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A marketing project on big bazaar

A marketing project on big bazaar



A marketing project on big bazaar

A marketing project on big bazaar



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    A marketing project on big bazaar A marketing project on big bazaar Document Transcript

    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comCompany profilePantaloon Retail (India) Limited, is India’s leading retailer that operatesmultiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indianconsumer market. Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), the companyoperates over 10 million square feet of retail space, has over 1000 storesacross 61 cities in India and employs over 30,000 people.The company’s leading formats include Pantaloons, a chain of fashionoutlets, Big Bazaar, a uniquely Indian hypermarket chain, Food Bazaar, asupermarket chain, blends the look, touch and feel of Indian bazaars withaspects of modern retail like choice, convenience and quality and Central, achain of seamless destination malls. Some of its other formats include,Depot, Shoe Factory, Brand Factory, Blue Sky, Fashion Station, aLL, Top10, mBazaar and Star and Sitara. The company also operates an onlineportal, futurebazaar.com. A subsidiary company, Home Solutions Retail(India) Limited, operates Home Town, a large-format home solutions store,Collection i, selling home furniture products and E-Zone focused on cateringto the consumer electronics segment.Pantaloon Retail was recently awarded the International Retailer of the Year2007 by the USbased National Retail Federation (NRF) and the EmergingMarket Retailer of the Year 2007 at the World Retail Congress held inBarcelona.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comPantaloon Retail is the flagship company of Future Group, a business groupcatering to the entire Indian consumption space. Pantaloon is not just anorganization - it is an institution, a centre of learning & development. Webelieve that knowledge is the only weapon at our disposal and our quest forit is focused, systematic and unwavering. At Pantaloon, we take pride inchallenging conventions and thinking out of the box, in traveling on the roadless traveled.Our corporate doctrine ‘Rewrite Rules, Retain Values’ is derived from thisspirit.Over the years, the company has accelerated growth through its ability tolead change. A number of its pioneering concepts have now emerged asindustry standards. For instance, the company integrated backwards intogarment manufacturing even as it expanded its retail presence at the frontend, well before any other Indian retail company attempted this. It was thefirst to introduce the concept of the retail departmental store for the entirefamily through Pantaloons in 1997. The company was the first to launch ahypermarket in India with Big Bazaar, a large discount store that itcommissioned in Kolkata in October 2001. And the company introduced thecountry to the Food Bazaar, a unique bazaar within a hypermarket, whichwas launched in July 2002 in Mumbai. Embracing our leadership value, thecompany launched all in July 2005 in Mumbai, making us the first retailer inIndia to open a fashion store for plus size men and women.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comToday we are the fastest growing retail company in India. The number ofstores is going to increase many folds year on year along with the newformats coming up. The way we work is distinctly "Pantaloon". Our courageto dream and to turn our dreams into reality – that change people’s lives, isour biggest advantage. Pantaloon is an invitation to join a place where thereare no boundaries to what you can achieve. It means never having to stopasking questions; it means never having to stop raising the bar. It is anopportunity to take risks, and it is this passion that makes our dreams areality.Come enter a world where we promise you good days and bad days,but never a dull moment!Future GroupFuture Group is one of the country’s leading business groups present inretail, asset management, consumer finance, insurance, retail media, retailspaces and logistics. The group’s flagship company, Pantaloon Retail (India)Limited operates over 10 million square feet of retail space, has over 1,000stores and employs over 30,000 people.Future Group is present in 61 cities and 65 rural locations in India. Some ofits leading retail formats include, • Pantaloons, • Big Bazaar, • Central, • Food Bazaar, • Home Town,
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com • eZone, • Depot, • Future Money and • online retailformat, futurebazaar.com.Future Group companies includes, Future Capital Holdings, Future GeneraliIndia Indus League Clothing and Galaxy Entertainment that manages SportsBar, Brew Bar and Bowling Co. Future Capital Holdings, the group’sfinancial arm, focuses on asset management and consumer credit. It managesassets worth over $1 billion that are being invested in developing retail realestate and consumer-related brands and hotels. The group’s joint venturepartners include Italian insurance major, Generali, French retailer ETAMgroup, US-based stationary products retailer, Staples Inc and UK-based LeeCooper and India-based Talwalkar’s, Blue Foods and Liberty Shoes.FutureGroup’s vision is to, “deliver Everything, Everywhere, Every time to EveryIndian Consumer in the most profitable manner.” The group considers‘Indian-ness’ as a core value and its corporate credo is-Rewrite rules,Retain values.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com Mr. Kishore Biyani Managing Director (FUTURE GROUP)Major Milestones1987 Company incorporated as Manz Wear Private Limited. Launch ofPantaloons trouser, India’s first formal trouser brand.1991 Launch of BARE, the Indian jeans brand.1992 Initial public offer (IPO) was made in the month of May.1994 The Pantaloon Shoppe – exclusive menswear store in franchiseeformat launched across the nation. The company starts the distribution ofbranded garments through multi-brand retail outlets across the nation.1995 John Miller – Formal shirt brand launched.1997 Pantaloons – India’s family store launched in Kolkata.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com2001 Big Bazaar, ‘Is se sasta aur accha kahi nahin’ - India’s firsthypermarket chain launched.2002 Food Bazaar, the supermarket chain is launched.2004 Central – ‘Shop, Eat, Celebrate In The Heart Of Our City’ - India’sfirst seamless mall is launched in Bangalore.2005 Fashion Station - the popular fashion chain is launched all – ‘a littlelarger’ - exclusive stores for plus-size individuals is launched2006 Future Capital Holdings, the company’s financial arm launches realestate funds Kshitij and Horizon and private equity fund Indivision. Plansforays into insurance and consumer credit. Multiple retail formats includingCollection i, Furniture Bazaar, ShoeFactory, EZone, Depot and futurebazaar.com are launched across thenation.Group enters into joint venture agreements with ETAM Group andGenerali.New discoveries in retailIn the financial year 2006-07, the company’s retail businesses discoverednew categories across formats, new sets of consumers and fresher andcontemporary merchandise. We have been able to offer more in theestablished businesses and gain favourable acceptance with new concepts. Inaddition, concerted expansion plans saw retail space increase to over 5.2million square feet at the end of 2006-07. This expansion mode was
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comcharacterized by a two pronged approach. By dominating the cities thecompany was already present in and by bringing the benefits of modernretail to towns and cities like Mangalore, Palakkad, Surat, Indore, Kanpur,Haldia, Agra, Coimbatore, Jaipur and Panipat. The company has alsoundertaken significant private label initiatives in food, in generalmerchandise and in the consumer durables and electronics categories.Strategic alliances have also been forged with established domestic andinternational brands. However, the most significant development was theinternal realignment the company undertook within each of its retailbusinesses. To embark on a more detailed approach towards value creationand increasing efficiency, the company reviewed its business operations andadopted a more focused approach by creating an integrated support unit orLine of Business.Augmenting the retail front-end team, Line of Business (LoB) units havebeen created in the three most critical businesses – food, fashion and generalmerchandise. Formed during the second half of 2006-07 these business unitsfocus on introducing optimum operational efficiencies. Thus, these unitsensure that back - end measures are appropriately taken care of and the rightkind of merchandise reaches the stores in the best possible time, at the rightprice. These teams focus on product consolidation and suitability, marginimprovement, and vendor rationalization, thereby ensuring that the sourcingbenefits are made available to the front – end team.The company’s effortsover the next couple of years would entail a combination of expansion andprocess upgradation and implementation. The emphasis will be on the nextdiscoveries to be made in the retail space that will lead to expansion. At thesame time, there will be an increased focus on micro detailing aspects
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comincluding process, product and operational efficiencies thereby contributingpositively to the company’s bottom-line. discovering more value!!!In 2006-2007, more Indians discovered the value of shopping in Big Bazaar.And with the launch of each store, we discovered more value in terms ofoperational efficiency. Big Bazaar launched 27 new stores in 22 cities,covering over 1.40 million square feet. As of June 2007,there were 56 BigBazaar stores across 43 cities.While Big Bazaar continued to expand in the large cities, it also tappedconsumption potential in smaller cities like Agra, Allahabad, Coimbatore,Surat, Panipat, Palakkad, Kanpur and olhapur. The year under review alsowitnessed realigning of business teams with shared experience in categorymanagement, sourcing, front-end operations and business planning. Inaddition, separate teams have been formed to look into all aspects of newstore launches and to manage mature stores. This provides more flexibilityand focus in expansion plans. The increase in SKUs in existing categoriesand the introduction of new categories encouraged the opening of largerstores or Super Centres, measuring 100,000 square feet or more. There arenow 5 Big Bazaar Super Centres. Considering this scale of expansion,technology plays a significant facilitating role. The introduction of SAP in2005-06 and its roll out during the year, positively impacted the business.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comBig Bazaar has initiated the process of Auto Replenishments Systems, thusimproving operational efficiencies and productivity. The company has alsorationalized nearly 250 vendors through better vendor management in termsof potential to expand, and for inclusion and upgradation to the online B2Bplatform. The company plans to open over 60 stores across India in FY2008, and the opening of the 100th Big Bazaar store will mark the fastestever expansion by a hypermarket format.FOOD BAZAARBased on the company’s in-house consumer data and research, and incognizance with observations on customer movements and the shoppingconvenience factor, Food Bazaar has initiated certain refurbishments andlayout design across all stores. The intention is to continuously change withthe times and demands of the evolving Indian consumer.Food Bazaar also witnessed healthy expansion during the year 2006-07,making its presence felt in nearly 26 cities and adding 40 stores during theyear under review. The total count of Food Bazaars as on 30th June 2007stood at 86 stores. The year under review witnessed the company’s privatelabel programme gaining significant traction.The brands have been very competitive vis à-vis the established brands inquality and price terms, and have in fact scored better than national orinternational players in certain categories. The share of private labels as apercentage of total Food Bazaar revenues has increased significantly andcomprise nearly 50 merchandise categories. While Fresh & Pure brand
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comentered categories like cheese slices, frozen peas, honey, packaged drinkingwater and packaged tea, the Tasty Treat brand received a very favorableresponse in new categories like namkeens and wafers. In the home carecategory, Caremate launched aluminum foil and baby diapers whileCleanmate launched detergent bars and scrubbers. A new format ‘BBWholesale Club’ was launched and 4 such stores have been opened so far.To be managed by Food Bazaar from the ensuing financial year, this formatsells only multipacks and bulk packs of a select range of fast movingcategories and caters to price sensitive customers and smaller retailers.The company has also forged tie-ups with established companies like ITC,Adanis, DCM Group, USAID and other farm groups in Maharashtra andMadhya Pradesh to source directly from them. These alliances are expectedto drive efficiencies as well as bring better products to consumers. By theend of FY 07-08, the total number of Food Bazaar stores is expected to be200.Future ideasDiscovering new opportunitiesFuture Ideas is the Innovation, Design & Incubation cell within PantaloonRetail that stems from the core proposition - ‘Protecting and preserving thesoul of a small business or enterprise within a large organisation.’ FutureIdeas deals with the whole aspect of idea creation, scenario planningactivities, alternate approaches to an issue, providing varied outcomes andsolutions to a problem and handholding the activity till its successparameters are satisfied.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comA unique initiative in corporate India, Future Ideas rests on a tripod that canbe classified as Innovation driven, Design Management approach and anIncubation chamber, each with its own uniqueness, yet with commonobjectives. The Design Management team looks at each observation madeby the Innovation team, and brainstorms by using a collaborative andholistic approach. The resultant ideas are then nurtured within the Incubationcell. The Incubation team comprises of business teams, mentored by theInnovation and Design teams. They are people who are released from theiroriginal businesses or concepts and made part of the entire ideation processat Future Ideas. They remain at Future Ideas till project completion stagewhen the success parameters for running the business are met.Future Ideas draws inspiration for most of its activities and projects, keepingin mind the new genre of aspirational Indians. At any point of time FutureIdeas would work on about 20 varied projects within the Future Group.Some of the formats that are now being incubated by this team includeTop10, Depot, Star & Sitara and Talwalkars’ Fit & Active. The team is alsoworking on ideas around small format nofrills stores, rural retailing, fashionfor the masses and on projects involving women and self-help groups.Discovering new segmentsDepot, in many cities, is the first modern retailer in books and music and theresponse has been overwhelming. The core differentiators of Depot are itsyoung, colorful and vibrant stores, strong regional range, affordability and a
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comprivate label publishing program – Depot Exclusives. In its first year ofoperation, Depot has launched 6 stand-alone stores and 50 cut-ins. Alongwith its expansion in major cities, Depot debuted in smaller towns likeRajkot, Vadodara, Haldia, Thrissur, Palakkad and Tiruvanantharam. TheDepot Exclusives (released solely inDepot) catalogue expanded rapidly withover 100 titles across genres like children’s books, cookery, regionalliterature etc. Reputed authors/ imprints like Nita Mehta and Sanjeev Kapoorin cookery, Disney in children’s books etc., have been associated with thecompany. Depot has also tied-up with the UK based publisher of children’sbooks, Small World, to co-publish a series of toddlers’ interactive books. InFY 2007- 08, the total Depot footprint should cross over 100 stores. TheHealth, Beauty & Wellness business opened 35 new outlets in the beautyproducts, services and holistic health care formats Multiple formats operatein this segment, including Tulsi, the pharmacy chain and Star & Sitara, thebeauty products cut-ins and Star & Sitara Salons. The largest format, BeautyFree offers unique combination of products, services and holistic healthofferings.To capture the increasing consumption spend on wellness and preventivehealth care, the joint venture between Pantaloon Retail (I) Limited andTalwalkar Better Value Fitness opened its first ‘Talwalkars Fit & Active’health centre at Orchid City Centre, Mumbai in April 2007. Spread over5,200 square feet, it is the country’s first health centre to offer health, fitnessand gym services within a modern retail and consumption environment. Theventure is also looking at innovative value added offerings in the fitnessspace as well as developing a Spa model for the Fit & Active brand across
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comthe country, by increasing its presence to nearly 50 such centers in the nearfuture.Human ResourcesDiscovering talent diversityThe company strongly believes that its sustainable competitive advantagelies in the values that it cherishes, the culture that it imbibes and spirit ofenterprise that resides within the organization. Talent management thereforecontinues to be the core focus for the company. Considering the multiplebusinesses and rapid expansion expected across the business, the companysaw merit in taking a fresh guard to the way in which business would run inorder to meet the next leg of expansions.During the year 2006-07, the company conducted an extensive review of inhouse talent management, which involved mapping every managerialposition in the organization for their skill sets, competence and attitudinalaspects as well as taking an inventory check of the existing talent base andaddressing their development needs. Development Centres were created withinhouse assessors, which further aided in identifying potential resources andhelped chalk out post assessment development plans.Continuing with itspolicy of strategic alliances, the company is collaborating on joint degreeprograms with 15 management schools, design institutes and institutes ofhigher learning in areas like food business, supply chain management,design experience management etc. This ‘Seekho’ programme for external
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comand internal candidates has ensured a steady stream of mid level, welltrained retail professionals every year.The company’s ‘Gurukool’ programme provides the front-end employees anopportunity to imbibe the company’s values and a sense of ownership to thecompany. The company has also created an Employee Growth Trust Fundthat was launched during the last financial year for the senior management.Equal OpportunityThe company believes that in order to build a sustainable businessenvironment, the composition of its talent base needs to reflect the diversitythat exists in our country and among its customers. Therefore the companyensures that the proportional representation of different communities in theIndian population is mirrored in its employee profile. The majority ofemployees in the company come from socially and economicallymarginalized sections of the society. Close to 46% of the employees in theorganization are women and the average age within the organization is 27years. The effectiveness of its talent management initiatives is reflected inthe fact that the annual rate of attrition is 8.12%, much below industrylevels. The company plans to strengthen its employee platform to about30,000 people by FY 08, from nearly 18,000 people as on FY 07.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comHuman Resource InitiativesPantaloon Retail believes that one of its sustainable competitive advantageswill continue to be the people who are part of the organization. Being inservice industry, the Company places a lot of focus is placed on attracting,training, incentivising and retaining talent. The vision is "To provide anenvironment that creates happy people who have a meaningful life and addvalue to business and society." With over 18000 employees at an averageage of 27 years, the Company prides itself on being a young and energeticorganization, driven through the The Pantaloon People ManagementSystem. This is built on 5 pillars of people based growth, namely - CultureBuilding, Performance Management through Balanced Scorecard, PeopleProcesses, Management Processes and Leadership Brilliance. Training Acompetent Learning & Development Team is responsible for trainingemployees at all the levels across the countr y, focusing on primary andsecondary research into various aspects of retail and assessment of trainingneeds across Knowledge, Skills & Attitude areas. The emphasis is oncreating product and process knowledge through well defined programs likePraarambh and Parikrama. For the critical front line staff, the Companysunique outbound residential training program Gurukool focuses onintegrating the mind, body and soul and brings about measurable attitudinaland behavioral changes.The program has covered nearly 4,500 employees. The SMILE initiative fortraining of new Store Managers has been created and disseminated to over100 store managers by this team.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comORGANISATIONAL STRUCTUREMANAGEMENT STYLE  The organization structure for Big bazaar is FLAT in nature.  For Big bazaar, the divisions are • Apparel • Non apparel and • the new business division, which includes gold, footwear and the shopin-shops.  For Food Bazaar, a separate teem has been created which again works independently.  About 1,800 people work for Big bazaar directly. Support and ancillary services comprise another 400 people.  A new trainee is put through a basic three day training program before going on the shop floor.  Evaluation is done every six months.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comStore Design:  Design is consistent and self expressive  Design is to get as much people in to door as possible  Good utilization of resources  Design is to attract more customer oriented  Big Bazaar is a self-Service StoreStore Layout: Big Bazaar around the idea of contemporary Bazzar Stocks have been organized but not hung for display Billing Counter is near to the exit way so it is easy to leave after purchasing The model is based on maintaining margin and drawing customer in masses, enough to get the buzz going around the store The product in the big bazaar are arranged in order and product is placed segment wise
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comInterior Design:  Ceiling have red stripes on white background..  Most of the interiors are made of Blue & Orange.  Lighting quality is that good which make each & every things visible.  There is a pavement in the big bazaar to carry the purchased goods. it make easy for the customer to carry it
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com Atmospherics:It refers to the design of an environment via visual communication, lighting, Color, musicand Scent to stimulate customer perceptual and emotional responses, and attractive holdingso that customer ultimately to affect their purchase behaviour and one more thing the wholebig bazaar is centralized Air Conditioner. 1) Visual Merchandising:  Posters of merchandising and name is displayed in each segment  Price tag and the offer price is shown with each product  Display of segment of product is displayed in large holdings  The floor of whole big bazaar is neat and clean
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com2) Lighting:  Light was quite bright and it made an reflection on the product it help them to attract customer  Light were fixed in ceiling and they mainly used tube light because it make Reflection
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com 3) Colour : In colour they mostly used blue, orange and white with red strips. In logo they used Blue and orange 4) Music In music the light back ground instrumental was playing in order to attract customer And it feels good to customer while purchasing 5) Announcement: They announce of offers and schemes to the customer to make easy to know about theoffers easily at every floor and it keeps customer attraction towards the voice.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comExterior Design:Sign Board: The big sign board was on the top of the entry and exit gate. The board was in blue, Orange colour and super market is written along with big bazaar, and a bird picture is engraved on board as a logo of future group Front Gate: It was completely made up of glass. Entire outlet was visible from outside and it is in big area it look attractive and censor was in the front gate to check the customer who taken goods from the bazaar Locality: Retail site is located at the main areas of the city. There are many college near to big bazaar. This helps them to create sales. Parking: Good parking facility provided by them to a large area to the customers, so it not create problem to the customers and it is free of cost
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comCustomer Service:  Customer service is the set of activities and programme undertaken by retailer to make  the shopping experience good and to help them  Waiters was there to help the customer ,make easy for the customer help in shopping  Staff of the big bazaar was in the proper dress of retail outlet which given by the big bazaarPromotion Efforts:  Display of small Holding in whole Big Bazaar  All the offer price is displayed in large font size on holding
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com  “Saal Ke Sabse Saste 3 Din”  Future Card(3% Discount)  Advertising(prints ads, TV ads, Radio)  Brand Endorsement by M.S Dhoni  Exchange Offer  Weekend Discount  Point Of Purchase Promotion  ‘JUNK’ Swap Offer-“Bring anything old and take something new”Pricing:  They had different pricing strategy at different time. Sometime they have different pricing at morning and evening as well  Discount is for all the customer but high discount to the person who purchase in bulk
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comTHE STRATEGYSaving is key to the Indian middle class consumer. The store, which wouldbe created, had to offer value to the consumer. Keeping this in mind, theconcept of Big bazaar was created. In India, when a customer needs something for the home, a typical thought is to seek it from the bazaar. A bazaaris a place where a complete range of products is always available to theconsumer. This is true across India. As the store would offer a large mix ofproducts at a discounted price, the name Big bazaar was finalized. The ideawas to re-create a complete bazaar, with a large product offering (at timesmodified to suit local needs) and to offer a good depth and width in terms ofrange. The mind to market for the first store was just six months. Price wasthe basic value proposition at Big bazaar. The Big bazaar outlets sold avariety of products at prices, which were 5 to 60 percent lower than the marketprice. The line “Isse sasta aur achha kahin nahin” emphaised this.LINE OF BUSINESS(Different sections)Line of Business Sub Department Under the BrandBB-Fashion BF-Children’s BIG BAZAAR BF-Kids Acc BIG BAZAAR BF-Ladies BIG BAZAAR BF-Ladies Acc BIG BAZAAR BF-Men’s BIG BAZAAR BF-Men’s Acc BIG BAZAAR
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comBB-GM-Fashion Accessories BIG BAZAAR Footwear BIG BAZAAR GF-Luggage BIG BAZAAR GF-New Business BIG BAZAAR GF-Sport Goods BIG BAZAAR GF-Toys BIG BAZAARBB-GM-Home ware GH-Home décor BIG BAZAARGH-Household crockery BIG BAZAARGH-Household Plastic BIG BAZAARGH-Household utensil BIG BAZAARBeauty & health SS-Personal Grooming BIG BAZAAROne Mobile(communication) CM-Accessories ONE MOBILE CM-Carriers ONE MOBILE CM-Hardware ONE MOBILECure &Care CC-Non Prescription SIS CC-Prescription SIS
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comDepot DP-Book DEPOT DP-Multimedia DEPOT DP-Stationery DEPOTElectronics EE-Cd&e Accessories HOME BAZAAR EE-Computer &Acces HOME BAZAAR EE-Consumer Durable HOME BAZAAR EE-Electronics HOME BAZAAR EE-Personal Electro HOME BAZAARFood Bazaar FB-Chef Zone FOOD BAZAAR FB-Chill Station FOOD BAZAAR FB-Fabricleen FOOD BAZAAR FB-Fruits & Vegetable SIS FB-Golden Harvest FOOD BAZAAR FB-Head to toe FOOD BAZAAR FB-Hungry kya FOOD BAZAAR
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com FB-Spic N Span FOOD BAZAARFurniture FR-Furniture HOME BAZAARHome Fashion Home Fashion HOME BAZAARHome Improvement HI-Carpentry HOME BAZAAR HI-Electricals HOME BAZAAR HI-Improvement HOME BAZAARLootmart Ladies BIG BAZAAR Mens BIG BAZAAR Mens Accessories BIG BAZAARNavras NR-Precious Jeweelle NavrasBB SIS Fashion Accessories SISANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATIONQ1. In a month how many times you visit big bazaar?
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com a) Once 7 b) Twice 23 c) Thrice 8 d) More than thrice 25 e) As per requirement 37INTERPRETATION:Out of 100 respondent, 37% people visit the store when they have some requirement and25% are visited more than thrice, 23% visited two times in month and 7% & 8% peoplevisited one and three times in a month respectively. Most of them regularly visit bigbazaar.Maximum number of people visited store frequently.Q2. Your shopping experience in big bazaar is always! a) outstanding 1 b) Excellent 21 c) Good 43 d) Average 32 e) Bad 3INTERPRETATION:Out of 100 respondent, 43% people has good shopping experience in big bazaar,32% hasaverage and 21% people has excellent. But 1% has outstanding shopping experience and3% has bad shopping experience. Maximum numbers of people has a betterexperience of shopping in big bazaar.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comQ3. Brands and products availability in big bazaar is ! a) outstanding 3 b) Excellent 28 c) Good 44 d) Average 22 e) Bad 3INTERPRETATION:Out of 100 respondents, Over all 31% customer are satisfied by the availability of brandand products in big bazaar,66% customer product availability is average rest said it isbad. Some people think there is no good brands and products availability in big bazaar.Especially in apparels.Q4. Ambience & atmosphere inside the store is ! a) outstanding 5 b) Excellent 27 c) Good 41 d) Average 21 e) Bad 6INTERPRETATION:
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comOut of 100 respondents, Ambience & atmosphere inside the store is good feel by 41%customers, 27% feel it is excellent and only 3% feel outstanding. But 27% customers arenot satisfied by the ambience & atmosphere inside the store of big bazaar. Due to muchnoisy and unpleasant environment some of the customer irritates. Atmosphere isreally good.Q5. Discounts and offers served in big bazaar is ! a) outstanding 7 b) Excellent 32 c) Good 36 d) Average 23 e) Bad 2INTERPRETATION:Out of 100 respondents, Discounts and offers served in big bazaar is good said by 36%customers, 32% feel it is excellent and only 7% feel outstanding. But 25% customers arenot satisfied by Discounts and offers served in the big bazaar. • Maximum Customers are satisfied by Discounts and offers served in the big bazaar. • Discounts and offers served in the big bazaar are excellent. (Especially in Big day)Q6. Home delivery services of big bazaar is ! a) outstanding 7 b) Excellent 19
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com c) Good 38 d) Average 28 e) Bad 8INTERPRETATION:Out of 100 respondents, Maximum number of respondent i.e. 64% is satisfied by Homedelivery services of big bazaar rest 36% is not satisfied. Some customer never used thisfacility.Q7. Location 0f big bazaar in your city is ! a) outstanding 29 b) Excellent 32 c) Good 22 d) Average 13 e) Bad 4INTERPRETATION:Out of 100 respondents, 61% is highly satisfied with location of big bazaar in city, 22% issatisfied and only 17% is not satisfied. Location of big bazaar is outstanding. It issituated central business district (CBD).Q8. Product display and signage in the store is ! a) outstanding 8 b) Excellent 36
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com c) Good 40 d) Average 14 e) Bad 2INTERPRETATION:Product display and signage in the store is highly satisfactory according to 44% of therespondent, satisfactory according 40% of the respondent rest 16% are not satisfied withit. Customers are satisfied with Product display and signage in the store.Q9. In offer days the shopping experience in the store is! a) outstanding 3 b) Excellent 29 c) Good 39 d) Average 25 e) Bad 4INTERPRETATION:Out of 100 respondent, 39% people has good shopping experience in big bazaar, 25% hasaverage and 29% people has excellent. But 3% has outstanding shopping experience and4% has bad shopping experience.Maximum numbers of people has a betterexperience of shopping in offer days. Some customer do not enter instore due to heavy rush.Q10. How do you feel about sales persons and promoters?
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com a) Outstanding 4 b) Excellent 21 c) Good 49 d) Average 23 e) Bad 3INTERPRETATION:74% of the respondents are satisfied by the sales persons and promoters in the store rest26% respondents are not satisfied by the sales persons and promoters in the store. Salespersons and promoters behave well with customer.Q11.The parking facility in bag bazaar is! a) outstanding 17 b) Excellent 29 c) Good 32 d) Average 17 e) Bad 5INTERPRETATION:78% of the respondents are satisfied by the parking facility in bag bazaar, rest 22%respondents are not satisfied by the parking facility in bag bazaar. Maximum customersatisfied with the parking facility in bag bazaar.Q12. The quality of the product served by big bazaar is!
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com a) outstanding 3 b) Excellent 19 c) Good 47 d) Average 26 e) Bad 5INTERPRETATION:21% of the respondents are highly satisfied with the quality of the products at big bazaar,rest 74% are said the quality of the products in big bazaar is averaged, only 5% said itsnot good. Maximum number of people is not satisfied with quality of the product.Q13. The cleanliness and hygiene maintained in the store is ! a) outstanding 13 b) Excellent 41 c) Good 28 d) Average 13 e) Bad 5INTERPRETATION:According to maximum number of respondent i.e. 82% feels that cleanliness and hygienemaintained in the store is up to the mark rest 18% feel it is not up to the mark.Cleanliness and hygiene maintained in the store is up to the mark.Q14. Are you satisfied with the billing facility at the store? a) Yes 72
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com b) No 28INTERPRETATION:72% of the respondents are satisfied by the billing facility in the store, rest 28 % are notsatisfied. Some customer are not satisfied by billing facility(Especially in offer day andrush hours ).Q15. Is it easy to move with the trolley in the store? a) Yes 74 b) No 26INTERPRETATION:According to 74% of the respondents it is easy to move in the store with trolley only 26%said it is not. The space management in the store is up to mark.Q16. Do you feel that shopping in big bazaar has made you amore knowledgeable conscious and aware customer? a) Yes 63 b) No 37INTERPRETATION:
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comAccording to 63% of the respondents they feel that shopping in big bazaar has mademore knowledgeable conscious and aware customer, and 37% they are alreadyknowledgeable conscious and aware customer. “Big bazaar has made customer a moreknowledgeable conscious and aware customer”Q17.Do you feel that big bazaar provide you value for money? a) Yes 85 b) No 15INTERPRETATION:Out of 100 respondent, 85% of the respondents feel that big bazaar provide you value formoney, 15% feel not.FINDINGS  Store performing well in attracting the customers.  Big bazaar provides better shopping experience.  Brands and products availability in big bazaar is not up to the mark. Especially in  apparels.  Noisy and unpleasant environment is irritates customer. Air conditioning is really good.  Discounts and offers doing well in the store.  In offer days the store management is good.  Home delivery services are not used by customer.  Product display and signage is good.  Quality in products is not up to the mark.  Location of big bazaar is outstanding. It is situated central business district (CBD)
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.com  Parking facility in big bazaar is good.  Cleanliness and hygiene maintained in the store is up to the mark“discovering more value”The above statement is true spotted by the above data.
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comIf you have ever dropped by a Big Bazaar, a Pantaloon Group venture, you know it hasalways been, well, big. In terms of the sheer size of its sprawling outlets (this one has agenerously-sized underground parking lot too), with respect to the quantity of stockslining up its shelves and containers, in keeping with the growing profit this brandgenerates.Now, the Pantaloon Group is thinking bigger. Which in actuality translates into the BigDaddy of Big Bazaar - the Big Bazaar Supercentres. There are reportedly only six suchSupercentres in India, and only one in Hyderabad. And it works precisely as you areguessing right now - it is more of the usual Big Bazaar fare, with additional trimmings.For the uninitiated, the "usual fare" includes branded, bulk displays of crockery, utensils,plastics, cosmetics, footwear, clothes for men, women and children, linen, accessories,fruits and vegetables, electronics and what-have-you, all available at slashed prices, ortagged with offers such as buy one, get one free - hurrah for the middle-class massesagain!Of course, the attractive discounts are undercut by a real eyesore here - a filthy, artificialgrass rug sits tackily at the center of the ground floor; it can even be spotted from theglass elevators running through this mammoth, 4-storey structure.Nonetheless, this budget shoppers paradise is packed wall-to-wall with all theaforementioned paraphernalia (customers, too - mostly women) and further enhancedwith a health zone (complete with a modestly-sized Tulsi pharmacy), a beauty zone(more cosmetics, more brands), even an opticals section. There is also a fairly large
    • Projectsformba.blogspot.comjewelry store on the ground floor, Navaras (it has also opened a showroom at BigBazaar, Abids), tagged "your jewellery store". And then there is the furniture wing onground zero where seemingly good quality furniture is created in-house and sold at pricesthat are competitive, though not cheap.Clearly, you can now buy a bedsheet, a bed, some underwear, shaving cream, soft toys, adozen apples and a mangal-sutra all under the same well-lit roof, during a single - albeitvery strange - shopping spree.