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Presentation of City of Helsinki's open decision making data Open Ahjo and how developers can participate with City of Helsinki to utilize the data.

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Hri open ahjo-overview-sept2013 ok-con

  1. 1. Helsinki’s open decision making data – Open Ahjo September 2013 Ville Meloni – Project Manager Forum Virium Helsinki
  2. 2. Contents •  Overview of Helsinki Region Infoshare open data program o •  Helsinki’s open decision making data – Open Ahjo o  Unique open data interface to city decision making data for increasing transparency and citizen participation •  How developers can work with the city? o  Introducing Helsinki Loves Developers and Open Helsinki - Hack at Home
  3. 3. Helsinki Region Infoshare
  4. 4. Opening public data from Helsinki region for everyone to freely use without cost •  Joint activity of Helsinki metropolitan area cities (population over 1 million people) •  Pilot phase 2010-2012 •  Now in adoption phase •  Operated by City of Helsinki Urban Facts and Forum Virium Helsinki Helsinki Region Infoshare
  5. 5. Adoption phase - 2013 to 2014 “City agencies publishing open data as part of their normal operations” •  Helsinki ICT-program 2012-2015 striving for openness in data and code and developer engagement •  Finnish Government ICT-program aims to open all relevant national public data by end of 2014 What’s next?
  6. 6. Easy to find, access and utilize open data •  Currently over 1000 datasets •  Open data application showcase •  Users can give feedback and request new data •  Instructions for public agencies on how to open data •  Useful tips for developers and other data users
  7. 7. Helsinki’s open decision making data – Open Ahjo
  8. 8. Our Dream: Fully Transparent and Open City
  9. 9. Helsinki’s electronic document management system - Ahjo •  System for preparing public agendas for decision making •  City Council, City Board, City Departments and their steering committees (over 5.000 users)
  10. 10. Ahjo is now Open! •  Helsinki’s public agenda and decision documents as open data • • asianhallintajarjestelma-ahjon-rajapinta/ •  Enables new applications and services that bring decision making closer to citizens See also: City council meetings video API
  11. 11. Minutes/agendas description information in xml-structure <DescriptionInformationOpenDocument> <Header>text</Header> <Dnro> <DnroShort>String</DnroShort> <DnroTformat>String</DnroTformat> <DnroRunningNumber>String</DnroRunningNumber> <DnroYear>String</DnroYear> </Dnro> <Reference>1967-08-13</Reference> <TaskClass>String</ TaskClass> <DocumentaryData>String</DocumentaryData> <DocumentType>String</DocumentType> <PublicityClass <PublicityClassId="String">String</PublicityClass> <Languagy LanguaguId="String">String</Language> <Decision-maker Decision-makerId="String">String</Decision-maker> <Business BusinessId="String">String</Business> <Office OfficeId="String">String</Office> <Department DepartmentId="String">String</Department> <Presenter PresenterId="String">String</Presenter> <Preparer PreparerId="String">String</Preparer> <OfficeHolder OfficeHolderId="String">String</OfficeHolder> <Status_of_the_case>String</Status_of_the_case> <Status_of_the_document>String</Status_of_the_document> <Personal_data>text</Personal_data> <Additional_data>String</ Additional_data> <ArticleNumber_of_the_agenda>text</ ArticleNumber_of_the_agenda> <X-coordinates>text</X- coordinates> <Y-coordinates>text</Y-coordinates> <Data_system_index>String</Data_system_index> <Index_termt>String</Index_termt> <MeetingTunniste>String</ MeetingTunniste> <Article>String</Article> <Decision_Date>String</Decision_Date> <NextMeetingDate>String</NextMeetingDate> <MeetingDate>1967-08-13</MeetingDate> <DecisionLevel>String</ DecisionLevel> <Kvsto>String</Kvsto> <KvstoMeetingDate>String</ KvstoMeetingDate> <VHMinutes_of_the_meetingnosa>String</ VHMinutes_of_the_meetingnosa> <Minutes_of_the_meeting_ApprovedChecked>String</ Minutes_of_the_meeting_ApprovedChecked> <ArchivingDate>String</ ArchivingDate> <ClosingDate>String</ClosingDate> <DueDate>String</ DueDate> <ExpirationDate>String</ExpirationDate> <PreparationDate>String</PreparationDate> <AbolishedDate>String</ AbolishedDate> <Period_of_validityAlkaa>String</Period_of_validityAlkaa> <Period_of_validity_ends>String</Period_of_validity_ends> <PublishingDate>String</PublishingDate> <To_Internet>1967-08-13</ To_Internet> <PublishingRemovalDate>String</PublishingRemovalDate> <CountingPrinciple_of_curingPeriod>String</ CountingPrinciple_of_curingPeriod> <EndDate_of_curingPeriod>String</ EndDate_of_curingPeriod> <Lenght_of__the_curingPeriod>String</ Lenght_of__the_curingPeriod> <Principle_of__the_curingPeriod>String</ Principle_of__the_curingPeriod> <Year>String</Year> <SerialNumber>String</SerialNumber> <DiscretionUsed>String</ DiscretionUsed> <Astu>String</Astu> <DocumentTypeIdentifier>String</ DocumentTypeIdentifier> <AHJOIdentifier1>String</AHJOIdentifier1> <AHJOIdentifier2>String</AHJOIdentifier2> <PublicationStucture>String</ PublicationStucture> <Astujulkaisu2vExpirationDate>String</ Astujulkaisu2vExpirationDate> <Purpose_of_the_use>String</ Purpose_of_the_use> <MIMEType>String</MIMEType> •  </DescriptionInformationOpenDocument>
  12. 12. h"p://­‐‑data-­‐‑layers-­‐‑to-­‐‑helsinki-­‐‑citys-­‐‑case-­‐‑management •  <KuvailutiedotOpenDocument> •  <Otsikko>text</Otsikko> •  <Dnro> <DnroLyhyt>String</DnroLyhyt> •  <DnroTmuoto>String</DnroTmuoto> <DnroJuoksevaNumero>String</ DnroJuoksevaNumero> •  <DnroVuosi>String</DnroVuosi> •  </Dnro> •  <Viite>1967-08-13</Viite> •  <Tehtavaluokka>String</Tehtavaluokka> •  <AsiakirjallinenTieto>String</AsiakirjallinenTieto> •  <AsiakirjaTyyppi>String</AsiakirjaTyyppi> •  <JulkisuusLuokka <JulkisuusLuokkaId="String">String</JulkisuusLuokka> •  <Kieli KieliId="String">String</Kieli> •  <Paattaja PaattajaId="String">String</Paattaja> •  <Toimiala ToimialaId="String">String</Toimiala> •  <Virasto VirastoId="String">String</Virasto> •  <Osasto OsastoId="String">String</Osasto> •  <Esittelija EsittelijaId="String">String</Esittelija> •  <Valmistelija ValmistelijaId="String">String</Valmistelija> •  <Viranhaltija ViranhaltijaId="String">String</Viranhaltija> •  <Asiantila>String</Asiantila> •  <Asiakirjantila>String</Asiakirjantila> •  <Henkilotietoja>text</Henkilotietoja> •  <Lisatieto>String</Lisatieto> •  <EsityslistanAsianumero>text</EsityslistanAsianumero> •  <X-kordinaatti>text</X-kordinaatti> •  <Y-kordinaatti>text</Y-kordinaatti> •  <Tietojarjestelmarekisteri>String</ Tietojarjestelmarekisteri> •  <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> •  <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> •  <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> •  <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> •  <Asiasanat>String</Asiasanat> •  <KokousTunniste>String</KokousTunniste> •  <Pykala>String</Pykala> •  <Paatospaiva>String</Paatospaiva> •  h"p://­‐‑kaupungin-­‐‑asianhallintajarjestelma-­‐‑ ahjon-­‐‑rajapinta/
  13. 13. Open Helsinki – - community project in progress to create better UI to decision items and to increase the dialogue between citizens and politicians
  14. 14. – prototype example – “what is happening in my district?”
  15. 15. Helsingin kaupungin aineistopankki/Lauri Mannermaa Make it easier for citizens, politicians and civil servants to have a dialogue via social media A:Today we are handling new bicycle-road case xx-yy-zz Q: Could you tell me more about this case? A: Sure! Realtime access to local and relevant decision topics: ”What is being decided in my neighborhood?” Open Ahjo – Use cases for the data Encouraging citizen participation: ”City is building a new library here in 2016. I could tell them my ideas on how to spend the budget”
  16. 16. “Our dream is that every public agenda, every euro and any public issue could be easily analyzed, visualized, understood and contributed to by the citizens in advance.”
  17. 17. What we will do next •  Systematically open more data to match with Open Ahjo •  Develop interoperability of the datasets •  Involve various users to work with the City in creating use cases •  Create user-friendly prototypes that showcase the usage of the data •  Disseminate our learnings so others can replicate it
  18. 18. Helsinki Region Infoshare won 100 000 € in the ”Citizens” category The prize sum will be used to improve the compatibility of the Ahjo data with other city data including financial and location information as well as statistics. Proof of concept for any city.
  19. 19. How developers can work with the city of Helsinki?
  20. 20. Helsinki Developer Portal http://dev.hel.f
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Open Ahjo resources Open Ahjo API-documentation • • Prototype examples and code using Open Ahjo • • • •
  23. 23. Open Helsinki Hack at Home •  International concept linking developers and organizations creating success stories of open innovation •  Running from June – October 2013 •  Mentors give valuable feedback and support to the developers •  Developers solve challenges by building apps using open data •  Themes: understanding the city, feedback and tourism •  Created applications participate in the competition
  24. 24. Ways to participate •  Experiment with the data •  Contribute to the development of and openahjo/ •  Join the discussion at •  Participate in the workshops arranged by Helsinki Loves Developers •  Participate in Open Helsinki Hack at Home challenges and submit your working app or prototype to Apps4Finland –competition by 3rd November 2013
  25. 25. THANK YOU! Ville Meloni