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Promotional Pedometers are effective tool of business promotion and branding in fitness related campaigns. APD Promotions, Sydney offers customized pedometers with your logo or brand name on them. For more details:

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Promotional Pedometers-APD Promotions

  1. 1. Promotional Pedometers Effective Tool For Fitness Related Campaign APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
  2. 2. A Pedometer is a portable and electronic or electromechanical device that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person's hips. APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
  3. 3. Need For Promotional Pedometers ● ● ● ● Promotional pedometers are a great gift to promote a healthy lifestyle With obesity on rise and diet indusry becoming big business, it makes sense to promote healthy lifestyle. Walking is cost effective and low impact exercise that fits into your day. Promotional Pedometers, thus, become great way to promote healthy lifestyle. APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
  4. 4. Pedometers As Corporate Gift ● ● ● Promotional pedometers are a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle to your clients and your employees. Come in range of colors and shapes. Can be customised to your corporate colours with your logo or brand name on them. ● Cost-effective device. ● Unique Gadget that add to your style. APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
  5. 5. Popular Choices of Pedometers ● Water Powered Pedometer ● Multi Function Pedometer ● Promotional Solar Pedometer ● ● Shoe Pedometer ● FM Radio Pedometer ● Heart Shaped Pedometer ● Bicycle Pedometer ● Step Pedometer ● Pedometer with LED Torch Rechargeable USB 3D Pedometer APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
  6. 6. Promotional Pedometers – Gallery APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
  7. 7. Promo Pedometers: General Specifications ● Step Count ● Belt Clip ● Power Source: DC1.5V (1pc x AG-13) ● Product Size: 55x46x22mm ● Distance and Calorie Measurements ● Splash proof Product features listed are as per claims from their manufacturers/suppliers. APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
  8. 8. Promotional Pedometers @ APD Promotions ● ● ● APD Promotions is one of the leading promotions and sourcing company in Sydney, Australia that offer hundreds of promotional products to establish your brand identity in market. They offer these customized pedometers as per your requirement and need. They can supply eco-friendly promotional pedometers. For large quantities they can supply directly from the factory so you can save up to 70%. APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
  9. 9. Thanks for Your Precious Time Check our site: APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
  10. 10. Thanks for Your Precious Time Check our site: APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU
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