Why India A Unique Destination For Liver Transplant


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As you know statistics has shown significant high ratio of patients coming from abroad for medical treatments. Want to have more information on Liver transplant. Read here www.livertransplantindia.com

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Why India A Unique Destination For Liver Transplant

  1. 1. Why To Choose India For Liver Transplant Operation ? India is going to become a big hub for medical tourism. As most of the westerners form abroad taking visa for medical reasons to India. According to an estimation around 1,50,000 people in a year travel to India on Medical visa. Why they choose India as favorite destination is due to the low priced procedure and highly expert and qualified doctors. The Majors contribution are from the Indian government policies,which allows a easy procedure for visa in India for patients all over the world. India counts in leading number for their contribution toward medical field. People find recent technologies in use in very much affordable price. However there are no compromise with health issues. Are you looking for liver treatment in India ? Click here to know more Suffering form liver disease and have not see any sign of recovery . You must consult your doctors whether you need a liver transplant. Some facts about the liver transplant • Procedure Only cure for advanced stages of cirrhosis • Liver can be donated by a brain dead person or by a close relative having matching blood group • Success rate are up to 80% • As liver is regenerated and grown in normal size in some weeks. So you can lead a normal healthy living.
  2. 2. Medanta Liver Institute is one of the institute dedicated for liver transplant and liver disease treatment in India , which offers a highly appreciated facilities for Living donor and a expert panel of doctors. Dr Soin has performed around 1200 living donor liver transplants in India, which is the highest number of successful operation in India, and Stood second highest in all over the world. Doctor and his team performed 22-25 successful liver transplant every months with 95% of success rate . Do You Have Any Query Or Want To Discuss Your Issues Related To Liver Disease ? Contact Us : Liver Transplant India Dr. A.S. Soin Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplant Surgeon, Chief Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplant Surgeon Chairman, Medanta Institute of Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine. Sector 38, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001 India(Country) Tel Numbers: (+91) - 124-4855-222, 0124-4855-444 E-mail: absoin@gmail.com , arvinder.soin@medanta.org Website: www.livertransplantindia.com