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Hri aaltoes-feb-2013-final


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Helsinki Region Infoshare presentation at Aaltoes Insights – Open Data …

Helsinki Region Infoshare presentation at Aaltoes Insights – Open Data
6.2.2013 by Ville Meloni from Forum Virium Helsinki

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  • 1. Aaltoes Insights – Open Data 6.2.2013 Ville Meloni – Project Manager Forum Virium Helsinki
  • 2. Helsinki Region Infoshare Opening public data from Helsinki region for everyone to freely use without cost•  Joint activity of Helsinki metropolitan area cities. Started in 2010•  Operated by City of Helsinki Urban Facts and Forum Virium Helsinki•  Aiming for government efficiency, new business and innovation, transparency and democracy
  • 3. Easy to find, access and utilize open data•  Currently over 900 datasets•  Open data application showcase•  Users can give feedback and request new data•  Instructions for public agencies on how to open data•  Useful tips for developers and other data users•  Data-search UI is in English
  • 4.
  • 5. Open data themes of Helsinki Region Infoshare 1•  Statistics and estimates•  Geospatial data•  Infrastructure data•  Financial data•  Public transportation•  Public decision making•  Public service points Helsinki metropolitan area service map API•  -> any type of public data
  • 6. Helsinki region journey planning and other public transport data ReittiGPS •  Applications •  Visualizations •  AnalysisHelsinki Region TransportJourney planner API
  • 7. Geocoded statistical data can be used for Election result statistics from Statistics Finland and Helsinki visualization and analysis Metropolitan area election boundaries map data •  Data visualization •  Data journalism aanestysaluejako/, city district-level statistical data , population data in 500m x 500m squares , statistics as linked open data, enables complex queries
  • 8. 1 Detailed income statements of cities , ,
  • 9. 1 All the buildings of Helsinki with detailed, geocoded data
  • 10. 1 Solar energy potential of buildings of Espoo
  • 11. 2012: Top-15 data viewed from Maps, security, traffic, public service points, financials, buildings, energy, demographics, elections
  • 12. What data to expect in 2013•  Historical maps and aerial photos•  Public decision making related data•  Detailed statistical data about public services such as schools•  More energy related data•  More geographical data such as city snow-works boundaries, nature areas•  Health and wellbeing related data•  Piloting with more real-time data related to city works and maintenance for exampleFollow: and@HRInfoshare for open data updates
  • 13. How to work with HRI (and benefit from)•  Discover, download/access, play and learn with data from !•  Let us know what data should be opened!•  Tell us if you have an application, service or something that uses open data•  Give us feedback about the existing data•  Suggest us a pilot project with open data
  • 14. THANK YOU! Ville Meloni @HRInfoshare
  • 15. APPENDIX
  • 16. Helsinki - Open Ahjo Helsinki’s public agenda and decision documents as open data (XML) also: City council meetings video API ,
  • 17. (Open) data as a business -
  • 18. About open data and business Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation ’Open Data – Top 10 focus areas’ –session was held in October 2012. tapahtuma/avoindata It included workshops about the business potential of open data yhteenveto-2303.pdftekesavoimen-datan-liiketoiminta201230102012-14967424
  • 19. Put on your radar “Father” of Apps for Democracy open data competitions (such as en/ ) Twitter: corbett3000
  • 20. Open dataexperiences