Most Popular Industrial LED High Bay Lights


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Here are some most popular industrial LED high bay lights manufactured by Hi-Semicon, a well known LED high bay light manufacturer from China. They are providing energy solutions at warehouse, workshop and other industrial and commercial applications.

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Most Popular Industrial LED High Bay Lights

  1. 1. Most Popular Industrial LED High Bay Lights With the remarkable advancements in lighting industry in early parts of 21 st cantury, we can see LED high bay lights almost everywhere around us in places like industries, factories, gyms, stadiums, garages, malls, warehouses, and many other places. If you look upwards, may be you will come across some of these high bay lights yourself. It is now scientifically proven that LED high bay light fixtures cam have unambiguous effect on the functionality of an area where they are used and also on appearance of that particular area. Before buying a product you should have to consider the type of lighting a building require and the finance building has for maintenance as well as for the operation when taking into consideration the choice of LED high bay lights. Different types of LED high bay lights in China are available and you can buy any of them according to your needs and budget. It is very essential to take into consideration the type of design each bulb has. LED high bay bulbs and tubes generally come in two basic forms: linear and pendant forms. The main difference in these two forms is that pendants need much more space and also they require a ceiling which is too higher when compared with the linear bulb do as they are little bit thicker than linear one. So it is very important for you to be sure about what exactly the kind of LED high bay lights you need. You can buy the best quality product according to your
  2. 2. requirement in the lowest price from any well reputed high bay light manufacturer in china. Here are two of the most common LED high bay lights that are used in the industries: 120W High bay lights: These are high-performance original CREE LED tubes that have standard wiring designs. They are able to work even if one led failed, as the remaining LEDs will still work. These products usually have three year warranty. They are environment friendly and have anti-vibration property. T Series supermarket High bay: Supermarket high bay light bulbs are used in supermarket as these products have green light technology. They are source of cold light source and thus do not bring extra heat to the food. Based upon the available features, you can go for best suited LED high bay lights manufacturer for your industry. With upcoming technologies, there are chances of much more improvements in LED technology. Source: