A project report on yamaha superbikes for yamaha motor india pvt.ltd.

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A project report on yamaha superbikes for yamaha motor india pvt.ltd.

A project report on yamaha superbikes for yamaha motor india pvt.ltd.

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  • 1. Projectsformba.blogspot.com A Project Report ON “REARCH IN YAMAHA SUPERBIKE&R15” FOR “YAMAHA MOTOR INDIA PVT. LTD.” Submitted to: (HEAD OFFICE, NOIDA) Guide IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF PGDBM Course Submitted by: (2007-2009) India Yamaha motor Pvt. Ltd. Corporate office A-3, industrial area ,Noida Dadri road, surajpur – 201306 Ph .No.- E- mail – 1
  • 2. Projectsformba.blogspot.com A Project Report ON “REARCH IN YAMAHA SUPERBIKE&R15” FOR “YAMAHA MOTOR INDIA PVT. LTD.” By (2007-2009) (POST GRADUAT DIPLOMA IN MANAGMENT) PGDBM Course (POST GRADUATION DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGMENT) Submitted To: University Of Pune Institute of Businesses Management & Research Pune (2007-2009) 2
  • 3. Projectsformba.blogspot.com CERTIFICATE This is to certify that …………………. of INTERNATIONALINSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES has successfully completedthe project work titled “YAMAHA SUPERBIKE&R15” in partialfulfillment of requirement to the award of :- POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT(PGDM) POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINES MANAGEMENT(PGDBM) prescribed by IIMS, Pune. This project is the record of authentic work carried out during theacademic year 2007-09.Internal Project Guide Director 3
  • 4. Projectsformba.blogspot.com DECLARATION I, ………………………, hereby declare that this project isthe record of authentic work carried out by use during theacademic year 2007-09 and has not been submitted to any otherUniversity or Institute towards the award of any degree. 4
  • 5. Projectsformba.blogspot.com INDEXS.No. Content Page No.1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT1. INTRODUCTION 1. About Yamaha Motors2. Company Profile 1.. Product3. Yamaha first sports bike4. Product Profile5. Yamaha logo history6. 4Ps of Marketing7. Research Methodology8. Yamaha Accessories9. Analysis10. Recommendations & Suggestion11. Competitors12. Summary & Conclusion – YZF-R1, MT01, R1513. Questionnaires14. Abbreviations16. Bibliography 5
  • 6. Projectsformba.blogspot.com ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThis project is an attempt to share my experience and learning duringthe two months of project with “YAMAHA MOTOR INDIA PVT. LTD.”in Noida.This project would not have been possible without the supportand guidance that I have received from various people at differentstages of the project.I would like to express my profound gratitude and sincere thanks to…………………… Sir,Marketing head my external guide for guidingme throughout the project. It indeed has given me invaluable exposurein fieldwork and market research.I would also like to express my thanks in no less measure to my internalguide. I put my sincere thanks and regards to ………………… Myinternal project guide for his valuable guidelines.My deepest regard to my parents who have always encouraged me inpursuit of higher education. They have been immense source ofinspiration and support to me as well, without which completing thiscourse would have been difficult. I dedicate this work to my familywithout whose cooperation this task would have remained unachieved.Last but not the least I would like to thanks the dealers, sub-dealers,garages and customers of Delhi, who cooperated in giving me theinformation required for the project. 6
  • 7. Projectsformba.blogspot.comINTRODUCTIONAbout India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.Yamaha made its initial foray into India in 1985. Subsequently, it enteredinto a 50:50 joint venture with the Escorts Group in 1996. However, inAugust 2001, Yamaha acquired its remaining stake as well, bringing theIndian operations under its complete control as a 100% subsidiary ofYamaha Motor Co., Ltd, Japan.India Yamaha Motor operates from its state-of-the-art-manufacturing unitsat Faridabad in Haryana and Surajpur in Uttar Pradesh and producesmotorcycles both for domestic and export markets. With a strong workforceof 2000 employees, India Yamaha Motor is highly customer-driven and hasa countrywide network of over 400 dealers.The company pioneered the volume bike segment with the launch of its 100cc 2-stroke motorcycle RX 100. Since then, it has introduced an entire rangeof 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes in India. Presently, its product portfolioincludes Crux (100cc), Alba (106cc) and Gladiator (125cc)..We will establish YAMAHA as the "exclusive & trusted brand" ofcustomers by "creating Kando" (touching their hearts) - the first time andevery time with world class products & services delivered by people having"passion for customers". 7
  • 8. Projectsformba.blogspot.comWe are committed to:Be the Exclusive & Trusted Brand renowned for marketing andmanufacturing of YAMAHA products, focusing on serving our customerwhere we can build long term relationships by raising their lifestyle throughperformance excellence, proactive design & innovative technology. Ourinnovative solutions will always exceed the changing needs of our customersand provide value added vehicles.Build the Winning Team with capabilities for success, thriving in a climatefor action and delivering results. Our employees are the most valuable assetsand we intend to develop them to achieve international level ofprofessionalism with progressive career development. As a good corporatecitizen, we will conduct our business ethically and socially in a responsiblemanner with concerns for the environment.Grow through continuously innovating our business processes for creatingvalue and knowledge across our customers thereby earning the loyalty of ourpartners & increasing our stakeholder value..Customer #1We put customers first in everything we do. We take decisions keeping thecustomer in mind.Challenging SpiritWe strive for excellence in everything we do and in the quality of goods &services we provide. We work hard to achieve what we commit & achieveresults faster than our competitors and we never give up.Team-work 8
  • 9. Projectsformba.blogspot.comWe work cohesively with our colleagues as a multi-cultural team built ontrust, respect, understanding & mutual co-operation. Everyones contributionis equally important for our success.Frank & Fair OrganizationWe are honest, sincere, open minded, fair & transparent in our dealings. Weactively listen to others and participate in healthy & frank discussions toachieve the organizations goals. 9
  • 10. Projectsformba.blogspot.com COMPANY PROFILE 1 0
  • 11. Projectsformba.blogspot.comPaving the Road to Yamaha Motor Corporation"I want to carry out trial manufacture of motorcycle engines." It was fromthese words spoken by Genichi Kawakami (Yamaha Motors first president)in 1953, that todays Yamaha Motor Company was born."If youre going to do something, be the best."Genichi KawakamiThe first Yamaha motorcycle... the YA-1.Then, in January of 1955 the Hamakita Factory of Nippon Gakki was builtand production began on the YA-1. With confidence in the new directionthat Genichi was taking, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. was founded on July 1,1955. Staffed by 274 enthusiastic employees, the new motorcyclemanufacturer built about 200 units per month. 1 1
  • 12. Projectsformba.blogspot.comGenichi Kawakamis history with Yamaha was long and rich. He saw thenew corporate headquarters in Cypress, California and the 25th Anniversaryof Yamaha become a reality in 1980. He also watched bike #20 million rolloff the assembly line in 1982. Genichi passed away on May 25, 2002 yet hisvision lives on through the people and products of Yamaha, throughout theworld.FoundedFounded July 1, 1955Capital 48,302 million yen (as of March 31, 2008)President Takashi KajikawaEmployees 46,850 (as of December 31, 2007)(Consolidated) Parent: 9,019 (as of December 31, 2007)Sales (Consolidated) 1,756,707 million yen (from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007) Parent: 799,209 million yen (from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007) 1 2
  • 13. Projectsformba.blogspot.comSales Profile Sales (%) by product category (consolidated) Sales (%) by region (consolidated)Major Products & Manufacture and sale of motorcycles, scooters,Services electro-hybrid bicycles, boats, sail boats, Water Vehicles, pools, utility boats, fishing boats, outboard motors, diesel engines, 4-wheel ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, racing karts, golf cars, multi-purpose engines, generators, water pumps, snowmobiles, small-sized snow throwers, automotive engines, intelligent machinery, industrial-use remote control helicopters, electrical power units for wheelchairs, helmets. Biotechnological production, processing and sales of agricultural and marine products and microorganisms. Import and sales of various types of products, development of tourist businesses and management of leisure, recreational facilities and related services.Headquarters 2500 Shingai, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka-ken, JapanAffiliated Companies Consolidated subsidiaries: 112 Non-consolidated subsidiaries: 8 (by the equity method) Affiliates: 27 (by the equity method) 1 3
  • 14. Projectsformba.blogspot.com • Won Novice 250 and 350cc classes of 1st All Japan Road Race Championship • Motorcycle development operations transferred from Yamaha Technological Research Institute to YMC headquarters • Full export operations transferred from Nippon Gakki to YMC • Yamaha-built Toyota 2000GT sets world records in 3 speed trials categories and international records in 13 categories • First Yamaha racing kart model "RC100" released • "C7 Campaign" launched with aim of reducing cost by 7% • First Yamaha industrial robot model, an "arc welding robot" released • First Yamaha marine diesel "MD35" released 1 4
  • 15. Projectsformba.blogspot.com • First Yamaha-made surface mounter "21 Series" released • Corporate Mission; We Create Kando - Touching Peoples Hearts and long term management vision announced • Takashi Kajikawa appointed as sixth YMC president • New medium-term management plan "NEXT 50 - Phase II" announced • Yamaha captures MotoGP triple crown by winning the rider, team and manufacturer titles • Motorcycle manufacturing factory Yamaha Motor Manufacturing West Java (YMMWJ) founded in Indonesia • Mass production of Astaxanthin as a supplement begun at factory in Fukuroi, Shizuoka • Global Parts Center established in Fukuroi city, Japan and full operations begun • Compliance Promotion Committee establishedPRODUCT 1 5
  • 16. Projectsformba.blogspot.comThe growing world of Yamaha products, for the water, for the land, in townand into the future • Land Motorcycles Sports bikes, Trail bikes, Road racers, Motocrossers, etc. Commuter Vehicles Scooters, Business-use bikes Recreational Vehicles All-terrain vehicles, Side by side vehicles, Snowmobiles Electro-Hybrid Vehicles Electro-hybrid bicycles • Water 1 6
  • 17. Projectsformba.blogspot.com Boats Powerboats, Sailboats, Utility boats, Custom boats Marine Engines Outboard motors, Electric marine motors, Marine diesel engines, Stern drives Water Vehicles Personal watercraft, jet boats • Power Products Power Products Golf cars, Land cars, Generators, Multipurpose engines, Water pumps, Snow throwers, etc. • Industrial Products 1 7
  • 18. Projectsformba.blogspot.com Automobile Engines Automobile engines Aeronautics Industrial-use unmanned helicopters Pools Pools, Water slide systems, Aqua trainer tubs, Pool-related equipment Intelligent Machinery Surface mounters, Compact industrial robots, etc. • Aqua Environment Alkaline ion water converters, Water purifiers, Filtration equipment, etc. OES truss fishery reefs, Oil-water separation equipment Life Science 1 8
  • 19. Projectsformba.blogspot.com Astaxanthin essence Wheelchairs Auxiliary electric power units for wheelchairs, Electric wheelchairs, etc.YAMAHA LAUNCHING INDIAS FIRST SPORTS BIKEI recall during 80s riding in Rx100 was a great passion for all bike lovers.Yamaha name was become a house hold name in most of the house in Indiabecause of one only Rx100. All young boys loved that bike and its 1 9
  • 20. Projectsformba.blogspot.commelodious sound. But later Yamaha was not able imprint the same passionwith another model though the reputation of Yamaha was highest amongbike lovers who admire the sexy style and performance of YAMAHA R1and YAMAHA R6 yet another catchy name associated with Yamaha was thelegendary Valentino Rossi.YAMAHA RX 100VALENTINO ROSSIWhat would the average Indian fan expect from designers like YAMAHA?They dream nothing less than riding in R1 in the streets of India! Its dreamfor all of us to move with speed of wind in the streets of Cochin kaloor andMarine Drive ...well this dream seems distant but what Yamaha cancontribute nothing less than what they promised in latest Auto Expo in NewDelhi....The launch of YZF R-15.... Company official says its the DNA ofR1.YAMAHA R1 > YAMAHA YZF-R15 2 0
  • 21. Projectsformba.blogspot.com This will really shake the concept of Indian two wheeler Market.Yamaha has really initiated the process months back with the launch ofYAMAHA R1 in selected showrooms. I got the privilege to interact with thedistributors of R1, the confidence levels are much above they expected butaverage Indian youth will not be able to spend Rs 10.5 lakhs for a bike sothe benefit has not extended to majority.YAMAHA YZF R 15 will fulfill this dream. Surely, this will be the firstbike to set a bench mark in India. Company officials have kept thespecification as secret but different rumors are there, all are matching withone point that R15 will be 150 CC.Years back YAMAHA has launched another outstanding bike in 125 CCsegment in Asian marketsYZF-R1 - State-of-the art race technologyThe YZF-R1 is a legend of the supersport world, an acclaimed one-litreperformer that’s become a motorcycling icon, an all-powerful WorldSuperbike race-winning machine that’s also a monument to the power ofbeauty. The R1’s performance is electrifying and yet what makes this 2 1
  • 22. Projectsformba.blogspot.commotorcycle truly remarkable is its superbly rider-friendly character becauseYamaha’s avant-garde, race-bred technology puts you confidently in control. PRODUCT PROFILEsupersports 2 2
  • 23. Projectsformba.blogspot.comYZF-R1BACK ‘ER INEveryone can hold the throttle wide open up the straight, it’s how welleverything works after you close the go-tube that will make the biggestdifference to how competitive your lap is. With the R1’s slipper clutchmetering the amount of back torque, you get outstanding control andaccuracy, and blisteringly fast corner entry.The slipper clutch enableschanges in clutch plate pressure when torque force comes to bear on thecrank from the rear wheel, and exemplifi es what is most remarkable aboutthe R1 engine - not only the amount of power, but the linearity and superbtransitional characteristics of that power.STIFF AND FLEXIBLEAs chassis loads continue to escalate it’s only logical that the chassis itselfshould be a tuneable component. Our engineers have identifi ed specificareas of the frame where stiffer is better, and others where fl ex provides thekey to good handling. By tuning fl ex quotients of the main frame, rear arm 2 3
  • 24. Projectsformba.blogspot.comand fork, Yamaha created an optimal rigidity balance for the new YZF-R1.As a result, chassis response to initial steering inputs is light and responsivewhile stability in high-speed turns is excellent, and overall handlingqualities… simply brilliant.Engine type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, forward inclined parallel 4-cylinder, 4-valve, DOHCDisplacement 998 ccBore x Stroke 77.0 x 53.6 mmCompression ratio 12.7:1Maximum power 132.4 kW (180 PS) @ 12,500 rpm* 139.0 kW (189 PS) @ 12,500 rpm**Maximum torque 112.7 Nm (11.5 kg-m) @ 10,000 rpm* 118.3 Nm (12.1 kg-m) @ 10,000 rpm**Starting system ElectricLubrication wet sumpCarburettor/Fuel supply Fuel injectionClutch type Wet multiple-disc coil springIgnition system T.C.IPrimary / Secondary reduction 3.042 / 3.000ratioTransmission type Constant mesh, 6-speed 2 4
  • 25. Projectsformba.blogspot.comFinal transmission ChainFrame type Aluminium die-cast DeltaboxFront suspension Telescopic forks, . 43 mmFront wheel travel 120 mmRear suspension SwingarmRear wheel travel 130 mmFront brake Dual discs, . 310 mmRear brake Single disc, . 220 mmFront tyre 120/70 ZR17MC (58W)Rear tyre 190/50 ZR17MC (73W)Overall length x width x height 2,060mm x 720mm x 1,110mmSeat height 835mmWheelbase 1,415mmMinimum ground clearance 135mmDry weight 177kg / 131kgFuel tank capacity 18 litresOil capacity 3.83 litres 2 5
  • 26. Projectsformba.blogspot.comMT-01 - Torque like a hammerIts a genius idea – unite a hi-tech 1,670cc V-twin with an aluminium sportsframe and cutting-edge suspension and brakes – and youve got a sportsriding revolution. There is nothing like the MT-01: a massive engine thatproduces huge torque for hammer-blow acceleration, a sports chassis thatknifes through the turns, a pulsating exhaust note thats total aural ecstasyand monumental styling thatll stop the traffic.MT01Its a genius idea − unite a hi-tech 1,670cc V-twin with an aluminium sportsframe and cutting-edge suspension and brakes − and youve got a sportsriding revolution.Engine type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, V-twin, OHV,4 valves per cylinderDisplacement 1,670 ccBore x Stroke 97.0 x 113.0 mmCompression ratio 8.4:1 2 6
  • 27. Projectsformba.blogspot.comMaximum power 66.3 kW (90 PS) @ 4,750 rpmMaximum torque 150.3 Nm (15.3 kg-m) @ 3,750 rpmCarburettor/fuel supply Twin-bore, Electronic Fuel InjectionStarting system ElectricLubrication Dry sumpClutch type Wet, multiple discIgnition system T.C.ITransmission type Constant mesh, 5-speedFinal transmission ChainFrame type Aluminium CF die-cast, double cradleFront suspension Telescopic forksFront wheel travel 120 mmRear suspension Swingarm (link suspension)Rear wheel travel 117 mmFront brake Dual discs, . 310 mmRear brake Single disc, . 267 mmFront tyre 120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W)Rear tyre 190/50 ZR17 M/C (73W) 2 7
  • 28. Projectsformba.blogspot.comOverall length x width x height 2,185mm x 800mm x 1,105mmSeat height 825mmWheelbase 1,525mmMinimum ground clearance 145mmDry weight 243kgFuel tank capacity 15 litresOil tank capacity 5.0 litres 2 8
  • 29. Projectsformba.blogspot.com the tuning fork mark and Yamaha Veneer logo 1934The Tuning Fork Mark Widely used in newspaperThe three tuning forks of the advertising and catalogsYamaha logo mark represent thecooperative relationship that links 1937the three pillars of our business --technology, production, and sales.They also evoke the robust vitalitythat has forged a reputation for A trademark application forsound and music the world over, a Yamaha Organterritory indicated by the enclosingcircle. The mark also symbolizes 1937the three essential musicalelements: melody, harmony, andrhythm. A trademark application for Yamaha Piano1898 1937The phoenix clutches a tuning forkin the mark designated for the A trademark application for tuningnewly established Nippon Gakki forks aloneCo., Ltd. 19591927 A trademark application forA trademark application featuring musical instruments 2 9
  • 30. Projectsformba.blogspot.com1964 in 1967, coinciding with the introduction of the standardized tuning fork mark. Used in various forms over the years, the currentUsed for motorcycles Yamaha logo mark was designated in 1998.1967 1967Introduction of standardized logo;current alternate version Designated Yamaha logo markdesignated as reverse format 19801980 Yamaha logo mark updated, with simple line-art type designated asReverse format of 1967 designated standard formatas standard format 19871987 Company name changed toUsed on corporate flags, etc. Yamaha Corporation to mark1998 100th anniversary of the firm.The tuning fork is deleted, to emphasize the Yamaha name 1998Current designated standardversions and alternate versions oftuning fork markThe Yamaha Logo Mark Designated standard and alternateThe Yamaha logo mark, versions of the current Yamahacombining the Yamaha logo and logo markthe tuning fork mark, was adopted 3 0
  • 31. Projectsformba.blogspot.com4Ps of MarketingMarketing is an ongoing process of planning and executing the marketingmix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion often referred to as the 4 Ps) forproducts, services or ideas to create exchange between individuals andorganizations.Marketing tends to be seen as a creative industry, which includes advertising,distribution and selling. It is also concerned with anticipating the customersfuture needs and wants, which are often discovered through market research.Essentially, marketing is the process of creating or directing an organizationto be successful in selling a product or service that people not only desire,but are willing to buy.Therefore good marketing must be able to create a "proposition" or set ofbenefits for the end customer that delivers value through products orservices.Four PsIn the early 1960s, Professor Neil Borden at Harvard Business School identifieda number of company performance actions that can influence the consumerdecision to purchase goods or services. Borden suggested that all thoseactions of the company represented a “Marketing Mix”. Professor E. JeromeMcCarthy, also at the Harvard Business School in the early 1960s, suggestedthat the Marketing Mix contained 4 elements: product, price, place andpromotion.In popular usage, "marketing" is the promotion of products, especiallyadvertising and branding. However, in professional usage the term has a widermeaning which recognizes that marketing is customer-centered. Products areoften developed to meet the desires of groups of customers or even, in somecases, for specific customers. E. Jerome McCarthy divided marketing into fourgeneral sets of activities. His typology has become so universally recognizedthat his four activity sets, the Four Ps, have passed into the language.The four Ps are: 3 1
  • 32. Projectsformba.blogspot.com • Product: The product aspects of marketing deal with the specifications of the actual goods or services, and how it relates to the end-users needs and wants. The scope of a product generally includes supporting elements such as warranties, guarantees, and support. • Pricing: This refers to the process of setting a price for a product, including discounts. The price need not be monetary - it can simply be what is exchanged for the product or services, e.g. time, energy, psychology or attention. • Promotion: This includes advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and personal selling, branding and refers to the various methods of promoting the product, brand, or company. • Placement (or distribution): refers to how the product gets to the customer; for example, point of sale placement or retailing. This fourth P has also sometimes been called Place, referring to the channel by which a product or services is sold (e.g. online vs. retail), which geographic region or industry, to which segment (young adults, families, business people), etc. also referring to how the environment in which the product is sold in can affect sales.These four elements are often referred to as the marketing mix,[3] which amarketer can use to craft a marketing plan. The four Ps model is most usefulwhen marketing low value consumer products. Industrial products, services,high value consumer products require adjustments to this model. Servicesmarketing must account for the unique nature of services. Industrial or B2Bmarketing must account for the long term contractual agreements that aretypical in supply chain transactions. Relationship marketing attempts to do this bylooking at marketing from a long term relationship perspective rather thanindividual transactions.As a counter to this, Morgan, in Riding the Waves of Change (Jossey-Bass,1988), suggests that one of the greatest limitations of the 4 Ps approach "isthat it unconsciously emphasizes the inside–out view (looking from thecompany outwards), whereas the essence of marketing should be theoutside–in approach". Nevertheless, the 4 Ps offer a memorable andworkable guide to the major categories of marketing activity, as well as aframework within which these can be used. 3 2
  • 33. Projectsformba.blogspot.com RESEARCH METHODOLOGYRESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3 3
  • 34. Projectsformba.blogspot.comResearch may be defined as the search for knowledge through anobjective and scientific method of finding solution of problem. Researchmethodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. Itincludes the various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher instudying problem along with the logic behind them. During my researchI have adopted the following research design. Research Design:  To decide the objective and subjective of the research.  To determine the most suitable method of research.  To determine the sources of data.  To decide the appropriate research instrument for data collection.  To determine the suitable sampling design and sampling size.  To conduct the field survey for data collection.  To prepare the research report. Descriptive ResearchThis method is undertaken when the researcher is interested in knowingabout the characteristics of certain groups such as age, sex, educationlevel, income. Interested in knowing the proportion of unit in a givenpopulation who behaved in a particular way, determining therelationship between two or more variable.This method was the most suitable in my research work. Data collectionThere may be different types of information and data, Some of theinformation may be unpublished, some is complete and some is 3 4
  • 35. Projectsformba.blogspot.comincomplete, some is reliable data and some is based, It is necessary forthe researcher to know and the information which is usually employedin marketing research work and the types of sources from which it isgenerally collected. The research problem decides the nature of thesources of data. They may be primary data and secondary data. Primary DataPrimary data is being collected during the course of asking questions byperforming surveys. Primary data is obtained either throughrespondent; either though questionnaire or through personal interview.I have collected the data through both of them. Secondary Data:Are the data already available in the form of print material, website,journals etc, I have used some Magazines, Newspapers, Websites andcourse material for that purpose. Research Instrument:I have used the structured questionnaire in my research process whichhas carefully designed keeping the entire objective in mind. Most of thequestions in my questionnaires were closed ended in nature. Sampling plan:The process of collecting observation from the elements of a largepopulation may be expensive, time consuming and difficult. It will becheaper and quicker to collect information from a sample plan of thepopulation. A sample is a subset of population through a valid statisticalprocedure so that it can be regarded as representative of the entirepopulation. The valid statistical procedure of drawing sample from thepopulation is called sampling. Sampling plan consists of followingelements:- Sample units: 3 5
  • 36. Projectsformba.blogspot.comMy sample units were direct dealers + sub-dealers + service centre andcustomers so it is clear that sampling units are nothing but variable tobe studied. Sample Frame:The entire list which contains the sample unit is known as sampleframe; In this case my sample frame was Delhi city. Sample size:The large sample is more accurate the results would be but practically itis not feasible to survey the entire target population or even thesubstantial portion of it. In this project, being aware of the time andcost constraints, sample size was 2 direct dealers including 27 sub-dealers and customers. Sample method:In my research process I have used Non probability sampling, whichinvolves purposive or deliberate selection of particular units of asample. Contact method:Personal interview is that in which an interviewer obtains informationfrom interviewee by meeting face to face. The methods of collectinginformation through personal interviews are usually carried out in astructured way. Field survey:After carefully choosing the way I have started the survey for accuracyof the data I picked my sampling unit from some parts of the city, andthen went on to analysis and report making part. 3 6
  • 37. Projectsformba.blogspot.com YAMAHA ASSECORIES 3 7
  • 38. Projectsformba.blogspot.com Besides accessories for your motorcycle or scooter Yamaha also offers a superb range of officially branded Yamaha riding gear and casual clothing. On this page we offer you a sneak preview of what we have available for you. Ask for the 2008 Apparel & Novelties catalogue at your dealer to check 3 8
  • 39. Projectsformba.blogspot.comout our complete clothing range. 3 9
  • 40. Projectsformba.blogspot.com GENUINE ACCESSORIESApparel & Novelties 2008 ANALYSIS 4 0
  • 41. Projectsformba.blogspot.comARE YOU AWARE ABOUT THE SUPERBIKE? Are you aware about super bike? yes No 25% 75%HAVE YOU SEEN YAMAHA LATEST BIKE? 4 1
  • 44. Projectsformba.blogspot.com DO YOU THINK THIS BIKE IS SUCCESS IN INDIA ? YES NO 15% 85%WHICH ONE YOU THINK BATTER AND, WHY? Series1 Series2 Series3 Series4 Series5 1 90% 0.9 80% 0.8 0.7 60% 0.6 0.5 40% 40% 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 WHICH YAMAHA BAJAJ SUZUKI TVS HERO ONE YOU HONDA THINK BATTER AND WHY ?HOW MUCH YOU CAN SPEND ON SUPERBIKE? 4 4
  • 45. Projectsformba.blogspot.com 20 18 16 HOW MUCH YOU CAN SPEND ON SUPER BIKES? 14 1.1-4 LAC. 12 10 2. 4-8 LAC. 8 3. 8-12 LAC. 6 4 4. 12-18 LAC. 2 0 1 2 3 4 4 5
  • 46. Projectsformba.blogspot.comRECOMMENDATION&SUGGESTIONYamaha showroom detailsJinder Yamaha No super bike in the showroom but they tell that they haveB-294,saraswati bookingvihar.Pitam Pura , • Color demand- Red , yellowNew delhi-34 • Promotion activity – Road show, canopy • Mostly customer want styles bike • Loan –ICICI bank , and bushan bank • They say that bushan bank loan’s process is slow, and rate of interest is high. • Mostly young generation want super bike’s • They provided insurance form Allianz’s • They deal’s only Yamaha bike Parameter’s  Good location  Display was good and showroom is look like direct showroom  They have 8-10 member staff girls also, all are well dress  Covance power was good  They have different 2 zone for customer, and staff and cash and finance  Price was different  Customer Services  Batter stock of bike’s So according to me jinder Yamaha is locketed in good area and it have good looking showroom and better services for customer 4 6
  • 47. Projectsformba.blogspot.comA-20,G.T. kamal No super bike in the showroom but they tell no demandroad,opp hans • Color demand-cinema azadpur, • Promotion activity – No promotion activitydelhi-110033 • Mostly customer want styles bike • Loan –ICICI bank , and bushan bank • They say that bushan bank loan’s process is slow, and rate of interest is high. • Mostly young generation want super bike’s • They provided insurance form Allianz’s • They also have dealership with hero- Honda • They say’s that here low sale of Yamaha • No re-sale value customer say Parameter’s  Display was good and showroom is look like direct showroom  They have 4-5 member staff ,  Covance power was average  They have different 2 zone for customer, and staff and cash and finance  Price was different  Customer Services  Batter stock of bike’s  No AC  No clearness  No clear dress So according to me oswal autos is locketed in middle class area they have better showroom but they don’t have batter services.and R15 is on demand ,and they don’t have stock , according to oswal autos R15 is super hit bike 4 7
  • 48. Projectsformba.blogspot.comYamaha motor Yamaha showroom have super bike in saketIndia sales pvt.ltdYamaha bike • Color demand- Red , yellow,whitestation,gt 02 & gf • Promotion activity – Road show, canopy ,auto show04,MFG Mall delhisaket, new • Mostly customer want styles bikedelhi-110017 • Loan –ICICI bank , and bushaan bank • They say that bushaan bank loan’s process is slow, and rate of interest is high. • Mostly young generation want super bike’s • They provided insurance form Allianz’s • They have 4 to 5 zone  Normal bike zone  Super bike zone  Cyber café zone, game zone  And another one is assesery zone Parameter’s  Good location  Display was too good  Advertisement was good  They have 8-10 member staff girls also, all are well dress  Covance power was good  They have different 2 zone for customer, and staff and cash and finance  Price is different  Customer Services  Batter stock of bike’s  Changing room  Net services  Service So according to my research Yamaha is located in good area and Yamaha have good looking showroom and better services for customer 4 8
  • 49. Projectsformba.blogspot.comYamaha motor Yamaha showroom have super bike in saketIndia sales pvt.ltd3ub,bunglow road, • Color demand- Red , yellow,whitekamla nagar • Promotion activity – Road show, canopy ,auto showdelhi-110007 delhi • Mostly customer want styles bike • Loan –ICICI bank , and bushan bank • They say that bushan bank loan’s process is slow, and rate of interest is high. • Mostly young generation want super bike’s • They provided insurance form Allianz’s • They have 4 to 5 zone  Normal bike zone  Super bike zone  Cyber café zone  And another one is assesery zone Parameter’s  Good location  Display was good  Advertisement was good  They have 8-10 member staff girls also, all are well dress  Covance power was good  They have different 2 zone for customer, and staff and cash and finance  Price is different  Customer Services  Batter stock of bike’s  Changing room  Net services  Service So according to my research Yamaha is located in good area and Yamaha have good looking showroom and better services for customer ,but this showroom is too small and not in batter location 4 9
  • 50. Projectsformba.blogspot.comCarlton motors pvt. No super bike in the showroom but they tell that they haveLtd booking1282-86 kashmere • Color demand- no informationgate bara bazar • Promotion activity – no information • Mostly customer want styles bike • Loan –ICICI bank , and bushan bank • They say that bushan bank loan’s process is slow, and rate of interest is high. • Mostly young generation want super bike’s • They deal’s only Yamaha bike Parameter’s  Not a good location  NO Display  They have 2-4 member staff  Covance power was good  They have different 2 zone for customer, and cash and finance  Price is different  Customer Services  Batter stock of bike’s So according to me carlton motors in good area and it have good looking showroom and they also get booking R15 5 0
  • 51. Projectsformba.blogspot.comDelhi Scooters They have R1 super bike in the showroom Color demand-A-31A,Ring road, • Promotion activity – no informationRajouri Garden, • Mostly customer want styles bikeNew • Loan –ICICI bank , and bushan bankDelhi - 110027 • They say that bushan bank loan’s process is slow, and rate of interest is high. • Mostly young generation want super bike’s • They deal’s only Yamaha bike Parameter’s  good location  Display was good ,and decoration look like a direct showroom  They have 4-5 member staff ,all was busy with custmour  Covance power was good  They have different 2 zone for customer, and cash and finance  Price was different  Customer Services  Batter stock of bike’s So according to me delhi scooter in good area and it have good looking showroom and according to my research delhi scooter sell is good like new bike-R15 Delhi scooter is fist dealer showroom in delhi have superbike 5 1
  • 52. Projectsformba.blogspot.comCOMPETITORSsuzuki hayabusaSuzuki introduced the sportbike Suzuki GSX1300R, popularly known as theHayabusa, in 1999. Since its inception the Suzuki Hayabusa was widelyregarded as the fastest production motorcycle in the world until majorJapanese motorcycle manufacturers voluntarily imposed speed regulators intheir bikes.The Hayabusa derives its name from the Japanese term for the PeregrineFalcon, the fastest creature on the planet with speeds in excess of 300 km/hin its hunting dive. The Hayabusas 4-stroke, four-cylinder liquid-cooled1299cc engine enables it to generate an enormous peak power of 175 bhp at9800 rpm and reach from 0-100 km/h in three seconds flat.The Hayabusas roaring success prompted other motorcycle manufacturers tocome up with similar speed merchants like the BMW K1200S and theKawasaki ZX-14R.Suzuki Hayabusa Technical Specifications 1299cc, 4-stroke, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC,Specs Engine 16-valve, TSCCBore x Stroke 81.0 x 63.0mm 5 2
  • 53. Projectsformba.blogspot.comCompression Ratio 11.0:1Fuel System Keihin/Denso Fuel InjectionLubrication Wet sumpIgnition Digital/TransistorizedTransmission 6-speed, constant meshFinal Drive #530 chainOverall Length 2140mm (84.3 in.)Overall Width 740mm (29.1 in.)Overall Height 1155mm (45.5 in.)Seat Height 805mm (31.7 in.)Ground Clearance 120mm (4.7 in.)Wheelbase 1485mm (58.5 in.)Dry Weight 217kg (478 lbs.) 218kg (480 lbs.) CA. model Inverted telescopic, coil spring, fully adjustable springSuspension Front preload, 14-way adjustable rebound damping and 13- way adjustable compression damping Link-type, gas/oil damped, fully adjustable springSuspension Rear preload, 22-way adjustable compression & rebound dampingBrakes Front Dual hydraulic discBrakes Rear Single hydraulic discTires Front 120/70-ZR-17Tires Rear 190/50-ZR-17Fuel Tank Capacity 21 L (5.5 gal.) 19.0 L (5.0 gal.) CA. modelColor Black, Red, BlueKawasaki ZX12R Ninja 5 3
  • 54. Projectsformba.blogspot.comWith the Kawasaki ZX12R Ninja, Kawasaki plunged into the high-performance sportbike war raging among the Japanese motorcyclemanufacturers. The Ninjas liquid-cooled, 1199cc DOHC, 16-valve 4-cylinder engine generates a peak power of 178 bhp at 10500 rpm.The Kawasaki Ninjas revolutionary all-aluminium monocoque frame andcast steering swingarm pivot areas realise an extremely stiff structure andcontribute to the bikes superb high-speed stability and supersport handlingperformance.The ZX12Rs wind-tunnel designed fairing was developed with help fromKawasakis aircraft division and the redesigned upper cowl has a shorternose for improved aerodynamics and a sportier look. In honour of anagreement reached among Japanese manufacturers, starting with 2001models, Kawasaki introduced speed limiters in the ZX-12R to reduce thebikes top speed to 300 km/h.Kawasaki ZX12R Ninja Technical SpecificationsEngine Four-stroke, DOHC, inline fourDisplacement 1,198ccStarting ElectricBore x stroke 83.0 x 55.4mmCompression ratio 12.2:1Cooling Liquid Fuel injection with 46mm throttle bodies and subCarburetion throttlesIgnition Digital 5 4
  • 55. Projectsformba.blogspot.comTransmission Six-speedFrame Aluminum monocoqueRake / trail 23.5° / 3.9 in. 43mm inverted hydraulic telescopic fork withSuspension (front) adjustable compression and rebound damping, adjustable spring preload UNI-TRAK® system with single shock, adjustableSuspension ( rear) compression and rebound damping, adjustable ride height, and adjustable preloadWheel travel (front) 4.7 in.Wheel travel (rear) 5.5 in.Tire (front) 120/70 x 17 tubelessTire (rear) 200/50 x 17 tubelessFront brake 320mm dual hydraulic discsRear brake 230 single hydraulic discOverall length 82.1 in.Overall width 29.1 in.Overall height 47.2 in.Ground clearance 4.7 in.Seat height 32.3 in.Dry weight 463 lbs.Fuel capacity 5.0 gal.Wheelbase 57.1 in.Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird 5 5
  • 56. Projectsformba.blogspot.comThe CBR1100XX was the culmination of Hondas ambitious effort toproduce the ultimate superbike with a breathtaking performance. The uniquedesign of the Blackbird facilitates excellent aerodynamics by achieving asmall frontal area and one of the lowest effective coefficients of drag inmotorcycling, while ensuring a remarkably high level of wind protection andrider comfort.The CBRs liquid-cooled, 16-valve DOHC inline-four cylinder 1137ccengine generates a peak power of 153 bhp at 10000 rpm. On the brakingfront, Hondas revolutionary Linked Braking System (LBS), first used in the1993 CBR1000F and completely revised on the 1996 ST1100,simultaneously engages both front and rear brakes when either the frontbrake lever or rear brake pedal is used.The CBRs dual-spar diamond-configuration aluminum frame features atriple-box-section extruded aluminum swingarm that offers exceptionalrigidity without excessive size and weight. The swingarm is supported by astandard Honda Pro-Link rear suspension system which features anH.M.A.S. rear damper.Honda CBR1100XX Technical SpecificationsEngine Type 1137cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinderBore and Stroke 79mm x 58mmCompression Ratio 11.0:1Valve Train DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder Electronic fuel injection with automatic enricherFuel System circuit Computer-controlled digital with 3-dimensionalIgnition mappingTransmission Close-ratio 6-speedFinal Drive 530 O-ring-sealed chainFront Suspension 43mm HMAS™ cartridge fork; 4.7 inches travel Pro-Link® HMAS single shock with spring preloadRear Suspension and rebound damping adjustability; 4.7 inches travelFront Brakes Linked Braking System™; Dual 310mm discs with 5 6
  • 57. Projectsformba.blogspot.com three-piston calipers Linked Braking System; Single 256mm disc withRear Brakes three-piston caliperFront Tire 120/70 ZR-17 radialRear Tire 180/55 ZR-17 radialWheelbase 58.7 inchesRake (Caster Angle) 25.0ºTrail 99mm(3.9 inches)Seat Height 31.9 inchesDry Weight 491.6 poundsFuel Capacity 6.3 gallons, including 1.1-gallon reserveColor Badass Metallic TitaniumYAMAHA- R15 AND COMPARE WITH BAJAJ, HERO HONDABajaj Hero Honda Yamaha Pulsar 220 DTSi Karizma R YZF R15Rs. 87125.00 Rs. 82220.00 Rs. 97425.00 VEHICLE SUMMARYType: Sports Sports Sport Bike 5 7
  • 58. Projectsformba.blogspot.comTop Speed: 126kph 125kph 145kphFuel Consumption: - - 32.00CityFuel Consumption: - - 43.00Highway ENGINE SPECIFICATIONSDisplacement: - 223cc 149.8cc Liquid-cooled, 4-Engine: 220 cc - stroke 17bhp@7Maximum Power: 20.06ps@8500rpm 17bhp@8500rpm 000rpm 1.87kgmMaximum Torque: 19.12nm@6000rpm @6000rp 15nm@7500rpm mGears: 5 Speed 5 Speed 6 ManualClutch: 177 150 Wet PlateBore: 67 NA 57Stroke: 62.4 NA 58.7No. of Cylinders: - - 1Cylinder Configuration: NA NA -Valve Per Cylinder: - - 4Engine Block Material: NA NA -Chassis Type: NA NA Deltabox FrameCooling Type: - - Liquid CoolingCarburetor: NA NA -Motor Power: - - -Motor Range: - - -Paddling Arrangement - - -0 to 60: 4.84 sec. - 3.20 sec.100 to 0: - - - DIMENSIONSLength: - - 1995.00 mmWidth: - - 670.00 mmHeight: - - 1070.00 mmOTHER SPECIFICATIONSWeight: 136.00 kg 150.00 kg 131.00 kg 5 8
  • 59. Projectsformba.blogspot.com 150.00Ground Clearance: 177.00 mm 160.00 mm mmFuel Tank: 15.00 ltrs 15.00 ltrs 12.00 ltrs 1355.00Wheelbase: 1350.00 mm 1290.00 mm mmTurn Circle: 0.00 mtrs 0.00 mtrs 0.00 mtrsElectrical System: NA NA - 12V35W / 35WHeadlamp: NA NA +35WBattery Type: - - -Battery Voltage: - - -Battery Capacity: - - -Battery Charger Type: - - -Horn: NA NA -Wheel Type: - - Alloys 80/90 / 100/80Wheel Size: - - mmTubeless: Yamaha Blue andColors: NA NA Graphite ACTIVE AND PASSIVE SAFETYSuspension(Front): NA NA Telescopic Linked typeSuspension(Rear): NA NA MonocrossBrakes: 260mm dia Disc - Liquid Cooling Hydraulic, singleBrakes(Rear): 230mm dia Disc NA discStand Alarm: COMFORT AND CONVENIENCEFuel Guage: Digital Analogue DigitalSelf Start:Tacho Meter: Analogue Analogue Analogue Analogue-Trip Meter: Digital-1 Digital-2 1Alloys:Warranty: NA NA -Speedometer: Digital Analogue Digital 5 9
  • 60. Projectsformba.blogspot.comPassenger Footrest: X XPassenger Backrest: X X XStep-up Seat: X XPass-light: X XLow Fuel Indicator: X X XLow Oil Indicator: X X XLow Battery Indicator: X X XHigh Oil Temp. X X XIndicator:Choked Air Filter X X XIndicator:Summary and conclusion – R15Yamaha YZF R15 is the first model for the Indian market designed in thetrue supersport image and featuring a high-level balance of enjoyablerunning performance on winding roads. Packed full of state-of-the-arttechnologies, the new YZF-R15 boasts performance worthy of a supersportmodel and a body design that evokes the image of the YZF-R series andgives visual expression to the quality of its ride. The YZF R15 is poweredby 149.8cc Fuel Injected liquid cooled engine that will be producing analmost impossible 17bhp with maximum torque of 15 Nm at 7500rpm;which makes it like the most powerful bike under 200cc range and has a 6-speed Transmission. Yamaha is showcasing its potential for India with somereal performance.It is based on totally race technology with which MotoGP bikes runs,technology with which R1 is built. It has India’s first 150cc 4 valve enginewith forged pistons, Deltabox frame & 6speed gear box. It’s overall length is1995mm, overall width is 670mm and its wheels base is 1290mm. Since 6 0
  • 61. Projectsformba.blogspot.comsporty YZF R15 is shorter too and its height is just 1070mm. YZF R15features F 80/90 -17 inches tyres in the front and 100/80-17 inches tyres inthe rear. Both the tyres are tubeless.DesignThe “R” Design: This characteristic of motorcycles designed by YAMAHAas represented by the R series reflects the philosophy running through thesemodels — expressing performance visually.For example, YZF-R6 shows a strong body line that springs up in a singleline from the rear axle to the pivot and then to the head pipe. This is a visualexpression of the straight shape of the Deltabox frame. These elements are avisual expression of “frame rigidity.” Viewed from the side, the shapecreated by the side panel and the upper surface of the tank creates animpression of the center of gravity shifting to the front tire. This is a visualrepresentation of how the front tire grips the road in its sporty runningperformance. Needless to say, YZF-R1, with its athletic build, is also avisual expression of performance. A characteristic of the R series is that,when you view the machine, you get a sense of its concept and performance.This philosophy has been fully transmitted to YZF-R15. An important pointto note is that this motorcycle is not a scaled-down version of YZF-R1 orYZF-R6. YZF-R15’s design is based on having an excellent engine coolingmethod.The shape of the cowling around the radiator area was determined so that theshapes of the air intake area and the rear outlet area where the air is scoopedout are optimized to improve radiator efficiency. As for the outlet area, themid-cowl area was designed using sculpturing 3D methods to create a threedimensional shape with a sense of volume. This resulted in an outlet areathrough which air is directed outwards with minimal resistance. We wereable to present the new R series also in terms of design, and we have beenable to maximize the performance of the liquid cooled engine, which will bea first for the Indian market.When viewed from the front, it gives a sense of volume that seems wellbeyond its 150cc displacement. This does not simply mean that it isvoluminous, but that it is grounded in the Art of Engineering whichtransforms function into art. 6 1
  • 62. Projectsformba.blogspot.comEngineYZF-R15 is equipped with this all-aluminum cylinder called the DiASilCylinder and a forged piston, the same type of piston used in YAMAHA’ssupersport bikes. The fact that both the piston and cylinder of YZF-R15 areall-aluminum ensures excellent heat dissipation, eliminates heat-inducedengine power loss, and helps improve fuel efficiency. The DiASil Cylinderis given a special surface treatment to prevent oil evaporation from thecylinder’s surface and improve oil consumption. The cylinder also hasexcellent hardness and is considerably resistant to wear compared toconventional iron sleeves.Additionally, the piston is made in a forging process, the optimum way ofachieving lightweight designs.The reciprocating mass with the forged pistonis approximately 20% less ( according to Yamaha test ) than with an engineof the same displacement fitted with a conventional cast aluminum piston.Resulting in an invigorating feeling when revving up. Conventional pistonsare typically made in a casting process where molten aluminum is cast in amold. YAMAHA developed its proprietary “controlled forging technology”in 1997, which enables mass production of forged aluminum pistons. Thesepistons have been used in sport models such as the R series. The samemanufacturing process was used to develop YZF-R15. Forged pistons retainthe excellent strength of aluminum alloys because the metallurgic matrix ofaluminum is not affected during the fabrication process. Therefore, thepiston can be made lighter and thinner.ChassisYZF-R15 is equipped with a linked type monocross suspension that deliversa comfortable ride and a cushioning performance that is less prone tobottoming out. In particular, it reduces annoying “sinking” when ridingtandem. The linked monocross suspension consists of a link mechanismsandwiched between the rear arm and cushion unit to create changes in thelever ratio based on the lever effect. When the shock absorber is almost fullyextended, the lever ratio is high and therefore the spring is soft, and thedamper works softly as well.As the shock absorber strokes in, the lever ratio gradually decreases and thespring rate increases. Eventually, when it is nearly fully stroked in, the leverratio becomes small and the spring becomes hard and strong. The damper 6 2
  • 63. Projectsformba.blogspot.comalso becomes hard. By making changes to the lever ratio in this way, wewere able to achieve soft riding comfort as well as excellent damping underintense load conditions. The optimization of the frame and rear arm rigidityof the Deltabox Frame combined with the effects of the linked typemonocross suspension achieve good riding comfort, agile handling, andturnability, hardly ever causing bottoming out.Fuel EfficiencyIn order to maximize the efficiency of the fuel injector, which injects theoptimum amount of fuel for different amounts of intake air, YZF-R15 isequipped with a large 3-liter air cleaner. The duct area of the intake duct wasdesigned optimally to optimize the flow of intake air. Additionally, the useof a 4-valve combustion chamber (a combustion chamber with 2 intake andexhaust valves each) has allowed designers to layout the spark plug at thecenter of the combustion chamber for better flame propagation. This alsoincreases the total valve area relative to the 2-valve chambers for improvedintake/exhaust efficiency (volumetric efficiency). YZF-R15 is fitted with ahemispherical 4-valve combustion chamber, a configuration that allowsintake and exhaust valves to be laid out in the smallest size possible.Summery and conclusion – R1, MT01I could start telling you what a great motorcycle the R1 is, but well, youcould just read any review as everyone seems to have come to the sameconclusion anyway. But I can tell you according to my research.For starters, its quite comfortable on longer rides. A lot of people complainabout getting tired wrists on an extreme machine like this, but as long as youdont lean on the clip-ones too much and ride on nice twisty roads to keepyou busy, its no problem at all.In the city, its not the ideal bike, but it does get me around. As long as youcan get past the lines of cars (which isnt that hard with a small motorcycle)and you can keep on moving, its ok. (Well, the problem with not moving ismore in the protective clothing Im always wearing when riding my R1,which can be quite hot when youre not moving on a hot summer day).You should never ride an R1 on a highway if you want to have fun. Itssimply impossible to drive remotely close to the speed limit, so youre 6 3
  • 64. Projectsformba.blogspot.comalways looking out for speed cameras and police vehicles ;-) And mosthighways dont have many corners anyway.Of course, the best place to drive an R1 is on a race circuit. We dont havethat many race circuits around here though, so there arent a lot ofopportunities to ride it there., but the big possibility of crashing it whenracing (in which case we couldnt afford a replacement R1) has kept mefrom racing it. So we just try to find as many roads as possible whichresemble race circuits, to have a lot of fun on R1 ;-)And when you want to take it (relatively) easy, the enormous torque whichthe R1 power plant delivers from low down makes sure you dont have tokeep the revs up. Its really a quite comfortable touringbike ;-) QUESTIONERIESName:-Address:-Phone no.:-E-mail:-Are you aware of superbikes? 1. yes 2. NoHave you seen Yamaha latest bike? 1. yes 2. NoWould you like to purchases? 6 4
  • 65. Projectsformba.blogspot.com 1. yes 2. NoHow much you can spend on superbikes?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you think superbikes are fit for Indian condition? 1. yes 2. No1670cc bike V/S cc car what will you prefers? 1. bike 2. carHave you seen Yamaha superbikes at Yamaha station? 1. yes 2. NoHave you seen India’s fist 150 cc sports bike by Yamaha- R15 1. yes 2. NoDo you think this bike success in India? 1. yes 2. NoWhich one you think batter, why 1. YAMAHA 2. BAJAJ 2. SUZUKI 3. TVS 3. Other’sComment’s about Yamaha YZF-RI, MT01 And new R15------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 5
  • 66. Projectsformba.blogspot.com AbbreviationsFRP - Fiberglass reinforced plasticYMC - YAMAHA MOTOR CO.MITI - Ministry of Trade and IndustryYMCA - Yamaha Motor Canada LimitedYIMM - Yamaha Indonesia Motor ManufacturingOMDO - Overseas Market Development OperationsYMA - Yamaha Motor AustraliaYMMC - Yamaha Motor Manufacturing CorporationYMT - Yamaha Motor TaiwanGHP - gas heat pumpCJYM - Chongqing-Jianshe Yamaha MotorcycleYMF - Yamaha Motor FranceYMMEX - Yamaha Motor de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.YMAG - Yamaha Motor Austria GmbHYMH - Yamaha Motor Hungaria Kft. 6 6
  • 67. Projectsformba.blogspot.comCCS - Customer Community SatisfactionYMTT - Yamaha Motor Taiwan Trading Co., Ltd.LYM - Linhai Yamaha MotorEYML - Escorts Yamaha Motor Ltd.YMCE - Yamaha Motor Components (Europe)YPMI - Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing IndonesiaYMARG - Yamaha Motor Argentina S.A.YMNI - Yamaha Motor Nuansa IndonesiaYMVN - Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co.YMAP - Yamaha Motor Asia Pte.YMDP - Yamaha Motor del PeruYDS - Yamaha Motor Distribution SingaporeYMMWJ - Yamaha Motor Manufacturing West Java BIBLIOGRAPHY Marketing Research : M.V.Kulkarni Marketing Management : Philip Kotler Newspapers : Times of India (Accent) 6 7
  • 68. Projectsformba.blogspot.com Websites: www.Yamaha -Motor-India .com www.google .com 6 8