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My hr strategy

  1. 1. HR HR Strategy Implementation &Quality Improvement Plan: 2012-2015 September 2012
  2. 2. IntroductionThis Action Plan is a combination of the HR Strategy Implementation Plan and the Quality Improvement Plan. Both the HR Strategy and the HR QualityReview was done in parallel in September 2012. There is a close correlation between the implementation plan for the HR Strategy and the QualityImprovement Plan. The relevant HR Quality Review Report recommendations have been mapped to the appropriate strategic actions that have emergedfrom the HR Strategy. Certain recommendations from the Quality Review report will not fit into the Action plan and will be dealt with separately. Theserecommendations are outlined at the end of this action plan. iIt should be noted that the HR Strategy compliments this Action Plan and both documents are best read in conjunction with one another. The HR Strategyprovides context around this Action Plan and further detail around each of the objectives. The HR Strategy will be published shortly following finalconsultation with the Chair person.In terms of structure, this Action Plan is divided into 5 broad strategic objectives as reflected in the HR Strategic Plan. These are:1. Helping the Management Team Identify Staff Priorities and Shape the HR agenda;2. Supporting Change;3. Managing for Success and Performance, Benefits and Recognition;4. Continuous Service Delivery Improvement;5. HR Team Culture and Development.Each of the objectives is supported by a number of actions and these actions have been categorised broadly under three headings:a. In progress already;b. Starting within 6 months;c. Planned for beyond 6 months.At the end of the Action Plan, a number of emerging projects are also captured that will require immediate significant resources from HR. This list ofprojects is likely to grow and as a result, further prioritization / re-prioritisation of projects listed in this document will need to take place. This plan will bereviewed at regular intervals throughout its duration. HR Strategy Implementation Plan and Quality Improvement Plan
  3. 3. Summary of Actions1. Helping the Management Team Identify Staff Priorities and Shape the HR agenda Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewClarify and define  Facilitate the MT  HR Strategy under  Overall this  MT articulating  The first step willManagement Team priority to clarify purpose, role discussion with MT objective is already in their priorities. be to engage with theactions/projects for next and objectives relating along with individual progress.  HR to prioritise MT both individually and12-18 months and in this to people issues. policy changes on an on-  Strategy to be initiatives. collectively regardingcontext approve the HR  Monitor the going basis.` discussed and approved  Completion of the the HR strategy. ThisStrategy implementation of the  Extent of visible within next 2-3 months. HR strategy. process is already HR strategy through the ownership by MT  Clarification of underway. Will be measures. members over policy  HR Head MT’s people strategy completed by 2013.  Use the priorities changes and and priorities.  Once the strategy identified by the MT to developments.  Apparent is adopted, it will be help shape the HR  Review of HR disconnect between HR published and agenda. strategic objectives on and some senior disseminated widely.  Develop staff an annual basis by the managers needs to be  Updates will then engagement and then to MT. addressed urgently if be provided regularly to identify and implement  Visible alignment HR really is to meet all relevant tools to enhance of the HR strategy and their priorities. stakeholders. engagement. overall MT staff  The absence of  Engagement with priorities. any plans for staff MT around on-going  Greater purpose attitude surveys and policy changes will be and collective response client satisfaction established. to HR challenges. surveys should be  Absence of a plan  Clarity around addressed quickly. for staff attitude survey- what staff engagement Issue to be discussed at means. MT level – planned to  bring this to MT in second quarter of 2013.
  4. 4. Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewLeadership Development &  Provide  Feedback re  Most of these  Review of Heads  A review of theSuccession Planning leadership programmes Leadership orientation. actions will be ongoing. of the Co. Induction. Heads of the Co. for the Management  % uptake of  The main action Induction programme is Team (MT) and coaching and feedback that has a timeframe underway. leadership group re outcomes. beyond 6 months is  Coaching will be including managing  Succession reviewing succession done and monitored on change. planning process planning for Heads of an ongoing basis.  Enhance MT and reviewed for Head of Dept. Head of dept. Dept group.  The development orientation programme  Assess tools of supports for staff to ensure that needs are developed to support with management met. staff with managerial responsibilities is linked  Promote coaching responsibilities. to development of interventions specifically  Review HR toolkits for managers. to the leadership of the . strategic plan against  Head HR will be  Succession objectives on an annual Strategy and planning for Heads of basis Development along with Dept. the MT / HoDs.  Develop supports for staff with management responsibilities.
  5. 5. 2. Supporting Change Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewDeveloping Work Practices  Review existing  More flexible  In parallel with HR  No specific  Work will be staff flexibility working arrangements implementation plan – recommendation in the ongoing. arrangements/protocols and increases in Employee Relations and Quality Review Report vis-à-vis the ongoing productivity. Diversity to be supported as of now. However, this needs of the Co. by MT and HoDs. project would link to recommendation  An improvement activity of the Co..Change Management  Develop change  Change Toolkits  Development of  5.4.4 – Project  Change management toolkits. will be designed, the toolkit is planned to close out processes and management workshop  Monitor ongoing introduced and made take place beyond the post implementation be rolled out to Heads of review of how policy operational within 18 next 6 months. reviews need to critically Dept in December 2013. changes are months.  Strategy and assess the impact and  Change implemented. Development along with efficiency gains management seminar MT/HoDs.  6.24 – Need for will be developed and training both HoDs and rolled out to Research HR staff in influencing Managers in October and consultancy skills 2013.  HoDs and other HR staff will be trained in facilitation skills 2013- 14.
  6. 6. 3. Managing for Success and Performance, Benefits and Recognition Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewManaging for Success and  Review all aspects  PMS will be  PMS Review– led  Documented  Review of PMSPerformance of the Performance reviewed and enhanced by MT/HoDs supported process for managers to underway since Management and within 12 months. by Strategy and deal with poor September 2012. System (PMS) and  Develop and Development and performance supported introduce implement toolkit within Employee Relations. by Frequently Asked improvements. 12 months.  Performance Questions (FAQs).  Develop and Toolkit – cross dept  The Performance implement a ‘Managing project between element of PMS should for Success and Employee Relations (ER), be reviewed, and Performance’ Toolkit. HoDs and Strategy and strengthened Development. This appropriately for all project will begin within users. 6 months.Benefits Review  Package and  Review will be  This project is  No specific  Benefits review promote all forms of done and feedback is scheduled to take place recommendation in the currently being looked at benefits which the Co. useful in attracting and in 6 months plus. The Quality Review Report. in relation to specific has at its disposal. Based retaining staff. priority item to be will However, this project policy issues e.g. “first on that review, the  Benefits are more be the Training would link to point on the scale issue”. consolidation of these fully understood by opportunities recommendation 7.10 – measures into a strategy staff. an improvement activity which seeks to gain the of the unit. maximum leverage from such interventions.  Sabbaticals; Leave; Training opportunities; Conference Allowances etc.
  7. 7. Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewRecognition  Develop staff  Review completed  Once staff  No specific  Will begin with recognition strategy. and feedback reflects engagement is defined recommendation in the cross dept Head/s in 6 Linkage of recognition that it is useful in by MT under Strategic Quality Review Report. months plus. schemes to Head of attracting and retaining Objective One, this However, this project Dept Programme. staff. project can be would link to considered in more recommendation. detail. Cross dept project that will begin in 6 months plus.
  8. 8. 4. Continuous Service Delivery Improvement Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewOverall Service Delivery  Quality Review  Quality  QIP co-ordinated  Measuring and  Quality Process – Produce and Improvement Plan (QIP) by HR and MT/HoDs reporting on the impact Improvement Plan will implement a quality will be agreed and (ongoing). of continuous be developed. It will be improvement plan. implemented.  Engagement improvement initiatives. integrated with the key  Review different  Different regarding our services  Focus on HR strategic objectives. forms of engagement engagement channels done on a cross-dept developing Service level  Engagement HR has with key users of will be identified and basis (ongoing). agreements to clarify regarding our services our services. action plan put in place.  Key SLAs will be in expectations and will be done on a cross-  Appropriate SLAs  Appropriate SLAs place within 12-18 customer service dept basis (ongoing). to be put in place for will be put in place. months (HR specific). standards.  Key SLAs will be in most frequently used  Staff feedback re-  Customisation of  Developing HR place within 12-18 transactional services. customisation of Communications will be KPIs. months (dept specific).  Customise communications on HR considered and  Ensure that HR  Customisation of communications on HR issues established (12 month staff have a presence, Communications will be issues that directly  Communications timeframe). This will be both formally and considered by a newly affect staff. protocols wil be with the input from informally on the wider established  Work with reviewed and put in cross dept. Co. model. Communications Project Relations to put place for different  Communication  It would be useful (12 month timeframe). communications management groups protocols to be in place to tailor  Comms protocols protocols in place within 3-6 months. HRD communications for to be in place within 3-6 and HoDs specific audiences. months.  Assessment of communications mechanisms/channels.  Consider effective, low cost way to communicate HR activities, roles and people within HR.  Protocols to decided/agreed.
  9. 9. Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewHR Services  Review and agree  Set Key  Review of HRIS  Issue of data  The main focus standard contracts of Performance Indicators structures is underway. integrity needs to be for HR Services in 2012- employment (KPIs) for each SLA and  Data cleansing more clearly understood 13 is data definition and  Review processes, monitor until customer project will be taken up in order to find a solution data cleansing. This structures satisfaction is agreed (HRIS, Compensation that ensures data project will address data  and priorities and achieved. and Benefits, Pensions, quality /protection. integrity issues resulting within HRIS  Documentation Recruitment and  Projects and in improved data  Review and and agreement of HRIS Training). initiatives need to be quality. The outputs of document core data processes, structures  Document prioritised so that HRIS this project will be a fields and update and priorities management and the efforts can focus on the comprehensive data reports  Core data implementation of most important, high dictionary and updated  Roll out of key dictionary will be agreed recruitment/compensati value work reports. HRIS will work technology and and rolled out on and benefits with the IT Services to efficiency projects workflow under process. streamline reporting.  Document (Doc Management  Review processes, Management System – Manager, C&B Manager structures and priorities implementation of and Recruitment is to ensure HRIS is Recruitment/C&B Manager). current and emerging workflow  On-line demands.  Online Timesheet timesheets to be  Implementation project – Phase 2. completed in the first roadmap with a detailed quarter of 2013. communication plan will be prepared and will be considered by HR management in early January.
  10. 10. Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewHR Relationship  Implement the HR  New assignments  Will begin in 2012  Ensure HR staff  New assignments Partner re-assignment implemented for and formalized in 2013 presence on the wider will e given to HRs and model. financial year 2013/14. viz feedback scope implemented.  Re-affirm within  HR Partner role mechanisms which will  Portfolio of HRs to  Reaffirmation of the function the roles of and its fit with other HR be led by the HR Head. be changed the role of the HR and HR Partners and central roles fully clarified by  More clearly central specialists specialists. the HoDs. defining the role of the ongoing.  Programme of HR  Central staff communication in HR to presence around the ensure that all HR staff wider scope being understand the HR role encouraged and as now defined. developed.  Programme of communication to stakeholders to explain the role of HR in the context of an integrated HR service delivery model.  Formal mechanisms re g feedback will be put in place at 6 and 12 month intervals.HR Strategy &  Explore more cost  Enhancement of  Cost effective  Provision of  DevelopmentDevelopment effective delivery of feedback mechanisms re delivery of training is evidence for the value of pathways for training solutions by training delivery. ongoing. a planned induction and administrative staff developing pathways to develop a framework for currently enable more targeted training;
  11. 11. Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewEmployee Relations,  Review service to  Review of ER  Review of  Clarification of ’s  EmployeeEquality & Diversity ensure Employee service. Employee Relations philosophy and Relations Services review Relations Services is fit  Feedback Service will begin within approach to managing due to begin in early for purpose. mechanisms to be 6 months. All other ER issues 2013.  Develop and established. actions will be  Clarification about  All other actions introduce post activity  Early dispute considered as part of the supports available will be considered as feedback resolution mechanisms this review. for managers to assist part of this review. system/methodology. to be established.  (cross dept). them in ER issues  In terms of  Develop process  Introduce e-  Clarifying the role equality - training, for early ER advice and Diversity programme for of an agreed internal monitoring and e- guidance all staff. procedure for reviewing diversity to be  Broaden early disputes completed by June 2013 dispute resolution  The perceived with HR Audit service / internal dispute role and alleged bias commencing resolution mechanism towards the employee  Seek specific MT of Employee Relations approval for proposed should be examined approaches to individual (also link to engagement cases with high and managing for precedent making success objectives). significance  Seminars/training for HoDs regarding dispute resolution/conflict management and other related topics  ‘Managing Diversity’ training for HoDs and those with managerial responsibilities.  Develop a tailored e-diversity programme
  12. 12. for all staff.
  13. 13. 5. HR Team Culture & Development Strategic Action Key Measures of success Timeline and Responsibility Relevant Quality Review Response to Quality Recommendations ReviewStrategy, Mission, Vision  Communicate and  Shared  Cross dept  Development of  Values workshopand Values workshop HR strategy, understanding of implementation co- the HR strategy under with staff will be planned vision, mission and strategy. ordinated via Strategy process 2013. values to all HR staff and and Development. integrate into day to day (Ongoing) projects and the PMS process.HR Development  To consolidate  Number of staff  Cross dept.  Development of  HR Mentoringprogramme individual development being supported; implementation will be the HR strategy. scheme to be launched initiatives into a HR  Number of staff co-ordinated via in October 2013-14. Development involved in development Strategy and  HR strategy Programme: HR initiatives. Development. (Ongoing) currently under process. competencies, Training  Staff feedback & Development, Coaching, mentoring, work-shadowing, networking, cross dept projects.Group information sharing  Continue to  Feedback  Each dept  Range of HR  Findings from thein HR improve (Ongoing) management meetings. Communications Survey communications within will be prioritised and and across depts (review responded to. and assess effectiveness within 12 months).  Wide variety of work - challenge in covering it all off.
  14. 14. Develop staff bios to assist in staff development and help in distribution of additional work.Team Culture  Enhancing  Feedback  Each dept.  On completion of  HR events such as informal and formal (Ongoing) the HR strategy. Offsite, Quarterly opportunities to foster meeting- ongoing. team culture e.g. social events, team events.