with business management applications IT education concepts, development of training material and training Technical service and customer service for medium and large sized enterprises Vogel Verlag, Würzburg - Special Interest 1978 - 1983 Co-developer, project leader and publisher of the magazine “CHIP“(and all other Special Interest titles) Books and Specials round around “CHIP“ Relaunch of the magazine “Populäre Elektronik“ Concept and implementation of country / regional supplements (Asia) Concept development of “PC-Magazine“ (USA) Concept development of “PC-World“ (USA) Concept and implementation of the magazine “PC Personal Computer“ and “HC Home Computer“ Concept and implementation of the b-to-b supplement “IC Bürokommunikation“ mcc. It works! February 2014 2014
  • 11. mcc consulting Hugo E. Martin Selected Key Projects ... (3) Pieroth-Gruppe / Rhine Wine Ltd., London 1975 - 1977 Development of a sales manual Development and execution of sales, telephone and trade fair training Development and implementation of sales competitions Development and control of direct marketing activities within UK markets Management of “On-The-Road“-sales campaigns in UK Planning and management of approx. 40 trade fair participations in UK ALNO Möbelwerke (Kitchen), Pfullendorf 1972 - 1975 Development and implementation of medium and long-term corporate planning Development of a new marketing system (incl. brand and channel marketing) Development of a new system for faster and market oriented product development Development of up-to-date sales management system incl. ALNO Information Center (AIZ) Development and execution of sales training Member of advertising consultant board AEG Haushaltsgeräte, Nürnberg Marketing and media planning (Consumer & Channel) mcc. It works! February 2014 2014