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  • 1. People Issues in Library System Migrations Mary Mallery, Ph.D. Montclair State University Library
  • 2. Background
    • Montclair State University is the second largest university in NJ with 14,000 students
    • Sprague Library holds 650,000 books and 1,800 periodicals
    • Library system migration from DRA Classic with Web2 to Sirsi Unicorn with iLink in June, 2003.
  • 3. Issue 1: Communication
    • What do you mean we’re “migrating” to a new system?
  • 4. Issue 2: Physical Challenge
    • Cognitive research shows that it can take a person up to 3 weeks to physically adapt to a change in their environment.
  • 5. Issue 3: Fear Factor
    • What if the new system makes my job obsolete?
  • 6. Issue 4: Breaking Traditions
    • “ We’ve always used the Kardex to check in the serials.”
  • 7. Teambuilding Solutions
    • Communication:
    • Explain the need for the system change.
    • Ask for input in small forums.
    • Make people part of the choice.
    • Do a Stakeholders Analysis after the implementation.
  • 8. Teambuilding Solutions
    • Fear Factor
    • Host a Venting Session, where people say one good thing and one bad thing about the new system, then follow up with the vendor.
  • 9. Teambuilding Solutions
    • Physical Challenge
    • Review ergonomics of workstations.
    • Elect a department Resource Person who will answer questions on the spot.
    • Train staff pre-, intra- and post-migration.
  • 10. Teambuilding Solutions
    • Breaking Traditions
    • Take Field Trips to a Library that uses the new system
    • Join Webforums and listservs
    • Host Local Users Group meetings
  • 11. Break Down Invisible Fences!
    • "If you do not think about work-flow processes when you implement your new system, you might not be able to fully utilize your new software, ending up with a very expensive substitute for your old system."
    • From Corey Seeman, “Breaking Down Invisible Fences" Computers in Libraries July/august 2002: 25-30
  • 12. Montclair State University Library Teams
    • Technology Group
    • System Migration Team
    • Data Testing Group
    • Trainers Group
    • OPAC Design Group
    • Report Coordinators
    • Troubleshooting Team
    • System Futurists
  • 13. Contact Info: [email_address] Mary Mallery, Ph.D. Montclair State University Library