HRI presentation smart environmental information seminar - 31Oct2013


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Presentation of services based on open data in Helsinki region at Smart Environmental Information seminar at

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HRI presentation smart environmental information seminar - 31Oct2013

  1. 1. Helsinki Region Infoshare Services from open data Älykästä ympäristötietoa - Smart environment information 31.10.2013 Project Manager Ville Meloni Forum Virium Helsinki
  2. 2. City Service Development Kit Helsinki Region Infoshare - Opening up public data Smart City Code4Europe Apps4Finland Open Cities
  3. 3. Helsinki Region Infoshare •  Joint activity of Helsinki metropolitan area cities (population over 1 million people) to open data •  Operated by City of Helsinki Urban Facts and Forum Virium Helsinki •  2010-2012 pilot phase •  2013 in adoption phase •  2014 - business as usual •  Municipalities committing resources to open data!
  4. 4. Helsinki Region Infoshare Open public data from Helsinki region for everyone to use without cost •  •  •  •  •  Currently over 1000 datasets Open data application showcase Give feedback & request new data & discuss Instructions for public agencies on how to open data Useful tips for developers and other data users
  5. 5. Open data themes of HRI •  Statistics and estimates o  Different urban phenomena e.g. living conditions, economics and well-being, employment and transport o  Environmental and service statistics •  Geospatial data o  Regional division boundaries, electoral district divisions, buildings, maps •  Other o  Public service points, decision making, budget, public transportation timetables, snowplowing machine location, etc.
  6. 6. Example of 2013 data themes •  Historical maps and aerial photos •  Geographical data such as addresses and various administrative boundaries •  Public decision making data (Open Ahjo) •  Issue reporting API to City of Helsinki (CitySDK project) •  Detailed statistical data about public services such as schools •  Health and wellbeing related data Follow: and @HRInfoshare for open data updates
  7. 7. Environment related data in HRI •  Environmental statistics (City of Helsinki Urban Facts, various) •  Environmental permits given (City of Helsinki Environment Centre) •  Traffic noise areas (Helsinki metropolitan area environment centres) •  Land usage plans for construction (Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority - HSY) •  Sustainable development urban infrastructure – Helsinki CO2 footprint, energyconsumption, etc. (Aalto-university) •  Solar energy potentials and geo energy potentials (City of Espoo)
  8. 8. Helsinki’s traffic noise areas
  9. 9.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Examples of open data usage and services
  12. 12. Data journalism Traffic accidents in Helsinki 2000-2010
  13. 13. Education and research HSY - Rakennusmaavaranto SeutuRAMAVA
  14. 14. Visualizations Aerial photos of Helsinki from 1940-, 1960-, 1970- ja 1980-> Historical Helsinki
  15. 15. Applications Helsinki Region Transport Journey planner API ReittiGPS
  16. 16. Citizen engagement ”Should it be fixed?” Issue reporting API h"p://
  17. 17.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. ”The noise data set is a great example of open data which could be very valuable to common people. For example, families looking for a quiet neighborhood in Helsinki would probably want to check local traffic noise levels before buying a house.”
  20. 20. More 3rd party applications in HRI applications showcase gallery
  21. 21. What next? •  Making open data as part of cities’ normal operations •  In Helsinki open data is included in the city strategy program, IT-strategy and budgeting process •  Let’s show people all the unpublished data there is •  From manually published static data files to application programming interfaces (API’s) and ”automatic data publishing” •  Co-operation: across agencies, cities and state locally and internationally, with technical developers, companies, schools, research institutions, end users
  22. 22. New York City targets to open all it’s public data by 2018 (24.9.2013)
  23. 23. Inspirational material for data owners including practical case examples of opening and utilizing data. Available in English in November 2013 via
  24. 24. THANK YOU! Ville Meloni Forum Virium Helsinki @HRInfoshare